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  • Cobetco

    i still question the reliability of quad stacking, just so much can go wrong, and as we all know the more complicated something is the easier it breaks and the harder it is to fix.

  • Meltron

    Are those Kobra sights in the first photo?

  • SpudGun

    That is one beefy looking spring – I hope they supply a mag loader with it.

  • Peter

    Why wouldn’t you just use a drum mag? 75 rounds and it is proven tech.

    • Indoman

      Drum mags are quite bulky to store, let alone carry. Judging from the pics, the quad stack magazine have about the same profile as an ordinary AK magazine, just a tad thicker.

  • Komrad

    I want it, and I don’t even own an AK.

  • Erik

    So where do I get one….or several?

  • Lance

    Looks awsmoe I like the AK-74 with the Kobra Sight. Now if only American companies can make 5.45x39mm ammo thats not agnetic I could shoot that in compation.

  • Mike M.

    When can we buy them?

  • daskro

    Any chance of seeing these state side? Maybe pro-mag can make a bunch of shitty knock offs.

  • Andrey

    Yes, and on the third photo too.

  • Tylermar

    No there really exspensive I think Steve bloged about one on gun broker going for a lot of money like sevrel hundred but yea magpul is saposed to come out with a quad stack

  • Anonymous

    There are no 5.45×39 drum mags.

  • Lance

    Yes there is theres a 100rd flat fit frum on the RPK-74 but the Russian never exported them.

  • Vak

    @ anon

    Yes, actually, there was a few 5.45 drums (of various kind), but most were prototypes and only a tiny number was ever issued.

  • Redchrome

    The downside to most drum designs is that they get in the way of the shooter’s weak-side forearm, making it harder to grab the forend of the rifle and thereby support the additional weight of the drum.

    Also, they can be noisier (rattle) than a box mag; and heavier as well.

  • Cope’s Distributing has AK-74 76 Round Drums.