Colt / Umarex .22 1911

1911-patterened pistols chambered in .22 LR are all the rage right now in the industry. Umarex USA, who manufacture the .22 Colt M4 Carbine, will be selling a Colt branded 1911-style .22 pistol later this year. The pistol will come in three models. The Government-style model is the base model. The Rail model features improved sights, a picatinny rail and skeletonized trigger and hammer. A Gold Cup has been mentioned but I do not know what its features are.

Colt / Umarex .22 1911 Goverment

Colt / Umarex .22 1911 Rail

Caliber .22 L.R.
Capacity 12 Rounds
Barrel Length 5″
Method of Operation Blowback
Front Sight Drift Adjustable
Rear Sight Drift Adjustable
Overall Length 8.6″
Overall Width 2.6″
Safety Type Thumb Safety, Grip Safety
Weight w/out Mag 2.25 lbs
Extractor Internal + Pinned Ejector
Features Full metal body
MSRP (Price) $399 to $450
Available November 2010

Steve Johnson

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  • theamdman

    What is the point of all these look-a-like guns in .22LR? I mean I understand cheaper to shoot blah blah but if I’m going to spend some money I want the thing that can actually stop something besides a squirrel if SHTF.

    Guess they expect people to have a range arsenal and a defense one and if you pick up the wrong gun during the firefight, I feel sorry for you..

    • LOKI

      So you think a .22 is not worth killing with? I guess the mob had it all wrong back in the day. They used .22 a lot when killing people and not wanting to make much noise. I will shoot u in the stomach and let it bounce all around and c how much it does.. really… don’t talk down on a .22

    • Nascar

      Let me shoot you one time with my Rail version and then you can try to repost your comment after that.

    • Keith Applegate

      If you pick up the wrong gun during a firefight you’re an idiot.

      Seriously if the fire fight has already started, and you’re unarmed, you’re pretty much S.O.L. anyway.

  • GSG M1911 is new clothes?

    • gvass, I don’t think so.

  • iN new clothes, sorry, mistyped.

  • Jim

    But it is made of good steel, or pot metal like so many of the other ones?

  • Ladyfox

    I was intrigued until I saw the pictures. What is up with that garish oversized, and to add further insult colored white, lettering on the side of the slide?? *gag*

    The price is also a bit too high for what you are getting as well. Consider, the MSRP of a Browning Buckmark is around $349 and the Ruger 10/45 w/ replaceable panels runs a MSRP of $380.

    Sorry Umarex but you’re going to have to ditch that ugly lettering and drop the price about $75 before I’ll even remotely consider getting one.

  • John

    Cool! After seeing your post, I had to look up the site for the 1911 .22s

    Looks pretty great!

  • Brian

    As close as I’ll ever get to owning an Ace. Put me down for at least one.


    Might as well buy a fly swatter.

    • Mark

      Hey Ralph, what is wrong with you? Have you ever head of simply plinking to have fun?

      • raygunraven

        If youlre plinking for fun (which it is) do yourself a favor and buy a classic .45 caliber 1911a1 and the buy the .22 conversion kit (slide,barrel,and magazines.a quick change now let’s you decide freely between stopping power and cheap,fun plinking

  • Squidpuppy

    Seems like they’re genuine 1911 functionality, which probably means not a steel slide; .22 blowback can’t cycle the action in steel – is that correct? So steel bbl and aluminum slide? Even if the frame / receiver are alloy, if the action is true 1911, I’d consider it. Anyone shot a GSG 1911, or a Chiappa? Is a Kimber conversion the way to go? What about .22 magnum?

  • Cymond

    theamdman, most people buy these 22s as a companion gun to a centerfire version. The last time I checked, 100 rounds of 45 ACP was about $35, so the gun will pay for itself after about 1000 rounds. 22lr also has less noise and recoil, allowing for longer training sessions. Further, I will not hand a 45 to a first-time shooter. A hard-kicking handgun will turn off someone who is already unsure about guns. Instead, starting with a 22 allows someone to become competent with a handgun before moving to centerfire guns. One step at a time, crawl before you walk, insert metaphor here.

  • 4Cammer

    I’d much rather have a .22 conversion slide for the 1911 from Marvel, Bob Marvel Custom Guns or Advantage Arms.

  • justdavid

    Website doesn’t mention if the slide locks open on an empty mag but the pictures don’t appear to show any sort of steel insert in the notch, like Advantage Arms uses to allow for that feature. Already have a Ciener that doesn’t lock open, don’t see myself buying one of these.

  • TheAmdMAN

    I’ll agree with you on starting with a .22LR, but a steel frame 45 has less kick than a .40 and a 9mm in some cases. More weight to distribute the load. My girl prefers my 1911 to every other gun I have (9mm, .40) and she is a little hesitant when it comes to guns. Will this compare to a .22lr? No, I know what you’re saying.

    I don’t see how shooting a lighter gun and a round that has no resemblance to the 45acp is a good “training” idea (cost effective yes, plinking yes, actual training no).. but to each their own.

    • Jeff

      Yes it does lock open when empty. The only way it will by itself is if the mag is in it and empty. Without them mag in, it is a free moveing slide.

  • Ian J

    TheAmdMAN: Don’t downplay the value of learning how to operate a given platform. Just because one trains with a smaller caliber doesn’t invalidate the instant familiarity when handed the real thing. That instant familiarity (even if paired with a bigger kick once you actually tickle the trigger) means that the shooter starts out operating on instinct, which is a big advantage when you have other things to be thinking about.

    It’s the same reason they stick pilots in flight simulators — it’s clearly not the real thing, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper, and instills the correct trained, automatic actions.

  • Todd

    Any thoughts on the blow-back design? I thought the orginal Ace’s were blowback and they had problems. The Service Ace’s used a floating piston mechanism that apparently simulated the recoil of the .45 and created a much more reliable cycling.

    Chiappa’s are fix barrel/frame…..Hmmmmm…..

  • Mason N

    Anyone know where to buy one?

  • Keith Applegate

    In a crisis you do not rise to the occasion. You merely fall back to your best level of training.
    With one of these you can practice draw and fire, magazine changes, malfunction drills, etc, ets. without the noise, stress/fatigue and expense of a full house .45acp.
    And by stress/fatigue I mean that a person can fire a lot more rounds of .22 Long Rifle without tiring out and therefore avoiding developing a flinch, that would ever be possible with .45 ammo.

    Can you immagine what would happen if someone trained heavilky with a Ruger and then in a gunfight when his/her 1911 ran dry they fumbled for a heel mag release?
    With one of these guns (or with a conversion kit) everything is in the same place. And with the Chiappa that I shot the slide lock worked just like a real Colt. Something you usually don’t get with a conversion. This is possible because the complete guns use similar metals for all parts so you don’t have to worry about steel slide lock peening an aluminium slide.

    Also, I can attest, as can anyone who has ever had to shoot for their life, that when the balloon goes up, recoil is just about the last thing you notice.

  • Keith Applegate

    The slide markings on the above photos don’t look much larger than those on a 1991 NRM Colt to me.

    And do you remember the original Colt M1991A1 models? Or any of the 1990s Government/Commander models with their BILLBOARD sized lettering?

    I have four 1994 vintage Colts, three of which you’d probably hate because they are blued and sport Silver (yes silver) filled rollmarks (the 4th one is dull stainless). But that’s okay because all four are dead nuts reliable, wicked accurate and most certainly NOT for sale.

  • Brian

    Is this made by the same people making the GSG? Are all the parts and function going to be like the real deal. I know the UMAREX M4 works good but is a let down when it comes to the internal design. Might as well put a 10/22 in one of the fake receivers.

  • Mark Santostefano

    I checked with the company, and yes, the slide does lock open after the last shot. the Kimber doesn’t, which I did not like. This would be a fun gun to plink with, so I intend on getting one!

  • Ron

    I ordered one through my local gun dealer the second week in November as their ad stated that they would be available in November. It’s now the last of November and I haven’t seen or heard anything about it yet. I will be glad when I can get a look at it and take it to the range to check it out. I hope it’s at least as good or better than their M-4, as I have really enjoyed it.

  • Mark Santostefano

    I called the company and they said the Colts won’t be available until sometime in January. I noticed on their website that they removed the sentence that said they would be available starting in November. When they are finally available they should be a sweet gun. I had a Kimber Target .22, which was really nice, but the slide did not lock open after the last shot, which really bothered me. The Colts do.

  • Fenixom1911


    1)When realsed Colt/Umarex 1911 22LR ????
    2)How much ???
    3)How long quaranty gun ???

  • The Umarex 1911 will be realeased in late march/early april, just some weeks after the IWA in Nürnberg.

    It’s nit manufactured by GSG – Umarex and GSG hate each other.
    (GSG was founded by three former Umarex employees)

    The price and the model variants can be seen on the Carl Walther Homepage.
    (Umarex owns Carl Walther, that’s why they put ugly P99 grips on everything, knifes, lamps, pepperspray….)

    I had the chance to try a 1911 “Railgun” variant, and i must say it is a very nice gun. Tight fittings, good weight, well balanced, and they did a good job on the finish. Trigger is also quite good.
    The magazine is the P22 Magazine with a new baseplate – at least it looks like it.
    Precisions is quite good, i could not shoot it rested, but i was pleased.

    I hope my english is not too bad, im German. (From Arnsberg – Umarex’s hometown, but i don’t work there)

  • William Loscalzo

    I just purchased the Colt 1911 22lr rail gun by Umerax. It is a great gun. The weight and feel is perfect. I fired 200 rounds and not one missfire. I also purchased a Micro Max laser from Laser Max. What a great addition for $129. It made it easy to see mistakes I was making (I am a novice shooter). The laser iproved my accuracy by at least 50%

    That said I do not think I will ever be in a firefight. However, I do enjoy going to the range once or twice a week. Sometimes with gun buddies for a sociel event. Sometimes by myself for relaxation. Shooting is a sport where you can compete with yourself. With my 22’s I can shoot several hundred rounds and not take out a mortgage on my house. I have also found that my accuracy if anythinf is marginally better with my calaber guns so I think it is a great training experiance.

  • Joe Fillipon

    I have been waiting since NOV 2010 for the colt/umarex to be avail it is now APRIL 2011 still cant get one my dealer has called umarex usa and has gotten nowhere. Does any one know where i can get on?

  • Jack

    I just bought the Umarex/Colt M16 to replace my M4 Ops Model that was stolen. I have to admit they did a great job with the M16, butt stock trap door for cleaning kit, perfect finish, heavy barrel, weight and feel just right. It’s the A3 version. Price was okay, on sale at Big 5 for $399, which was less than my M4.

    By the way, I had good luck with my M4, but I noticed quite of a few people had misfires, jams and dust covers that won’t close. That seems to be the most common complaints. I had some problems the first day with my M4 and Remmington ammo and the tensioner screw needed some fine tuning adjustment, but after that it was near perfect and a very good shooter for a carbine. I’m hoping the M16 will be even better with the 20 inch barrel, little longer reach.

    I noticed some negative comments about .22 cal weapons. All I can say is I really enjoy shooting the .22. I also shoot .223, .308, 8mm, 300 Win mag, etc. So, I’m a dedicated reloader and avid shooter, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with plinking with the .22. When I go to the range I’m not there to impress anyone or do bump firing with my .223’s and scare everybody. To me shooting a .22 or a 50 BMG, is all fine and all part of the sport. The .22LR is great for its intended purpose.

    I have 9 days to go before I can pick up my M16, so in the meanwhile any comments good or bad you care to make about this weapon? Is it basically the same as the M4 version in .22LR?

  • Mike Rinehart

    Does anyone know how to get parts for the 1911 A1? I purchased their standard model and the grip screws and bushings on the left side could not be separated…Umarex customer service is impossible to deal with…they want me to send the gun in so their master gunsmith could do the work…give me a break, just ship me two new bushings and two new grip screws and I’ll be happy.

  • Jack

    Mike, I hear you and if it were not for the fact that Umarex deals with a lot of novice gun owners who have a bad reputation for screwing up even the simple things, I’m sure they would ship out the parts.

    Umarex has a real fast turn around time for service. My advise is don’t bother fighting their repair policy, just send it in and in a week or so you should be back in business.

  • pate

    idk why everyone is bitchin about it being a 22. cal but the fact is a 22 can kill someone just as much as a 9mm can they actuly compear the 2 calabers together the 22 rickishes off of bones riping through arteries and vitle orgens my brother got killed by getting shot in the head by a 22 so stfu about 22s being bull shit cause if you can kill a gator with one trust me you can also kill a human being if you had to

  • Mark K

    Pate, way too much attitude. ..chill bro.

  • Keith Applegate

    Too much attitude and too few communication skills.

  • Frank L. Nettleton

    Got my Umarex 1911 22 Government model this Tue.
    It’s a dandy. Been in communication with Umarex monthly after the first announcement, (over a year). The wait was worth it, I got what I expected. It’s a sure fire very accurate Colt quality handgun. Yes the slide locks open.
    Yes everything works exactlly like the Colts we had in Korea. Functions flawlessly. I love it just the way it is, wouldn’t change it if I could.

  • OverG

    I am lucky enought to own a few Colt 1911s from when they first were made and until they last were made by Colt. I bought the Umarex 1911 pellet gun when it first came out about 15 years ago. It was OK but too much trouble to load and did not have that fun feeling of shooting a 1911.

    I just bought the Umarex .22 version of the 1911 and it just nails the feel and fun of a real Colt 1911! You can shoot it all day without going broke and without abusing your right hand. I wanted the plain Jane 1911 version but all I could find was the Rail gun. After shooting and owning it, I don’t have any preference now. Love the thing!! I like it better than my Buckmark and my Ruger Mk2. I take my boys or friends out pliniking with all 3, don’t say a word and watch which gun they consistantly use. It is mostly the 1911.

    My particular 1911 does misfire, especially if one tries to waste ammo shooting fast. It leaves a nice indent in the shell. The Buckmark does the same thing after about 50 rounds, but all it needs is to be cleaned. The Ruger will shoot anything, anytime, and does not care if it is dirty or clean (I swear sometimes it can fire a spent shell.) I plan to bring the Umarex to a gunsmith after about 1-2000 rounds if the misfires keep up. They do not daunt my enthusiam for the gun.

  • Jack

    Thats good to hear ab out the 1911 in .22 cal. I’m impressed wsith the looks and feel and the rice isn’t too bad either. Would be a fun plinker.

    Of all the firearms that I have carried, S&W, Walther, Beretta, Colt, Bersa, Browning, Glock, and more, there’s nothing more impressive looking than that old 1911. And the .45 ACP still holds its own against the best of them.

    Next: Has anyone seen the MP 40 clone thats out now? I forget who was making them. They are kinda pricey, seems like a used one was around $2600. They look just like old Nazi weapon, but in semi-auto (still 9mm). I think the price is outrageous. I was hoping if they ever made enough the price would drop. I would pay $700 plus, but not $2600, hey, it’s not that much fun!!!!

    By the way, did anyone have a chance to read my review of the Russian Mosin 7.62X54R? It’s online, you might like it if you are into the old Mosin’s. You can google the key words Mosin Nagant, post scripts and find the article. It looks like this once you do your search.

    Mosin Nagant Review – Historic Military Rifle – POST…/the-mosin-nagant—histor.htm… – CachedMosin Nagant Review – Historic Military Rifle. By Post Scripts on June 15, 2011 6:58 PM | 4 Comments. by Jack. mosin nagant.jpg Despite the heat we had a …

  • Keith Applegate

    OverGon said “I am lucky enought to own a few Colt 1911s from when they first were made and until they last were made by Colt.”

    Last made? Ummm. Colt is still very much in the 1911/1911A1 business.

    • karlthomas


      your comment was a good while back, though since it was snide, I feel the compulsion to comment.

      OverG said “I am lucky enough to own a few Colt 1911s from when they first were made and until they last were made by Colt.”

      Keith said, “Last made? Ummm. Colt is still very much in the 1911/1911A1 business.”

      After reading through ALL of the comments on this page, I was able to discern what type of person Keith is…and the conclusion isn’t favorable for Keith.

      I do imagine that OverG’s comments, “…until they last were made by Colt.”, is accurate and deserves consideration. Indeed, Colt has not truly been Colt since the mid-1980s when the UAW went on strike. Ultimately, Colt was sold off as a result of the prolonged strike, part of the company going to private investors, part to the UAW itself, and even part of it sold to the State of Connecticut. With that, I would consider Colt at least 17 years out of the 1911/1911A1 business. While a company named Colt still makes revolvers, semi-auto pistols, rifles, etc…, they are as much Colt as High Standard of Houston is High Standard of Hamden!

      Being a bully on the internet because you think you know a few things about the subject at hand isn’t cool. It probably made you feel better about yourself, but perhaps that speaks more to you character than to the inadequacies of another person’s post.

      Come to think of it, it does sort of feel nice to make someone else look like a douche…

  • Larry

    I own a GSG 22lr 1911 and it’s as well made as any 45acp I’ve owned or seen. Much better quality than the chappia or puma 1911 22’s that are out there. Feels like a 1911 and has a slide lock. I have on order a colt 1911 22lr rail gun from buds gun shop. Should have it in about a week. Get on their wish list and you will be notified when one comes in. Not listed as in stock. They fill them as they come in. I ordered mine right away, and later the same day they were all gone.

  • Larry

    I forgot to add, the GSG 1911 22lr pistol also has many part interchange with the 1911 A1 45acp. I changed the grips, and screws (requires changing the threaded part on the
    frame) went to an extended one sided safety and plan to change the small arched mainspring housing to a flat. This will remove the magazine interlock that requires the mag be installed to fire the gun. I don’t want or see a need for a magazine safety. Solid gun. Not the cheaply made chiappia, which doesn’t feel like a 1911 A1 at all. Just cock the CAST hammer once and you’ll know right away. In my case the GSG was only $25 more than the chiappia. Also I just today saw on Buds website that the chiappa cannot be sold in more than a half dozen states including MN.
    It may be due to the cast parts not meeting some required spec.

  • Buzi

    I just got back from a gun show in Pasadena,TX where I picked up a
    Colt 1911 22LR ‘Rail Gun ‘ Edition. It was a surprise to me as I had no idea
    Colt was offering these. I had intended to buy a 22 of the 1911 style as that is my gun of choice. I had decided I’d go Kimber kit or similar if I could find one or take a chance on the GSG pot metal thing.

    Well, seeing it was the only one at the show and it was just what I wanted, what with the slide locking back when empty, just like a real gun(cough). I had to buy it. I have no idea if I paid too much and I probably did. Frankly, I don’t care too much. Oh, I paid $380 plus sales tax.
    As i sit here I’m feeling happier than if I had had to settle for the GSG (ATI) or the Chiappa. Being it locks back on empty IMO it is going to be better for me than the Kimber or similar kit would have been (my understanding the Kimber does not lock back).

    No chance to shoot just yet. Plan to do that tomorrow.

    What I’m hoping to find here is if anyone knows where I can find magazines for this besides the Umarexusa site? They want 38 bucks each for 10 rounders.
    The bummer is the gun only came with one magazine.
    I’ll want 2 extras.
    So if anyone knows where I could find magazines maybe cheaper (USA) speak up !! Sure would be nice to find extended magazines.

  • i have read some comments where some of you could not locate a dealer for the umarex .22 colt 1911.well i guess i got lucky because as soon as i seen it in one of my gun magazines i new right then i had to have one .i called carters country in houston,tx.,they had one for $399.99!i was there next day early & bought it.excellant!!!

  • Dwayner

    I bought the Gold Cup version the other day, it’s made by Walther. Not had a chance to take it out yet but it seems like one of the better quality 1911s in .22lr available. It’s not a faithful reproduction, like the Kimber (bar the external extractor for the purists) but with its fixed barrel, the Gold Cup should deliver better accuracy in .22lr, it’s also much heavier than the Kimber weighing in at about 32oz vs the Kimber’s 23oz. The finish is great and although the trigger started off quite gritty it has improved with some dry-firing using dummy rounds. Field stripping and cleaning are very easy, easier than my real 1911s and from what I’ve seen of them, the GSGs. I’m excited by it but am dreading finding extra 10 round magazines here in Canada, no one seems to have brought any of those in.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    Well I broke down and finally bought one of the MP5 clones, called the GSG-5 by ATI. Why, well, I’m still not sure. The only thing I can think of is that back in day when we were assigned to counter-terrorism and anti-ship hijacking, the real MP5 was one of the preferred weapons. So maybe I bought it out of pure nostalgia I guess, I’ve always like them.

    Back in the day, I carried a Heckler & Koch 93, with a Browning Hi-power in 9mm as my backup. The Heckler & Koch in .223 had a little more stopping power than the MP5s. But, to be real honest when you were up close and personal, it didn’t really matter. Those 9’s worked fine.

    However as the years passed and more the teams evolved one thing stayed the same. I only recently learned they still do the take downs of the bad guys with MP5’s mostly, this would be in Iraq and Afghanistan of course.

    These are all night ops, I might ad, and they love this little weapon. From my time till now spans 30 years and the MP5 is still a preferred weapon! Now that says something about it’s dependability and maybe a little about using a suppressed weapon too, so yeah, I think its pretty cool to have a clone. . . brings back memories.

    And just for the record, we never fired full auto…not even in 3 shot bursts, it was always semi-auto. That’s a huge myth about special ops going full auto and mowing down terrorists. Pretty much it was one or two shots, very well placed, and then on to the next target… in CQB. Double taps to the head were expected, but in real life it don’t always happen that way.

    Anyway back on subject, I think I’m going to have fun plinking with the grandson at the range with my MP5 clone…and it will be a cheap outing too with .22 ammo! This thing sure looks like the real deal and it feels like it too.

    “de oppresso liber”

    • Jay

      Where did you get yours in Canada? I can’t find any dealers here.

  • Keith Applegate

    I thought this was supposed to be about the Colt branded, Umarex manufactured .22 rimfire 1911 style pistols???

    So what’s up with the AR and MP5 postings?

  • Jack

    Keith, no offense but just how long do you think we can talk about a Umarex .22? lol Sheesh!

    Like the title says, this is a blog for firearm’s. Most people that post here seem to be into rim fire and thats cool. The MP5/GSG is a rim fire. I liked reading about it, didn’t you?

  • Keith Applegate

    I would have loved reading about it in it’s own thread.

    That way folks who may not care about a .22 Rimfire 1911 but who might care about a .22 Rimfire MP5 could find it and read about it too.

    And there’s a HUG difference between a Forum Title and a Subject Heading.

    So what you’re advocating is that IF we run out something to say about one certain gun we should just start discussing a different gun under the same heading???

    Sheesh yourself.

  • Dane

    Keith you obviously have too much free time on your hands.

  • Ray

    Is there a document that clearly shows/lists the differences between the Government, Rail and Gold versions of the Colt 1911 .22LR semi-auto?

  • Menace

    I bought the base Government Model. The trigger pull is heavy. At 25 yards it is shooting 4″ groups with bulk ammo.

  • Ethan hernandez

    Just saw one of these (rail gun) breifly through the glass at academy, and i happen to notice that the barrel had a nut on it similar to the p22. Does anyone know if this gun is suppressor ready?

  • Deerslayer

    The Colt 1911 22’s barrels are threaded the same as a Walther P22, hence will use the same suppressors you would use on a P22.

    Got mine (Colt Rail Gun version) over the weekend and was very impressed by the quality, fit, and finish. It is made by Walther, but imported by Umarex. Hefty feel, smooth but slightly heavy trigger.

    I was disappointed to find that the grip screw threads are not standard with other aftermarket grip screws. This Colt uses grip screws with a slightly coarser thread. So I decided to change out the grip screw bushings, but that was also a disappointment, because those bushings also use a non-standard thread. Bummer — that means I am stuck with thiese screws! Well, at lease I put some nice checkered Colt-logo’d cocobolo grips on them. Would have been nice to have stainless Allen or Torx screws as well.

    I also have the Sig 1911-22. Wierd grip screws but I changed them out when I changed grips to some laser-etched Hogue “ivory” grips. The Sig is made by the same folks who make the GSG 1911-22, which is very different from the Colt/Walther/Umarex. The Sig devours any ammo I run through it. Smooth light trigger. Lighter than the Colt, but with a standard grip safety. The Colt grip safety on the Rail Gun has the “speed bump” which I prefer.

    Which one do I like better? Hard to say. Both are quite nice. I’ve had the Sig longer and it’s finish is starting to wear just a bit. The Colt seems to have the nicer finish and easier takedown. I need to spend more time shooting it before I can pass a definitive judgment.

    If anyone can figure out how to get aftermarket grip screws for the Colt 1911 22’s, I would sure be much obliged if you could let this blog know about it. Allen or Torx alternatives, either blued or stainless is what I would like.

  • Nascar

    Does anyone know if the sights included on the Rail version are replaceable? What about the ability to put the Gold Cup adjustable sight on the Rail gun?

    • Buzi

      The sights look to be replacable to me. I plan to replace them some day , as I hate the ones on it. IMO the visual gap between front blade and rear
      is way to big.
      I have no idea what sort of dovetail they are though. I just know they are
      dovetailed, no clue what spec. Both front and rear are very large dovetails.
      I know my old Model 1911 rear sight spare I have has a much smaller dovetail.
      The sights on the Colt 22 Rail gun are also equipped with teeny
      allen screws. I have not had mine loose so no idea how loose the sights are
      in the dovetail once the allen socket is loosened.

      Someone in a earlier post asked if this 22 Colt Rail gun is ready for suppressor. Yes, it has a threaded barrel end and one would have to have
      some sort of extender though as the barrel collet covers the threaded section when the gun is in battery. The Rail gun has a nut on the barrel you would just remove it.

      While I’m typing. I’ll comment I am far more accurate with my Norinco 45 ACP which I bought back in the early 90’s and a XDM 45 ACP I have than I am with this Colt 22.
      I think the reason I’m not as hot with this gun is due to the damn sights, which as I say, have too much gap side to side.
      However , it is damn fun to shoot and is acccurate enough for my needs. So far shoots all the ‘walmart’ bulk ammo without complaint.
      I think the Remington bulk cheapi is more accurate than the Winchester 555 though. THe bullets on the Remington stick out a bit more and I like the look of the ogive section on them.

      • Nascar

        OK, thanks. Please post if/when you replace those sites or find out anything about them. I tried to contact Umarex USA, but it’s like pulling teeth trying to get an answer. I’m assuming the only difference between the sights on the Gold Cup vs. the Rail is that the Gold Cup added elevation adjustment. I’d be curious if the Gold Cup sights would fit the Rail and if they’re obtainable seperately. Or, like we already said, just replace the sights on the Rail version with something new/better. Please let us know what you find out.

      • Juanito

        The sights on the gold cup are not interchangable with the rail because the slide is machinedaway ~ 2mm on the gold cup to accept the target sights.

    • Nascar

      Damn. OK, thanks. I may have to live with these sights or maybe take it to a gunsmith and them them suggest something instead.

  • I ordered the colt government 1911 22 today,they said it will in within 5 days,im really excited,ive held one at a gun show an it really looks good,i own a rock island 1911 45 and the chiappa 1911,the chiappa is gonna be sold as soon as my colt comes in.

  • I was looking for extra magazines for my new colt 1911 22 thats ordered.i noticed that the walther p22 mag looks just like the colts,does anyone know if they are the same?the colt mags are very expensive and im looking for a cheaper way to get some extra mags.

    • Buzi

      No, they are unique.

      I ordered two 12 round spares from Umarex.

      yah, pricey but ….

      • Tom

        I am looking for extra magazines for my new colt 1911 22, where can I order them?

    • Buzi

      Let me amend that. To the best of my knowledge the Umarex Colt 22
      can not use anything but the mags designed to fit it.

  • Thanks buzi,i guess umarex will bleed every last drop under colts name to get every penny they can,it may take along time before after market mags come out,if that ever happens……

  • My colt/umarex 1911 22 came in today,i really like the gun,its the plain government model.the gun case has a big colt sticker on it and walther stickers in several places,the gun itself says made by walther,the gun shop owner said these are good guns and they are not made by a toy company,that walther makes them in germany and umarex distributes them.its way better made than the chiappa 1911 i own,real nice finish and no machine marks at all.the sights are ajustable.its a little more money than the gsg but i guess ya pay a little more for having the colt name on the gun.

    • Yamahaman83

      I am fortunate enough to live in Oregon, where some of you may know that you can literally go into a pharmacy, check out the gun rack, pick your poison, and walk out with it that same trip. You gotta love the laws out here when it comes to so many things, especially firearms.

      The Colt 1911LR Railgun is my first, purchased from a sporting goods store out here through the help of my family(thanks guys!) I have fired many other pistols in many calibers, yet decided to start out my own collection with a .22, being obviously the low cost of ammo and whatnot. I’m no expert at all when it comes to weaponry, still learning the ropes, but I wanted to say that for a first/training pistol, this gun is incredible. I took her out to the range and went through about 400 rounds and had not one misfire. At a distance of 25 feet, my shots were right on, being only a mere inch or so away from eachother. It was very finely tuned, incredibly easy to load compared to others, and it has a nice, firm feel.

      I especially enjoy the attatchment-ready rail and also had noticed the threaded barrel, which a Walther P22 suppressor can be easily added. Another nice feature is the slide-lock and release, true to the Colt.

      Again, I am still learning the ropes, but this is a great starting gun/plinker before continuing on to a higher caliber pistol. The disassembly and maintenence is quite simple as well. I would highly recommend this pistol.

  • Nascar

    Anyone that purchased the Rail version have any comments about the rear sight? It’s only windage adjustable, but I want to replace it with something that windage and elevation adjustable.

    • Buzi

      I”ve got that rail gun version.
      Not having a issue with elevation with mine it seems spot on with
      the ammo I’m using from ranges of say, 10yards out to 30 yards.
      Just using cheapo 22LR Remington bulk I get at Wally World (which seems
      for my gun to be more accurate than the Winchester bulk box ammo, slightly
      different ogive and bullet length)

      Only other comment I have is IMO the damn front blade is too narrow
      for the rear notch. I’ve yet to find a replacment but I’ve not searched
      real hard. I’m tempted to just cut some slim balsa wood panels or some
      other material and use glue to fix this issue for me. Once I get the
      blade to notch spacing where I think is best for me I’ll super glue em on!

      Thta will save me some cash.
      Nice gun but I feel I’m far more accurate with say, either my 9mm compact Glock , or 1911 45ACP Norinco, or my 45ACP Springfield XDM.
      Correction, not just feel, I am.
      I blame two things for this . The poor blade to rear notch ‘fit’. Far too
      wide of a notch or narrow front blade makes it more difficult for me
      to maintain a consistant sight frame on the horizontal axis.
      2nd, the rail on my gun has more slop in the horizontal than I’d like but
      I decided to live with it. This gun is for fun for me and cheap shooting, not competition grade accuracy.
      Sorrry, I wandered away from your post query. Hahaha. I love this gun though.
      Shot perhaps 1k rounds thru mine so far. No issues yet.

  • Nascar

    Another question concerning loading. Has anyone found a speedloader that works for this mags? I like using speedloaders on my Ruger Mark III pistols, but of course the mags are different. I’d love to find one that fit these.

    • Larry

      Doesn’t work. Done tried 🙁

  • i like to buy one of these colt 1911a1 .22lR. made by umarex.does any one know if you can buy a slide in a kit in 45 cal. p.s. 45 colt guns are pricely.

    • Buzi

      Not exactly clear on what your asking. But if I understand you, you are
      asking if you can buy a slide kit for 22lr to fit a existing 45 1911 style ..

      The answer is no. These are not kit guns they are selling. There are
      kits that are made by other outfits though. However, most of the ones
      I have seen are nearly as expensive as this gun is.

      If that is not what you were asking please re-phrase a bit more clearly!

    • Larry

      If you fired a .45 ACP in this handgun it would probably embed the slide in your forehead.

      This is a lightweight, Alloy based handgun. There is no way it could ever sustain the pressures of a .45 cartridge.

      What you want to do is doable, but you’re going in the wrong direction.

      You need to buy a .45 ACP 1911 and then a conversion kit for .22

      But, to be honest, GOOD conversion kits are more expensive than this Colt, so why bother?

  • Lucas D.

    Best place to get mags that I’ve found is Less than $30 apiece and they ship ’em within a week.

    And to the guy whining about stopping power: dude, really? If you want a 1911 with good stopping power, you’ve had the option to get one in .45 ACP caliber for AN ENTIRE CENTURY now. People who buy .22 clones generally know what they’re getting it for, and it’s almost certainly not for combat or self-defense.

  • JB

    Where can you buy one?

  • well ive had my colt/umarex 1911 22 government model now for almost 3 months,this is my opinion of shoots very good with most ammo,no ftf or fte,the rear blade sight notch is cut a little to wide,i think ya pay a little more for this gun but everyone that shoots it loves it and wants one,the gun is not entended for self defense,its a fun plinker…..and fun it is.

  • i found extra magazines at impact guns for 27 bucks for 12 round and 29 for 10 round,kinda strange that the 10 round cost more than the 12,it cost about 3 bucks shipping so abount 30 bucks total for the 12 round mag,they had it to me in about 5 days after i ordered it.

  • TMAN05

    AWESOME GUN!!!!!!!! But its made by Walther not Umarex !!!!!!!!!! Extremely high quality.

  • TMAN05

    Made by Walther in Germany, licensed by Colt. and distributed by Umarex.


    i had a problem with this colt 1911 22lr railgun since i got it which almost a week now. first time i took it to the range on the first day that i got it, it doesn’t want to feed the ammo, because the guid rod spring is to weak. i don’t know how much the factory spec. should be on the recoil spring, can any one help? when i fill the magazine up to 12 round as soon i push a slide lock down it just stuck at the back of the round in the magazine. i have to help push the slide forward to make it feed untill the bulltets down to about 4 round left then it will feed by itself. wow, that suck!! on the first day of shooting colt 1911 22lr. the accuratcy is very good. after i got back from the range and got online order the spring for it. i don’t know what i want because i don’t have any information about how many pound that i need on the spring strange so, i just go ahead and order 8lb spring and i hope that it will be able to works. does any body have the same problem like i did? recoil spring is to weak!!!!

    • Buzi

      There has to be some manufacture defect with yours.
      I have the same version, the Rail Gun.

      The one I bought back in late last summer is not having
      any sort of feed issues with a variety of 22 LR ammo I used in it.
      SHot well over 1k rounds so far and only had a few issues during
      all that firing. I used the original mag that came with the gun
      and I had bought 2 more from Umarex, all work fine.

      I would not mess with the gun, I would contact them and
      detail exactly what is going on and have Umarex or whoever
      does their repair work to fix your gun.
      Sounds like you got a lemon.
      I’d make sure the magazines are seating fully, based on your
      description it could be something like that, seating depth or
      a issue with feed ramp alignment.


        do you know how many pound of the recoil spring suppose to be? cause there is not any slack at all left after the slide lock is activated, when i push the slide lock down it should strip the round of from the magazine and shambered it but when i did that the slide just stoped right behide the bullets in the magazine. would it be that my magazine springe is to stronge that it tighten the round up to much for the slide can’t push it out?

      • Buzi

        No, sorry. NO idea what that spring is rated at.
        I doubt it would be rated at a standard 1911 45acp spring strength though.

        I just thought I’d reply when you state that you drop the mag
        release and expect it to chamber.
        THough many shooters use this technique with pistols, it is improper.
        The proper technique is to pull the slide back and let it fly forward.
        If you just drop the slide release, one you don’t get the full
        stroke of the spring impact on the round to be fed. Two, you
        end up causing wear and tear on the notch in the slide that
        holds the slide back when the slide stop is in place. This is aggravated
        on this type of gun as the slide is not steel. I’d learn to not rely
        on using the slide release to chamber a round.
        My only other suggestings, if you are not going to take the gun
        to a qualified gun smith or return it to Umarex is:
        1: It could be the ammo your using is just not working as it should. Try a different brand with a different ogive and seat depth.
        2: The gun could just be tighter than it should have been from the factory. It just might need breaking in. Time and rounds.
        3: Make sure it is properly lubricated. Good oil should be fine though
        some like the light grease instead. Since 22 rimfire is so messy I tend to
        prefer a light oil.
        4: As I mentoned before, there could be a issue with the feed ramp
        and or magazine seat depth. Seat depth is pretty much controlled
        by the notch on the magazine in relation to the magazine release.
        THis can be a very tricky adjustment, and should not be attempted
        alteration unless you have a good idea of what your doing. I’d investigate other problems first. Like ammo change, tightness of slide assembly on the gun body, proper lube, and learning not to use the slide release
        to chamber a round.
        Yes, it could be your magazine spring is extra strong. Leave them
        fully loaded when sitting around. In time it should weaken the spring some.

        Good luck and those are just some ideas. You can google up some interesting reading ‘failure to feed 1911 first round’ of course that info you will see is for 45acp 1911’s but can be applicable.


        thank you, Buzi. i’ve leaned that i think it need to break in for a little bit on the magazine and the hammer spring. i did what you’ve told me to fill up the magazine and left it in there to weak out the spring strange and left the hammer open after about a week. some how, some time it feed the 12th round in the magazine after i shot it for a while i am experiencing some problem. it fail to eject. i think it was the ammo and the hammer spring because i was using federal bulk but when i use cci minimag i didn’t see that problem. i think the ammo doesn’t have much juice to blow back the slide and i checked by pulled it back and it very strong. it hardly move back and then i lock the hammer back and moved the slide back, it just move very easy. the might have using the .45 hammer spring. does any body know how manny pound it should be on .45 and how it should be on .22 lr? i think the bullet doesn’t have enough power to blow back the slide + hammer, then again i need some more round to break in the gun or i need to change a new hammer spring. a lighter one or i have to use cci minimag for awhile untill it breaking in but cci a little bit expensive but yet, it cheaper than .45



      • cuevas21

        if you shoot really low powered ammo, it wont properly cycle the rounds. try cci stingers or winchester super x ammo. also if you limp wrist your handgun, the slide wont go forward and that can even cause problems. so definitely try a hotter load and a tighter grip.

    • Keith Applegate

      Did you remove the shipping grease and properly lubricate it prior to firing it?
      It sounds like you’re running it dry.


        i don’t know that i have to use grease on the pistol. I clean it and use the oil for the pistol apply on any part that it suppose to. i might try grease on the next time after cleaned up. doesn’t any one know how many pounds on the recoil spring it suppose to be?

      • TexasG

        My first 100 rounds had 4 FTF’s, 3 FTE’s. Took it to my shop, cleaned the factory assembly grease out of it and oiled it up. Experienced 2 more FTE’s over the next 700 rounds of “old” Federal bulk. Switched to Blaser 40gr, and since then I have not had another FTF or FTE. I’m chalking it up to assembly grease “gunk” initially, then crappy “old” Federal Bulk ammo on the 2nd FTE’s problems after.

      • Keith Applegate

        I didn’t say you have to use grease on this pistol. I asked if you REMOVED the shipping grease that was already on it?

    • Keith Applegate

      Lock the slide back.
      Load just ONE cartridge in the magazine and see if the slide will go forward.
      The magazine will have the lowest pressure with just a single round.

      After you chamber a single round, fully load the magazine.
      Insert it into the gun and fire the round in the chamber.
      Does the top round in the magazine now feed?

      If so, the recoil spring is NOT your problem.
      (Which I seriously doubt is defective.)

      • jim

        okay here it is. If the first round is not feeding from mag it is not recoil sprg. problem at all. Neither is it the hammer spring. Cause: When slide hits round in any 1911 it rides the feeding ramp to chamber. Cause of bullet not feeding is that it is tipping and digging into feed ramp. Cure: polish feed ramp with dremal polishing stud used to polish gold. Smooth is what your after not material removal. If that does not fix it the magazine follower is allowing the rounds to tip over at some round count causing bullets to tip over center from proper angle. Send magazine back to manuf. for replacement. also fyi proper recoil sprg. weight in .45 acp for recoil is 18 lbs., way to much for a dink round. Hammer springs are 22 lb. for 1911 competition shooters use 18 lb. for smoother let off. These are not proper weights for any .22. Contact Wolff spring company for further.

    • Nascar

      It’s either your particular Rail gun or the ammo. My Rail has worked fine as it relates to feeding, firing and ejecting. It also could be crappy ammo. You’re not using that Remington bulk junk are you?

    • BRIAN

      I took my Rail Gun to the range today and shot it for the first time. I had the exact same issues in your post. Tried three types of ammo; Federal, Winchester, and CCI – all of which resulted in the same problems. The slide gets stuck and does not properly chamber a round from the magazine when the slide lock is released, and I experienced hangups through every fresh clip. What do I do? It sounds like Umarex is playing games with other customers?

  • Just purchased the Colt 22lr rail gun and shot it the next day. Experienced several FTF’s but otherwise very happy to just plink the 22. I also shoot .45’s so I’m not concerned about recoil or when to carry/use a 45 vs a 22lr. Hey, besides, the rail gun is a good looking gun.

  • i use cci ammo,it cost a little more but i havnt had a problem with about 1500 rounds now out of my government model…….

  • Rudy Williams

    I purchased the 1911.22 pistol and after firing three clips through it, the clip ejector button fell out. Anyone else experience this problem ? I really like the gun, however, breaking down after three clips has left me will a bad feeling about this gun. Has anyone else had this problem ?

  • Rudy Williams

    Sorry for repeating my comment, I forgot to check the notify box at the end of the thread. I purchased the Colt 1911.22 two weeks ago. After firing three clips through it, the clip ejector button fell out. I have returned the gun to the supplier. Has anyone else experienced this problem ? The pistol shot very well, however, this problem has me wondering how well was this gun made ?

    • Nascar

      I’ve never had that issue, nor have I heard of anyone that has. By the way, it’s a magazine not a clip.

    • Buzi

      Well, it is actually a magazine release, if I understand your post
      correctly. Not a magazine ejector ‘button’.

      Not unheard of. I am going to guess the screw on yours broke and
      it fell out on account of that. Manufacture defect.

      It , as far as I know, is the same as the mag release in a standard
      model 1911 45 ACP.

      If a new one had broken in mine, I’d probably had returned it as well or might have just ate it and replaced it (the magazine release assembly).

      That said, my gun seems alright no issues like that and just north of
      1400 or so rounds though it.
      Various bulk cheapo ammo. All functioned fine (for the record).

      Oh yah, and like was said, clips are not magazines and vice versa.

      • Griffin

        If we are going to be extremely nitpicky/officious about names I should mention it’s actually a “magazine catch”, not a magazine release. This is from the manual for this specific pistol as well as the the War Department Soldier Handbook from 1940.

        The term “magazine release” came into popularity decades after the original 1911 was adopted by the US military. Unlike today the Internet didn’t exist so people couldn’t jump all over each other correcting everyone who said it.

    • Tom

      Yes, I have the same problem with mine. After 200 rounds or so the magazine release button fell out. I had difficulty trying to replace it myself and had someone at the gun shop do it for me. After 50 more rounds the same thing happened. Did Colt/Umarex have a solution for you?

  • Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to give one thing again and aid others such as you aided me.

  • Ty

    Has anybody else been experiencing hammer drop if rack the slide forward with the trigger squeezed?

    • Lucas D.

      Nope, never had that problem. To be fair, though, I try not to do dumb, pointless things that can seriously damage my pistols, so I guess I’ll probably never have that problem.

    • Ty

      This is part of a safety check on a 1911. Its called hammer drop/follow. It does not damage the pistol….all of my .45 1911s and others to spec will not drop the hammer with the trigger depressed as the slide runs forward. I checked all the other Colts at the store and they all do this. It is not a big a safety issue as a grip or thumb safety per say, but it shows that the umarex pistols are either not to spec in the frame. I have swapped out the internals with milspec parts to confirm this and it looks to be a disconnector issue.

      Please be slightly educated before posting negative comments just because you feel like typing.

      • Lucas D.

        I guess I was wrong, and for that I grudgingly apologize. The hammer goes into half-cock when I drop the slide, and since I’m slightly more educated than you thought, I know that this won’t harm a rimfire since the hammer doesn’t fully drop on an empty chamber. So no, it’s not to spec, but it has an equivalent safety feature anyway.

  • red in mi

    Do these come with threaded barrels from the factory? I was told by Umarex that that they do but I have inquired on 7 of them and have played with 2 in person and none of them have a threaded barrel.

    • Buzi

      I bought my Rail Gun version back in early Summer last year.
      It does have a threaded nut/sleeve on end of the barrel which
      the slide bushing rides over.
      It would appear , though not confirmed by me, that with the
      proper adapter , a threaded sleeve extension of some sort, one
      could put a suppressor on these if one so chose.

      Maybe later models dont’ have the threaded bushing. /shrug.

      Did you rack the slide back a inch or so on the ones you examined? You
      can then see the sleeve/nut. it is not a extended thread as seen on
      some other pre-threaded pistols I’ve seen of late. This is hidden
      beneath the bushing in the slide.

    • jakehodge

      it comes with a special tool in the box that takes the end of the barrel off. at first sight it doesnt look like the barrels threaded but you have to unscrew the end. they sell a adapter that extends the end of the threads so you can mount a faux suppressor

  • Len

    Bought a 22 Colt Rail Gun….Piece of JUNK!! And Mike on Umarex is no help at all. The gun started giving problems at less than 50 rounds. the gun wouldn’t fire the bullet, it wouldn’t eject the bullet, it would hang the bullet in the barrel, I would have to take the knife and get the casings out of the barrel part of the time, wouldn’t reload itself half the time. I’ve tried several types of ammo in the gun. Used Remington thunderbolts and Remington gold’s, and Winchester wildcats. I shipped the gun back to Umarex and they shipped it back and said they recut the chamber. Loaded the gun with new Winchester 1280 fps bullets and tried to shoot it. The first three bullets fired but did not reload the next bullet in the barrel. The fourth bullet didn’t fire period. Had problems with several clips. Then called mike at Umarex and shipped gun back to them they called me back and said they had fired 24 rounds of Remington golden bullets, 24 rounds of Winchester hv bullets, 24 rounds of federal hv bullets, 24 rounds federal standard velocity bullets, and 24 rounds of rws standard velocity bullets with no failure to fire, they told me I might have bad ammo. They charged me $35 to ship it back to me, the gun was filthy and they had put so much grease on the rails that it was coming out of it. Loaded 3 clips with same ammo as before and fired it with no failures. So kept shooting the gun and the more I shot the gun the more failures I had. Wouldn’t eject, wouldn’t even fire the bullet. Son in law bought a browning buckmark on the same day and has had yet to have one failure of any kind shooting same ammo from same box as before. Thanks a lot Umarex!!! I have read comments on this website of other people shooting varieties and not having any problems. So whets the deal????

    • My Colt Government Model absolutely hates thunderbolts. Tons of fouling. I can shoot like 1000 CCI Mini Mags, Golden Bullets, or Federal Champion through it without any issue but just 75 Thunderbolts will gum it up so much where it won’t eject or feed the next round. I have noticed improvement with ZR Tactical Solutions Springs. Also, i found, especially when shooting dirty ammo like the thunderbolts, that the magazines had too much oil on them from the factory and the powdery gunk would get stuck in the oil. Mostly I try to avoid thunderbolts now in favor of anything copper plated. You can shoot the cheaper ammo for a short time but defiantly get a bore snake so you can clean quickly in-between boxes. Hard to be picky about what 22 you shoot right now.

    • ky

      how bout CLEAN IT FIRST and shoot BEFORE u bitch about it..i had the same problem and was about to call umarex and get ready to send i it but i cleaned it and its running perfect!! 100 rounds 3 different types and no issue’s..rem gold hollow points cci stingers and winchester super quess is the grease from the manufactory gets old and harder, therefore not allowing moving part to move at the speed and force intended. i had to get needle nose pliers to pull out the spring guide under the barrel it was stuck from grease. whether or not that had any thing to do with shooting, but its free moving now..just an example..clean it shoot it love it unless u got a bad one..i hear of this alot but ppl need to clean it before they downgrade the product cause i almost bought the smith and wesson just cause of reviews of it shooting out the box..thats like saying u expect it to be accurate out the box…needless to say i waited 2 months for the smith m&p ar style rifle and gave up after i saw the colt..after 1 and half hours of looking and holding the smith m&p pistol the colt felt better..better feel, no plastic, alot of upgrades available out there for it (.45, 9mm, 22 dont matter long as its government a1)…peace hope that helps

    • Sat Cong

      Take the firing pin safety out. The actuator too.

  • Shadowskill

    I bought Colt 1911-22 LR Goverment model and have no problem with my.

    After I try different ammo from different factory, I found out that the Federal company seem to give me FTF, FTE, and Brass get stuck in the chamber.

    Any of the Federal ammonition factory load would not work for my Colt 1911-22 Goverment model. [American Eagle (LRN), Federal White and black box value pack (LRN)] Federal Copper Plated Value box (HP) work for the first 30-50 rounds then it start to have issue of FTF, FTE, and Brass got stuck in chamber.

    I tried fire these factory load after I fire 500 + rounds Rem LRN [and didn’t clean the gun] to see if it would keep firing. So far Remmington Subsonic and Thunderbolt, all CCI load, all Winchester load, inculding value box keep going BANG! 🙂

    Good luck Find your magic ammonition.

    Shoot a bunch and stay safe! 🙂

  • mike

    I have fired over 500 rds through the gun, have not had one problem. I use aguila supermaximum hypervolicity 22lr in it (1750 fps). We have both the rail & goldcup personally. Love the guns. We are also a distributer for Umarex. our company is F.A.C.T. here in Colorado, and everyone who has purchased these guns through us have been completely satisfied and Umarex has given us excellant support. If purchased through our online store from Davidson, they come with a life time replacement warranty. Our phone number is 719 369 2760.

    • Scott

      Have you ever took your pistol with the slide back and depress the trigger. Then release the slide with your opposite hand. What does the hammer do. Stay in the cocked position or go in the half cocked position. I have purchased the rail style. Sent it back and the replacement does same thing. Brother says its a flaw in the disconnector Please reply

      • That’s the slide safety doing it’s job. All (or at least most) 1911’s have this. Doesn’t matter if you have the slide all the way back, half way back, or half an inch back. This is not a malfunction. De-cock the pistol by holding the pistol in a safe direction and slowly lowering the hammer.

        • People don’t realize how many safeties they put into 1911s as it was made for young men going to war. It has the grip safety, the thumb safety, the slide safety, and the half cocked position. The limited capacity, slide safety, and weight are the main reasons more people don’t conceal carry a 1911 even though the gun is much thinner than most pistols (glocks) of equal or smaller caliber. If you had to push someone off you while holding your pistol you would not be able to shoot them while the gun was in contact with them. Probably the biggest downside of the pistol despite my fanatical love for 1911s.

    • Mike

      I am looking for a holster for action shooting at my club. Can you recommend one that will fit the Colt 1911-22 Rail gun?
      Thank you.

      • Mike< I read your comment about needing a holster for your colt 1911-22. I make custom handmade holsters for 1911's. Send me your email addy and I can send you some pics of what I make. Thanks…Mike

  • RichinSisters

    Just purchased Govt model 1911 22. Worked well right of of the box with CCI mini mag LR ammo. !50 rounds and no failures. Quality of pistol is excellent. As noted in other posts it is packed with grease and should be field stripped before any shooting.

    Downside is only one magazine. Went to Colt website and they advertise magazines for $41 plus shipping. Are they engraved in gold? Tried to use other sources, Midway, Gun Broker, Ebay, etc with no luck (all out of stock or as expensive as factory direct). Contacted Anna in customer service re: pricing and she was no help other than to say UMAREXUSA keeps prices high so dealers can offer mags for purchase. When she was called on this point she gave up and signed off. Customer service at the Umarexusa no help at all. Very disappointed that gun was not shipped with two mags If this pistol breaks I don’t think UMAREXUSA the New Colt will provide any service.

    • Robert Edson

      Try JABTAC, just purchased 3 mags for my rail gun!

  • I’ve taken my new Colt Rail Gun out twice in the past two days and each day I had a round fail to eject. I pushed the empty brass out and both times found the brass was split from the rim to about 1mm short of the opening in the case. I was guessing the chamber is over sized, and when I manually insert a new piece of amunition into the chamber, it pretty much falls in without having to press at all. I’m going to be shipping this one back. It’s a shame, because I’ve found this to be a tack driver of a pistol at 15 yards. I’ve fired less than 100 round through it, using Remington Subsonic and Federal Champion Match grade. One of each was split. This is the nicest feeling and most accurate rimfire copy of a 1911 I’ve had my hands on. Hopefully a barrel replacement or something to fix the issue is possible. Brass shouldn’t be splitting in the chamber.

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  • J

    I got the colt 1911 22 cal pistol last month and in that time i have shot well over a thousand rounds threw it and had no problems with it at all. No jams misfires no ejection problems. i was very suprised how easy it was to sight in and how accurate it is. I am very pleased with this pistol but i got the normal model not the rail gun or the gold cup edition just the normal edition. I dont think they are manufactured diffrently but its still a possibility i suppose. but all pistols are diffrent. but in my opinion this is a very amazing gun and i am very pleased with it.

  • I love my Colt Government Model 1911-22. I’ve shot about 3 thousand rounds through in the past month. It feels so right. Hands down my favorite gun right now. Wish they’d make a smaller officer/commander sized one. Don’t care for the rail gun or the gold cup, hate the beaver tail. Although the height adjustable sights on the gold cup would be nice.

  • Need a couple 12 round mags? I finally found a couple for sale on ebay. Try here