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  • Haha thanks for posting it up lol I do appreciate it!!

  • David

    Idk, it kinda looks like a SCAR

  • B0T

    ‘I wish I was this talented’
    Never laughed so hard.

    • B0T, I don’t get whats so funny …

  • Griffin

    Yeah I wish i was that talented too…

  • Kyle, I added a link to your website.

  • iFail

    Methinks you should have linked the highpoly version, this one looks pretty sad. I don’t intend to be a jerk, but the stuff B0T linked is very much better than the image you are showing.

  • Other Steve

    This guy certainly has an eye for detail that I do not have. And time.

    However, 3DS models are just 3d pictures for video games. Compared to real 3d cad data it is the difference between an m4 and an airsoft. Until calipers are used to actually create a full on accurate model wireframe/triangle models are just for fun. Time would be much better spent in Alias, Solidwords, NX, Catia.

    Still I can see it took a lot of time and work, and it is well done. So congrats on that, but if the guy were ti pony up, buy an ACR, the. Do a real model, there would be more than a few mfgs willing to buy That data set, enough to cover the cost of the gun (but not the time) for sure.

    So free acr if you were good,

  • Thank you steve. B0T I don’t really get whats so funny either. The specs on my ACR that I did were based off of the Call of Duty MW2 specifications. Under 4000 tris and on a 1024 texture sheet. If that is your 3D ACR in the link then i commend you but that ACR needs a lot of texture work.

  • iFail

    I think the texture is a base texture.

  • Forrest

    I read this blog almost daily and for the first time I have a chance to comment on something about which I have first hand knowledge. I am not sure where on Kyle’s site it is indicated that the model is built from triangles, but this goes out to Kyle: in the industry you build from quads. Without getting too nerdy all I have to say is this: real CG models are built from quads. If this is unclear then all you have to do is try rendering some of what you have built and see how it looks. Quads, comrade, quads. (That means rectangles, not triangles). And just to give you an idea of what high-poly, (high resolution), models are – a weapon like this would be composed of as many as 25-30,000 polys, about 10x what we see in here.

    Good work nonetheless.

  • Here is the presenation sheet for the ACR. It is meant to be a game model not something in a CAD program. I know what quads are comrade lol. I may have a few tris in the model but I tried to keep everything Quads.I just did the presentation in tris because thats what they go by at Infinity Ward. I was just IMITATING the SPECIFICATIONS that they do for the CoDMW series. I could have said about 1500 polys if that makes you feel better. But what is a poly? two tris. Here is the link to my sheet.
    Please feel free to view my high poly model. Thank you again Steve for posting this but I will try to refrain from posting anything else because I do not want to turn this into a big argument lol.

    • Kyle, its not a problem. Really I just wanted to showcase a readers’ (your) work.

  • Kevin

    Good work for a game model.

    Decent skin too.

    Good job.

  • zach

    B0T your link is some good 3D rendering but the textures need work. And Kyle that is pretty awesome.