IDF adopts H-S Precision HTR

Double Tapper reports that the IDF have adopted the H-S Precision HTR (Heavy Tactical Rifle) in .338 Lapua Magnum as their new sniper rifle.

H-S Precision HTR shown with night vision

The HTR is sells to civilians for $3,070. At that price they will chamber it in a cartridge of your choice. Lead time is 6 months!

Steve Johnson

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  • oldsmobile98

    Looks like a really nice rifle. Too bad it’s made by H-S Precision. I am still waiting on a real apology for the Horiuchi ad. No HTR for me.

    Never forget Vicki, and never forget who killed her.

  • Lance

    So I take Israelnow uses M-24s in .308 and now HTR in .338 and Barrets in .50 BMG. No semi autos??

  • Timmeehh

    H-S Precision approved by Lon Horiuchi, no thanks.

  • Torguemada

    Lapua man Lapua not laupa

    • Torguemada, thanks

  • JoeB

    Looks like a great rifle to me. Can somebody fill me in on the chit chat about Lon Horiuchi?

    Thanks in advance

    • JoeB, Lon Horiuchi killed some people at Waco who did not need to have been killed. He was charged but managed to get the case dismissed :

      The controversy is that HS decided to use him to endorse their products. Many people were pissed off that them for that. HS refused to pull the ads and some companies decided to stop using their products.

  • The IDF (Israel Defense Force) currently uses several sniper rifles.

    For Infantry snipers we use the Barett .50, and the M24.

    The HTR .338 will replace the Barett enabling the IDF’s Infantry Snipers to hit much longer range targets then with the M24 but at a fraction of the weight of the Barett.

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

  • G3Ken

    Didn’t know the story about Lon Horiuchi and H-S Precision. Thanks for the info. You can be assured that I will NEVER again purchase any product manufactured by them. There are some things that just cannot be forgotten.

    • I think people would forgive them if they apologies, admitted it was an error and dropped Horiuchi, but they refused to and continued to use him in advertisements.

  • G3Ken

    I have a question. Did Lon Horiuchi do the adverts for H-S AFTER the shooting of Ms. Weaver? Forgive me for not knowing, but had anyone heard of him before the shooting, or is that the sole reason for his “fame”?

    • G3Ken, the ads were running a year or two ago.

  • Dan

    Lon H. is a cold blooded murderer coward.
    he should hang.