STI GP6-C Review

Brian has written an excellent review of the STI GP6-C (“C” for competition) which he plans on using in the USPSA Production Division.

After my first 500 rounds without cleaning, I was very impressed with the GP6-C. There are only two things I would like to see added. The thumb safety is very thin and hard to get a thumb on. It’d be nice if STI could add a wider, 1911 style, safety. Not only would this make the safety easier to manipulate, it would also help keep the muzzle flip down.

The kid can shoot! 5 shot group fired freestyle at 20 yards.

Steve Johnson

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  • Carl

    How could the safety possibly affect muzzle flip? I’ve always heard that you should NOT let your thumb rest on the pistol because it will screw up your trigger pull.

  • Ken

    Carl – sorry for the slow response on this… I just noticed the comment.

    I’m Brian’s Dad, btw.

    Having the thumb up on a safety, like 1911’s, helps return the muzzle back to the point of aim. It doesn’t affect the flip, that’s physics, but in competition shooting anything that helps you return to a point of aim quickly is desirable.

    I can emphatically say that resting the thumb up on the safety of a 1911, or other pistol with one to rest it on, need not affect the trigger pull. Tension in the firing hand can, or having the trigger finger rubbing the side of the gun. When I work with Brian, or other shooters, on grip we always look for an air gap on the trigger finger. I worry less about what part of the finger touches the trigger than that no part of the finger touches the frame.

    Ken N.