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  • Pak

    and the photographer what he was doing?

  • shinayne

    Uhm, did they survive that? Even the fastest runner could not really outrun a bear, could they?
    Great pictures and a beautifull animal, but I canΒ΄t help worrying…

    • shinayne, I guess the tranquilizer took effect.

  • SpudGun

    Serpentine! Serpentine! Seriously, that’s what someone told me, animals with big masses can’t change direction quickly. Of course, the person who told me was some dude in a bar, so caveat emptor on that one.

  • Pete

    Now just hum the Benny Hill theme in your head as you scroll through the pictures.

  • Jesse

    SpudGun what he didn’t tell you was that he was the one in the bar because he ran faster than his friend.

  • In photos 1 and 3 I can read the left-hand guy’s lips. He’s saying “I only have to outrun YOU.”

  • Clodboy

    Super-potent opioids like Etorphine (the stuff Dexter Morgan uses πŸ™‚ ) or Carfentanyl can immobilize even big game animals within minutes.

    But with sprinting Bears being able to reach you within seconds, it still helps to be a fast runner πŸ˜‰

  • SpudGun

    @Jesse – LOL!

  • Don


    Photographer was either petrified with fear for his buddies (normal person) or laughing like a maniac (I prefer this storyline).

    It looks like they have a regular rifle too, if these guys do this a lot they probably knew they only had to evade for a few seconds and judged the danger accordingly.

  • D

    Rule #1 of Hunterland: Cardio

  • HK_WSU

    Outrunning a bear is tough…but in snow. That is a recipe for disaster. At least for the vet. The bear would be happy with the outcome.

    I must say the last picture made me laugh with the dart visible in the back of the bear. Classic.

  • and the photographer what he was doing?

    Laughing maniacally?

    Now just hum the Benny Hill theme in your head as you scroll through the pictures.

    Almost sprayed coffee on my monitor.

  • Simon

    @Pak – “taking photos” would appear to be the answer to your question. Afterall, if you were the bear, wouldn’t you want someone taking photos of this?

  • yamalink

    What you don’t see is the meat-scented spray bottle the photographer spritzed and tossed before taking post atop the next ridge.

  • Jusuchin



    >Even the fastest runner could not really outrun a bear, could they?

    You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the slowest guy present.

  • That will teach them not to bring a trank gun to a bear fight.

  • Pastor Dan

    Never try to outrun a bear — unless that’s the last available option.

    @HK_WSU — Never try to outrun anybody in snow, if you can help it, but if you do, wear footwear appropriate to make a decent attempt.

    @SpudGun — Serpentine? In these conditions, be thankful if you can remain upright. Oh, I’m not sure that dude in the bar ever saw a running bear turn, though. Maybe if you’d stayed until he’d had one or two more, he’d have offered to demonstrate.

    @Don (& Jesse, Retardo, PPGMD) — the guy with the regular rifle appears to be outrunning the guy with the dart gun. He’s ahead of his partner on two counts.

    Last but not least: If I were the photographer, there would have been fewer frames shot, and most would have been blurred.

  • Ed

    The guy’s face in the last pic looks surprisingly calm like he’s used to outrunning bears

  • JoeB

    “Hey Dad, what do you wanna do today”

    “Lets go shoot a bear with a trank gun”

    “Why on earth would you wanna do that?”

    “Son, Im a vet, i need adventure in my life”

    2 hours later….

    “SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!”

  • anon

    both bears are cute πŸ˜‰

  • Rusgunnut1

    Interestingly, in the final photos, the 2nd guy is nowhere to be seen: I didn’t know a bear could kill and eat a man so fast, and still not have a stitch catching up the other fool.