Chinese Army Marksman Competition

These Chinese operators sure know their craft.

BadassWeakling explained what the video is showing …

I’m only 5 minutes in, but apparently there is a national marksmanship competition coming up.

Every “group” (battalion? company?) only gets to send 3 people to the national competition, so for the first 5 minutes they are trying to cut down their top 4 shooters to 3.

One of the guys has a injured leg muscle, and his weapon, which he’s used for 3 years and taken to 10 competitions, has a malfunction. That’s where you see his break into the grip to access maintenance tools.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Griffin

    I’m surprised at how western the Chinese are becoming when it comes to their uniforms and movement. This is a Big Eye opener for me.

  • SpudGun

    Good shooting but I’m really more impressed with the magazine changes, very fast for a bullpup.

    I’m a bit unsure on the authenticity, as every Chinese shooter I’ve ever seen moves in slow motion with a gun in each hand. 😉

  • Raymond

    Alright, my mandarin is elementary level for the most part and I speak a more Taiwan dialect than mainland, but I’ll do my best to sum up things said. Because of the competition they have been practicing for days, up to 15 hours a day and expending upwards of 4000 rounds a day. You already got the part about cutting it down to their top 4 shooters and then they can only send three to the meet on June, 6. The evaluator tells them not to let the pressure get to them. They’re being rated on safe operation, quick draw, quick reload, how fast they can move and shoot, and failure drills. (I think this is the nitpicking stage, they’ve proven they can shoot, now it’s time to fine tune speed) Then they’re talking about the injured guy, up to this point he’s been ranked consistently in the top 15 and as high as 2nd, I think he says it’s a sprain in the quadracep. Other guys there were ranked 13th and 7th. Then they talk about if the guy’s gonna make it through the day with the injury. He jokes about the injury with the coach for a moment and then they talk about the malfunctioning weapon. He feels that if he changes weapons this late in the game with a weapon that he doesn’t know as well, he won’t be able to stay competitive. They talk about how he’s going to gut through it for the last run and gun and try to stay in the top rankings.

    If anyone is a more fluent speaker, feel free to correct me. I learned it at home when I was a youngster and I don’t use it nearly enough anymore.

    • Raymond, thanks for that!!!

  • Rijoenpial

    Well, I DO have been impressed by this guy’s speed reloading of the FS2000:

    So, I actually think bullpups can actually be reloaded faster than AR-15 type rifles… The AK and FAL, given the location of the mag release (bottom, in front of the trigger), can actually be triggered with a replacement AK-FAL mag already on the operator’s hand and therefore speed it up a lot faster… Very great designs indeed…

    I too was very impressed by the very quick magazine change prowess of the Chinese operators and the Chinese FAMAS-like PLA Type 95 (I think) is a very cool gun to reload…

    Now imagine, if you please, a BILLION of these guys fully armed and at our doorstep… Pretty scary indeed…! LOL

    Very good video…Couldn’t understand a word the guy was saying, but images do speak a thousand words in this case!


  • I was wondering why none of the shooters were wearing eye protection.

    It’s interesting that they run without a round in the chamber then part of the set up is loading the chamber.

    Otherwise that’s pretty intense training.


    re: bullpup speed reload –

    The issue is speed to reengage the target. Note that the bullpup requires the weapon to be canted during mag change so that the site picture is necessarily lost. Shooter has to take his face off the weapon then get back to business from scratch. Not so with an AR configuration. If you are proficient you can maintain site picture throughout mag change which means target is reengaged more quickly.

  • altoids

    Here’s a summarized translation:

    For the past few days, a certain special forces training ground of the Beijing military district has been ringing with sound of gunfire. 15 soldiers from a certain army group have constantly training, firing 4000 bullets a day, for an average of over 200 per person. Today, four of the soldiers are particularly nervous to see a recon company commander from their division. They are from the same division, but competition regulations stipulate that only three contestants can come from each division. He is here to pull out one of them.
    Recon commander: “As you know, we can only send three. Don’t be too nervous, just shoot normally.”
    This special forces shooting test has five components – precision marksmanship, quick-draw, turn-and-shoot, fast reload, and run-and-stop shooting.
    Mr. Lee (rank unknown) is a shooter who is both promising and worrisome among the four shooters. At first, he was ranked 2nd out of 15, but he pulled a thigh muscle in training, and his ranking fell to 13th. He is healing, his rank rose to 7th place. Though he has recovered, he stays cautious. In the first event, precision shooting, he seems too hesitant, giving half-presses on the trigger multiple times before firing. His score in the first event was the lowest of the four.
    Instructor: “What was your score?”
    Lee: “46”
    Instructor: “Three 10s and one 6? You should have got three 10s and one 9. Three 10s and one 6, you must be malnourished.” (ED: not sure what the scoring convention is)
    Fate seems to be against Lee. In the second event his weapon malfunctions. This is the second (!) malfunction of the day. He has used this gun for 3 years, for over 10 events. He refuses to replace his rifle with another one. His low score in the first event and the malfunctions don’t faze him, and he is in third place after the fourth event. In the fifth event, which was his weakest during to injury, he actually shows excellent performance, and he rises to first place. Shooter Wong has the lowest score and is disqualified.
    Instructor: “Your test scores were terrible. This test is a good chance to train your psychological resilience.”

  • whodyzzz

    Every “group” (battalion? company?) only gets to send 3 people to the national competition
    The “group” actually refers to group army (field army). Each division within the group army send 3 people to the regional (Beijing Military Region) competition.

  • Roy Rapoport

    I was interested to see how they do their magazine changes — I’ve been trained to try to minimize movement and hold changes, but these guys change their grip, rotate their guns about 90 degrees, and then insert the new mag. Given all the movement, they’re really delightfully fast. Never seen a bullpup mag change before, but was wondering how well it can go — now we know.

  • Lance

    I do know this is an top line combat unit on this video. They are useing Type 97 rilfe in 5.8mm ChiCom caliber. I do know there are alot of units still useing Type 56s in 7.62x39mm. In most combloc countries there are alot of Gov sposed shooting compation both for Milita and Army units. They just cant own a rilfe they sure can shoot one.

    • Roger Mao

      Type97 is an export model of the standard issue Type95 which is chambered in 5.56X45 NATO round. There is a big difference here.
      Actually in China there are 3, the PLA, the Armed Police(used to be infantries from the PLA Army), and militia.
      I know how much u folks love using the name ChiCom, but at least try to get ur facts up to date.

  • whodyzzz

    Check out this youtube video. It shows how to change magazine using left hand.

  • Ken

    Shi means Division, so each Div can only send 3, but there are 4 candidates. Hence, like reality TV, they have to eliminate 1 shooter during the filming day. Apparently, they are all from a RSTA Co. The CO is there at the start of the clip, setting the standards and condition of the competition. I didn’t watch the entire clip, but it does state that one of the guys had a hamstring/quad problem that dropped him from 2nd to 17th. Correspondingly, another guy improve dramatically.

  • badassweakling

    I ended up watching the entire hour long program, and it just reeks of propoganda (surprise surprise).

    Basically, this is a human interest story for the military, so you get introduced to various soldiers. The propoganda follows a pattern:

    Soldier A really sucks at event B. Last week Soldier A had a terrible fucking score at event B. However, through insanely hard work, Soldier A is now the fuckin boss at Event B.

    This gets repeated about 4 times, haha

  • swsandnin

    Interesting magazine reload technique. You can do both of the chamber check and reload in the same time. If your AR stop firing, you have to check the chamber first, make sure there is no jams, and the bolt is lock to the rear no shells stuck there blah blah if your magazine is indeed empty then you do a speed reload(speed loading on a jam gun can make things a lot worst). With this you just do all that in one rotation. Check while grabbing your mag boom ready to go. Another nice thing is your gun is only rotated but it’s still on your shoulder, where as the traditional AR check chamber speed reload will take the stock off of your shoulder then put it back on, press bolt release, aim then fire. With this technique the gun stays almost the same way and rotate it back 90 degree angel you are firing form the same position you left it. I actually tried right away with my air soft M4(don’t have my fire arm license yet, applying to be a cop so hopefully get that in the employment package lol, only firing at gun range with staff supervision for now. So yes, I do have experience with firing real AR systems) it seems using this technique is actually very fast and great. Any thoughts on this technique using on the AR systems?

  • watthefuk

    @swsandnin : have you seen the youtube video that’s been posted (the title’s name is “Cut You Down”) , in that video many guys in there fast reload using your technique , and it was pretty damn fast