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  • KalashniKEV

    I like that they’re marketing to “that crowd” and I also like the artwork, but I don’t like the text on the right of the slide… I’d rather have it in a sans serif font as on the flag. It looks like some lazy person just typed it out in word with default TNR font and then hit italics.

  • Redchrome

    I don’t normally buy ‘collectors edition’ guns, but this one is interesting. The finish & accents look durable enough that I’d actually carry it. Too broke to buy a $1000 pistol right now tho. (Interestingly, a good steel pistol *still* costs a bit less than 1oz. of gold).

    I think I’ll have to settle for getting one of these:

  • Apathy

    That is One sexy looking gun.

  • ericire12

    Would make a nice open-carry piece 😉

  • Bryan S

    Nice, but it looks cheesy. They could have done much better than just laser engraving a few pieces of clip art on the pistol.

  • Sweet. I just bought a new 9mm Sig P228 straight from Germany so I dont have the cash to spend on this one, but it sure would be a nice conversation piece!

  • Underwhelmed

    What happened to Sig in recent years ? Tales of poor QA and weird/cheesy designs. Have all the former designers and engineers left ? This is another example of a useless model from Sig.

  • shankbone

    This gun looks like it should be advertised on a tear-out ad in an issue of Guns and Ammo: “For just $25.00 a month . . .”

  • Alan

    Aggg, why do I read this blog when I’m broke?! Do want! My favorite sig, with some cool, custom, limited edition stuff? Hells yeah.
    $1050, not so much.

  • subase

    Sig Sauer sure know how to lay it on thick. Wish other gun companies were so media savvy.

  • SpudGun

    Because nothing says America like a Swiss-German pistol chambered in 9mm Parabellum.

  • LK

    The spelling mistake kind of ruins it. It’s not big, but since this is kind of a custom shop gun, those small things make up for quite a lot.

  • Darwin

    Another idiotic BBQ pistol from Sig. They should focus on quality instead.

  • Hogan

    I can imagine that cries of protest that this gun is proof that the tea-party is clearly a racist anti-government terrorist group that advocates violence.

    Fortunately, I could care less what those folks say…

    It’s just plain bad ass.

  • probe

    Is it just me or is the snake and the wording very similar to Metallica album & song??

  • Jimbo

    As much as I appreciate this patriotic plug, imo it would look better with “Don’t Tread on Me” merely on the top of the slide, instead of plastered everywhere.

  • Clodboy

    The wood grips and the finish look real classy… a shame they had to go all tacky by having the same “Don’t tread on me” message emblazoned not twice, not three times, but *four times* on the gun, and they added three engravings of the same rattlesnake to boot.
    *Cue Eurotrash accent* Then again, isn’t it this kind of tackiness that is so quintessentially American 😉 ?

    Of course this gun is probably going to sell like hotcakes with the tea party crowd, so more power to SIG.

  • Mang

    The Gadsden Flag rules, no matter who appropriates it.

  • 9mm? Meh.

  • Brian

    I think they overdid it a bit. Top of the slide is okay. The rest is too much.

  • me

    Ever wonder?: “If I only open carry with one gun, how will everyone know I like guns”? or even: “Hank keeps one-upping me at Militia pizza night”

    Well worry no more! Now you can be sure that everyone you meet thinks: “that’s a man who’s won’t give up his guns” and “Oook.. let’s go to the lane on the other end of the range”.

    Now no one will doubt your “patriotism” ever again!


    Seriously though, Crap like this keeps mainstream America from getting into shooting. This underscores why there’s a stigma associated with guns. For every time a normal Shooter trains and introduces a new shooter, This kind of stuff alienates another dozen people.

    Can’t we all just have a nice time shooting without complaining about the government?

  • Vak

    Is it me or is Sig Sauer making more and more “special limited collectors editions” of the 226 ?

    There was the 25th anniversary edition that was ugly as sin, the USPSA one and the Blackwater one (that was actually released AFTER blackwater became Xe). And I think I might be forgetting some.

    Are they milking their best selling gun to death just because they can, or have they run out of ideas ?

    They should just realize that they are a gun manufacturing company, not some kind of watch making company that only makes runs of 30 watches of a kind.

  • Tyson Chandler

    At the risk of revealing my ignorance,…why is this called “Gadsden”?

    • Tyson, that is the name of the dont-trend-on-me-snake-flag. Named after its creator (I think).

  • David

    I’m with probe – grind off the text and have a Metallica Black Album commemoritivo edition. Then they could do the Iron Maiden edition, the Slayer edition (too much?), and a Tool edition (Maynard and Adam shot a piano in the studio with a shotgun for “Disgustipted”, and are known to dig guns – there’s an interview idea Steve. As as former professional journalist, I’ll taken that assignment in a heartbeat.). No guns for emo bands because the owners will just kill themselves, flooding the secondary market.

  • Tyson Chandler

    Thanks Steve for clearing up that mystery. There is a lot of clever and astute commentary on the market for this pistol. Personally, I like it but not for the price. It might be a bit overdone. The engraving on top of the slide and the grips are probably enough.

  • Vak, they do it because people will buy them, and buy them quickly, who might have otherwise bought something else. As Col. Cooper used to like to remind us:

    Q: What’s it for?
    A: To sell, dummy!

    You are all missing the point. What they have put on the gun is an operating instruction, similar to “NOT A STEP” painted on the antennae protruding from the side of a plane. What they really should have put, on the top/bottom of the slide only (for sul/ready) is this:

  • Hal

    Regarding the missing apostrophe in “DONT”, check out

  • subase

    They have some cunning marketing person on the books who knows what sells. Right now there is a big tea party anti what have you, vibe going around so Sig Sauer whips out a pistol affirming that market niche. Same thing with Blackwater, they were demonized in the mainstream media, which means there would be a strong backlash and Sig Sauer is right there with their Blackwater pistol.

    Cool thing is other companies try to pull the same trick but fall flat on their faces. The Kimber ‘SIS’ 1911 pistol comes to mind. Sig one upped them though with their P239 SAS.(which stands for ‘Sig Anti Snag’ haha)

    Sigs always came off to me as the modern equivalent of the 1911. Tacticool, heartwarming, pants tightening gun porn. That’s one of the reasons I like Glock and Kel tec they actually make their pistols sound even more sissy than they have to. (RFB ‘Carbine’ ‘Sporter’ and ‘Target’ come to mind)

  • K-dAUG

    Probe and David.. Metallica album? Seriously? It’s hardly a tribute to any rock band, it’s a tribute to flag and rallying cry that helped define the United States, and the flag is still widely flown in the military.

    Personally, I’d rather have seen this motif on a nice Sig stainless 1911 C3 .45.

  • AP

    I agree about the lazy-looking design. How about a decent font and some engraving done in a proper scale. Looks quickly slapped together, to me.

  • crimson30

    @Redchrome: That’s pretty cool… but $25!!?

  • Squidpuppy

    Agree with many here; should be on a 1911. Which gives me an idea: how much would it be to take a nice 1911 have this same treatment done via laser engraving? Could have DTOM on the grips, and Molon Labe on the slide.

  • Not2late

    Well, it’s already out of stock. Wish I could afford to be one of those 1,776 customers.

  • JoeB

    Oh them demon Europeans sure know how to make a mega patriotic american buy a handgun. I saw this comming. At least its a Sig man. I. Its a sweet looking pistol, nice too look at in pictures, but im not for the pricetag.

  • Will

    Oh hell yeah!!
    I’m not into Sigs but I’ll consider them for my next purchase just because of the Gadsden.

  • JoeyA

    For everyone who hasn’t had this gun in their hands don’t judge it it’s a sick gun and if you don’t like the price it’s not that it’s too expensive it’s that your job don’t pay you well enough Got sig?

  • I bought one. Maybe some think it cheezy. However the flag was carried in the Revolutionary War for’ us’. Maybe Sig did take advantage of the “new” tea party movement, but I don’t know. I do know it shoots great, and the quality is excellent. Lastly the tea party knows that government must quit spending our future, and balance the budget!

  • Colby

    Are any of these still available? I have a P226 and LOVE it, this would be a great gun for my other hip.