Eastwood’s Remington Model 1858 Revolver


This beautiful Remington Model 1858 revolver was used in the Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider. This gun is part of the NRA National Firearms Museum’s “Hollywood guns” exhibit.

You can watch a video about this gun at the museum’s website (under Curators Corner).

[ Many thanks to Lars Dalseide, of NRA Blog, for sending me the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • yamalink

    Just watched Pale Rider and Unforgiven this weekend. In PR they have some nice slow moving closeups of Clint’s character reloading!

  • SpudGun

    She be looking a tad rusty, but a beauty she still be (don’t know why I’m talking in pirate).

    Thanks for all the previous responses under the Walker thread about this pistol in Pale Rider, sorry I didn’t say thank you earlier, but I had to go away suddenly for a week – but not in a mysterious or sexy way – just crap to sort out.

  • Bryan S

    Looks like it needs some oil, stat! That pistol is as dry as a popcorn fart.

  • Oswald Bastable


    What kind of a museum lets their collection RUST!

    (Yes I was Army!)

  • Is that rust?

  • Ramsey

    Of all of the guns I have owned my Uberti 1858 clone is the most fun to shoot. I really need to buy a .454 ball mold and find a place to shoot near Madison, WI.

    They are fairly cheap, solidly built, cheap to feed, and the huge cloud of blue smoke after fanning the action really pleases a crowd. I recommend everyone try black powder at least once.

  • Greetings From Texas,
    Question, has anyone ever tried that trick of dipping the loaded cylinder in wax? I wonder how that would work.

  • Needs to be cleaned and seasoned with Ed’s Red.

  • JonMac

    Presumably on loan to the NRA museum – any conservation work on the object would have to be OK’d with the owner – these pics could be taken prior to that.