SIG P210 Legend Reintroduced

Sig Sauer (Europe) has reintroduced the SIG P210 Legend.

It features

  • ergonomic Beaver Tail
  • American magazine catch
  • handy magazine bottom
  • modern square sights
  • internal drop safety
  • Heavy Frame standard
  • highly resistant QPQ coating
  • smooth safety lever

One website is listing it for 2095 EUR (approx. $2660)!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • johnny donuts

    Oh dear christ almighty. That is a thing of beauty.

    I hope it’ll be mass produced. Maybe the price tag will be sane.

  • Royi

    I’m only thinking of that quote about Sig:
    “Minor parts are made in Germany, so they charge 75% Teutonic Gnome Magic.”

  • subase

    Nice, let’s hope it’s everthing the claim it to be and not just pr.

  • Vak

    Actually, when you see how much a original NIB 210 cost in the US (about $3000), it’s not too bad. Still completely out of my price range, but for THE most accurate 9mm production pistol ever, it’s a bargain.

    Also it gives a idea of the difference in mentality between SIG USA (250, doubtful “limited editions”) and SIG Europe.

  • Redchrome

    Price tags on P210s have never been sane before, I wouldn’t expect them to start being that way now. This is one of the guns I’ve been lusting after ever since I got some of my first gun books.

    I really want a P210 3-caliber set (.22, .30 Luger, and 9mm); but prices on those are positively stratospheric.

    The long-slide/long-barrel variants of the P210 are also very cool, and some are exceedingly rare.

  • SpudGun

    Schwing! Way beyond my price bracket, but it is a beauty. Shame most of them will never be shot and are destined to spend their lives hanging in a safe somewhere.

  • Kyle

    The thing is… if you ever get a chance to fire a SIG 210, you will understand the price point! It’s THAT fine of a handgun.

  • DJ

    Royi, that’s markup for Precise German Gnome Magic. You can’t forget the precise part, because that’s what makes fine German precision so expensive.

  • Nicholas

    So it features a ergonomic pastry, well I guess that gives a whole new meaning eating your gun.

    (I didn’t know what a beaver tail was so I goggled it and the first entry about a Canadian pastry.)
    So what is a beaver tail and am I the only one who thinks that sounds really dirty?

  • Kyle Huff

    Is someone making a new Dirty Harry movie or something? I always figured they’d use an S&W 460 for that.

  • Jason

    Please, please, PLEASE let them import this to the US!

    I’ve been wanting a Sig 210 ever since I read an article about a custom 210 that Larry Vickers did for Ken Hackathorn. I think the article is available on Mr. Vickers’ website.

    I will totally CCW one of these.

  • Matthew S.

    The Rolls Royce of 9mm’s.

  • justdavid

    johnny, I’ll wager the mass-produced sane price (if there is one) doesn’t touch $2,250 USD, let alone $2,000.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    johnny – I pray that it is NOT mass produced, that is one of the major problems with current SIGs, the quality is not there anymore.

  • jdun1911

    Don’t worry at the rate the Euro is going it might cost $10 in the USA.


    Your statement doesn’t make sense. Sig has always mass produce their firearms in the past. Mass produce doesn’t means bad quality nor does limited edition means better quality. The problem with Sig USA is it is run by ex Kimber CEO. He almost drove that company to the ground.

  • Marc

    “American magazine catch” is an inaccurate term. Just take a look at a Borchardt C93. Yes, that is a magazine catch button on the side of the frame.

  • zach

    @Nicholas a beaver-tail in firearms lingo is the extension of the frame (or grip safety if we’re talking 1911’s) of a pistol that would be located on the backstrap of the grip in between your thumb and forefinger when gripping the weapon. It provides a more comfortable grip for some but on the contrary an extended beavertail has more potential to get caught on clothing which is why you don’t usually see a prominent one on carry/service pistols. usually on high end tactical or competition models

  • subase

    It’s probably heavy as hell and it’s still single stack. Only a male model would carry one. The European 1911?

  • I carry a SIG P210-4 “Kuba” whenever I give a rest to my brace of MR73 Manurhins. I am not a male model, either; just your garden variety assault philosopher.

    The Sauer reproduction has an internal detent on the safety lever that was originally equipped with a detent riding against the exterior of the frame and leaving an unsightly arc thereupon. Regrettably, its passive safety device is of Colt’s Series 80 school, probably accounting for the gritty trigger action on the IWA exhibit specimen. It is good to have any kind of P210 back in production, but I will stick to the older Swiss variants.

  • marc

    The proof is in the pudding. Lets see first if the new SIG 210 matches up to the old SIG 210. Seen it with movies, remakes almost never surpass the originals. Maybe 2000 bucks for the originals ain’t a bad price.

    my 2 cents

  • I saved my Hard earned Money for my P210 LEGEND. I’m very Happy with quality and accuracy. Introductory Price 2650 Dollars. From here it will only go up. I see it also as a investment.

  • ik schiet al 30 jaar en nu eindelijk een sig p210-5 gekocht .
    ik heb met veel pistolen geschoten maar dit overtreft alles in een woord geweldig ik dank de vorige eigenaar dat hij hem aan mij wilde verkopen
    en voor zo n lage prijs bedankt nico .afz fer lammertsma

  • Greg

    Anyone remember reading that Leroy Thompson carried one when he was doing security for OPEC when Carlos the Jackal was running around? Something to the effect of him using his P210 to take out guys at over a 100 yards or so. (Braced against a car door) I tried to find some reference on Google but they just keep popping up with some football player. *sigh*

  • David

    I just purchased one of the new sig 210’s two weeks ago. I have shot 28 rounds thru it, 7 at a time from a bench rest. All of the groups were in a
    two inch circle. The gun lists for 2199.00 and I got it at the Nashville gun show for 1985.50. The gun is so beautiful that I hate too shoot it anymore. The seller had two and he sold the other one the next week on gunbroker for 20.00 more.