Blast from the past

Austin Precision Products, now LaRue Tactical, made 1911 parts back in the 90s. Daniel E Watters says …

Given some of the features like the EDM wire cut breechface, one suspects that he had been supplying parts for other Texas firms whose initials might include the letters S, T, and I; or C, M, and C. On his industry forum on, Mark LaRue has mentioned that he is considering reintroducing the parts.

This handsome fellow is non-other than Tom Dresner. Dresner is notable for being the founder of Last year he was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Columbia Police Department.

[ *Many thanks to Daniel E. Watters for emailing me the photos * ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Sian

    Tom was rockin’ the cop-stache, even back then.

  • Lance

    Yeah I got a old 1979 shooters bible when a brand new Colt SP-1 AR-15 was $299, make you want to cry!

  • Matt Litman

    The Columbia, MO, Police have been all over the news recently over a viral video of a SWAT raid in which they terrorize a family and shoot & kill a dog based on an informants tip that they would find lots of marijuana (they didn’t).