TAS Pistol sight

The TAS Pistol is an interesting new pistol fiber optic sight system. For night shooting a tritium lamp lights up the fiber.

It looks quite impressive in the video …

They hope to be selling the product in the United States this year.

[ Many thanks to Mark for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • It doesn’t tell about how it behaves if the gun is canted.
    That’s the primary problem with small arms sights in my opinion.

  • johnny donuts
  • If I’m not mistaken Tru-Glo’s TFO sights use tritium to illuminate fiber optics in low light.

  • Carl

    Focus is wrong… should be on the front sight, not on target. 🙂

  • SpudGun

    The scientific accuracy of their weapon sight versus their competitors in the shoot out was almost beyond ridiculous.

    Also, can anyone tell me who Competitor 2’s three dot sight was, it looked pretty good.

  • DavidR

    “minimal abstraction of the target” = always a good thing 😉

  • Other Steve

    Canted? Why wold that be an issue? You realize what this site is right? There is no front sight post require for this, their glock in thr video has it but it is not used or required.

    That red dot only shows up when it’s dead on, like a red dot sight but very small, most like a tiny trijicon reflex.

    It’s awesome and the first day it’s out I’m getting one for a suppressed ruger 22/45!

  • DavidR

    The concept looks really neat. However, it’s not a tack-driving kind of sight. If the gun is not exactly lined up, there’s still a range of angles at which the shooter can still see a varying amount of glowing red. And (assuming that the shooter is in fact focusing on the target, as they intend) that variable amount of glowing red will appear at the same level of brightness whether you’re 2 degrees off to the right, off to the left, too high or too low. Again though, for the intended purpose that amount of error should be tolerable.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Somebody who makes those videos needs to learn how to spell, or use the correct word for their intent.

    Minimal abstraction of view? Don’t you mean Obstruction?

    Continues? Don’t you mean Continuous?

    Sights seem rather ‘gimmicky’ to me.

  • Adriel

    i actually bought these and they are really nice but the tritium is incorrect. they took that off their site because i sent them a few e-mails. that’s a prototype that they are working on but is not yet available. also, mine aren’t sighted properly so i can’t say about the accuracy but when it comes to height, you can’t adjust that and since they sit lower then the original rear sights, it’s always shooting high

  • Mark DeNeault

    A week ago I used the TAS sight on my glock 23 in a local pistol match IPSC. I have old eyes, so the green dot was small for sure. I did ok for having not shot in almost 13 years,(in a match). Here is my opinion. The dot is real bright if lined up perfectly. But, it is also relatively bright when not lined up perfectly. Shots will go either high or wide obviously, and this is what I had a problem with at the match. I was missing poppers at short distances because of not lining up perfectly even though the green dot you see looked bright. Just my opinion. Also definitely not a night or low light sight.
    Thanks Mark.