Night Vision vs. Thermal Vision

Thermal Scope (price around $15,000)

Steve Johnson

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  • Sian

    “You can see someone’s soul!”

    Good article. The fusion systems (barely mentioned) really seem to have a lot of potential, with the strengths of either component offsetting the other’s weaknesses.

  • Heath

    One of those would be SOOOO amazing for night time coyote work. Unfortunately many states don’t allow it and it’s cost prohibitive for me. I would love to see some video of it being used for coyotes, though.

  • xamoel

    any idea how to get hold of one of the fusion image systems in europe? seems noone wants to export them…

  • Big Daddy

    Great article I was looking for something like to explain it. I used the early scopes and goggles in 1980. The scopes were huge and heavy probably Vietnam stuff, but the goggles were cool. I bet the new ones are great!!!

    The fusion thing is the future, maybe adding even more…….shades of the Predator…..LOL.

  • Clodboy

    “The fusion thing is the future, maybe adding even more…….shades of the Predator…..LOL.”

    I remember reading some Youtube comment a while ago where a guy joked about mounting two extra laser modules on his AK’s tri-rail handguard so he could have a triple laser sight à la Predator 😀