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  • Jim

    His eye looks black and blue before he even shoots. I wonder if this isn’t the first time he has fallen for this gun’s dirty tricks.

  • Anton

    Bahahahaha, what a friggin idiot. XD

    Another reason to wear glasses: If you’re not a good shot, you’re bound to get hurt.

  • TD

    Cringe is right! Brings new meaning to “what did you learn”.

  • .

    YES!! I have made it to hallowed ground! I will have to let my son know (by the way Steve, he is a full fledged Marine before he turned 18 — he graduated high school a year early ROTC [P.E. credits], and some college credits got him in as a PFC. He will be elated “I am legend” at your site).

    By-the-by, I have a .com now… still working out the bugs, but there at least:

    Oh, and P.S., the butt stock goes up against the shoulder.



  • .

    The black eye was from the barroom brawl the night before (and maybe even before that). Rumor has it that one of these jokes sets him off:

    Are your parents cousins?

    Your teeth are so yellow, I can’t believe it’s not butter.

    Nice face…what are you going to do when the baboon wants his ass back?

    Oh my God, look at you! Anyone else hurt in the accident?


  • Mountainbear

    Seen that several times with the STG77 (the Steyr AUG) and recruits shooting the first time.

  • me

    Reminds me of a secretary I had at an old job, she finally gave in to her husband and agreed to take up shooting and hunting. So he bought her a new scoped bolt action rifle. On a Friday she said she was going out to shoot for the first time with her new rifle on Saturday.

    Yep on Monday she showed up to work with a big perfect black and blue ring around her swollen right eye.

  • Kyle Huff

    I thought it was called “Magnum Eye.”

  • Michael

    Several factors contribute to scope eye and from what I can see in this video he has definitly used up two of them. He didn’t shoulder the weapon correctly. However, I often shoot with sand bags while benching my rifles and never shoulder the weapon.
    This is where eye reliefe plays its major role in preventing serious injuries from occurring. And in my opinion, as well from experience, both mine and my wife, he was using optics not suitable for the weapon. Eye reliefe, or rather lack there of, was responsible for stitches and concusions to both of us. I use Leupold or better and throw the one that usually comes with the rifle in the trash can, litterally. And when a magnum hand loaded cartridge is involved, only the good optics will prevent scope eye. Even if the rifle is being shouldered correctly a scope with inadequate eye reliefe will get you hurt. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve watched someone get nailed at the range from cheap optics I would be much weathier. The sad truth is that most individuals that experience this will never pick up another high powered rifle again because they simply don’t know the difference between good optics and cheap stuff, or that a significant difference actually exists.

  • Bryan S.

    Price of the optics has nothing to do with the relief distance. It just means you did not have ti set up properly for you or your wife, and throw away perfectly usable scopes.