Blaser R8 Professional

The new Blaser R8 Professional features a dark green polymer stock instead of the fancy wood found on the regular model.

The Blaser R8 is by far the nicest hunting rifle I have ever used.

Steve Johnson

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  • AK™

    Looks good.

    The “security” feature of it,the detachable mag with attached trigger..for a blue state that is fine,but if this is your only defensive weapon,probably better use it as a club against a determined attacker in your home.

    Maybe I am old-fashioned,but I prefer my trigger to stay on the weapon and the mag to fall free when I hit the mag release.

    • AK™, it is really just a way they could make the rifle slightly more compact.

  • Do you know the price of a magazine for the R8?

    250 euros (300+ USD), and it is mostly made of plastic. Astonishing.

  • AK™

    Actually gvass,the mags are made out of water….from the Gulf of Mexico.


    The scope mounting looks more like the “old fashioned” not M1913 rail. One advantage is weight. 2 Rings vs a long rail with and a scope essentially clamped to 2 movable rings.

    Id love to take one of these moose hunting.