Glock Announces Substantial Growth

Glock has appeared to be losing market share so this press release from the company is interesting …

“Glock, Inc. is extremely pleased with the increase in both sales and market share for 2010 and have broken all previous sales records. These sales were strengthened by our newest generation in pistols, the Glock 22 Gen4 and the Glock 17 Gen4,” explained Vice President Gary Fletcher. “The Gen4 technology has enhanced our product line with several new design features and we await the release of the Glock 23 Gen4 and Glock 19 Gen4 this summer.

Additionally, Glock is expanding its operations here in the United States with manufacturing and exporting of our product made in the U.S. Our current orders are very strong and we expect to maintain this momentum throughout fiscal year 2011.”

Glock, Inc. stays committed to producing the most reliable and durable products for more than 65% of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies in the United States. Being first to implement the new Gen4 platform has been an easy decision for a few agencies. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida, the Charleston Police Department in Charleston, West Virginia, the Kenosha Police Department in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Edwardsville, Illinois have enthusiastically adopted the new Gen4 pistol.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Travis

    Since their focus is on police markets, growth means getting departments which already have Glocks to buy more. Or more to the point, trade in their Gen3 Glocks for the new Gen4. So really, the Gen4 is giving depts an excuse to trade up. I expect civilian sales of the Gen4 are strong also; everyone wants the latest greatest thing.

    I am sure Glock is happy to say 65% of police dept issue Glocks. But once issued, Glock does not make a lot of money off those depts. If these depts issue the Gen4, then its a big opportunity to sell a whole much more guns. Also, that means more Gen3 Glocks enter the police surplus market, which in turn gives a lot of people a good deal on a good glock– and eventually those people will want the Gen4 too.

  • Carl

    Glock is privately held, so I suppose they can say whatever they want without anyone being able to independently confirm their numbers.

  • Trent

    Almost any manufacturer could make identical claims about substantial growth last year. It’s notable that they claim to have increased their market share, but the record sales really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  • Pete

    yay, maybe they can afford to update their web site..

  • David

    Breaking: Lemmy of Motorhead also announces substantial growth.

  • Matthew S.

    Good for them. Now get more Gen4 models out Glock!

  • jaekelopterus

    I hope that Glock continues production of the Gen 3-style frames, or at least the texturing. I am not crazy about the texture of the Gen 4 frames.

  • Thomas

    On the various Handgun Forums.. People are complaining there Gen 4 Glocks are malfunctioning.. Seems the dual spring set-up is to much for the 9mm.. Also, the .40 S&W is still prone to malfunctioning with a Tac Light installed..

  • Mezzo

    Glock just about gives away its product to some LE departments. Sometimes they will supply new Glocks to a department, taking only the old Berettas in trade as payment. This is a fact.

  • Lew Beers

    If you are buying the G 19 Gen4 Be careful. If you use the LH mag release feature you can’t get extra mags. The wont sell them to supliers.

  • Lew

    My error. That was a G 17 Gen4 to which I was referring.