.460 Rowland conversion kit for Springfield XD

The .460 Rowland produces about 100 ft/lbs more energy than the 10mm Auto. Wild West Guns’ drop in kit for the Springfield XD allows you to pack 14 rounds of it into a magazine! Real Guns reviews the kit.

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Rex

    Oh my …

  • Redchrome

    Interesting. It certainly has its uses, as the article notes. My concerns are:

    — It’s going to be harder on the gun. Slamming all those parts around more forcefully will wear things out faster.

    — Less tolerance for problems. Much like the Glock .40 kaboom which showed up some time ago in this blog.

    — I personally don’t enjoy shooting pistols that put out a lot of powder at >35Kpsi. .45 ACP muzzle blast at 21Kpsi is enough for me, thank you.

    As always options in the marketplace are a good thing, and your mileage will vary.

  • Carl

    Interesting idea…
    I wonder how the gun will hold up in the long run though. Without compensator or a heavy spring it will be subject to a lot more punishment.
    I also wonder if/how they have changed the chamber. Almost twice the pressure with the same wall thickness seems like pushing your luck a bit.

  • Komrad

    Expensive ammo and not really that interesting anyway

  • pete

    Damn, Harry Callahan would be impressed!

  • J Star

    “The .460 Rowland produces about 100 ft/lbs more energy than the 10mm Auto.”

    And costs about $1.50 a cartridge. Thanks, but I’ll take a pass. .40S&W uses a 10mm projectile and costs much less than $1.50 a cartridge even for premium defensive ammunition.

  • Koop

    Would there be issues with trying to install this on a 4″ model? I might think about handgun hunting with this as an option…

  • Dom

    THOSE, will be some interesting Kaboom pics….

  • Andy in Connecticut

    16+1 with Arredondo floorplates…

    Yeah, my current service XD .45 is going to be a .400 Cor Bon once I get a barrel. Heard iffy things about reliability but I’m an optimist. But yes, I’m going to have to get a Tactical XD .45 and this conversion. It’s just too bad@$$ to pass up!

  • xstang

    Well, I guess it’s better than being used in a Mac-10…..without a huge compensator and a heavy recoil spring like the 1911’s I’ve seen chambered in .460, I frankly expect these to go boom.

  • jim

    i emailed Johnny Rowland (http://460rowland.com/) and he said that they are working on a kit for the 4″ Service.. i’m sold as soon as they get it out..

    oh my, indeed..

  • Tom Stone

    I like the XD.If I fished in bear country and owned one I would likely go this route.Instead I’ll carry my old .45 blackhawk with hot loads.

  • Loki7154

    “And costs about $1.50 a cartridge.”

    Not really. Georgia Arms sells .460 Rowland for about $0.80/round shooting a speer gold dot, as I recall. In stock and ready to ship at about 900 ft-lbs of energy. In terms of price, that’s very much on par with quality self defense ammo, and it’s actually a great deal on a ft-lbs/$ basis.

  • El Duderino

    That’s an awfully light handgun to shoot cartridges in the .41 magnum power range. Full power 10mm isn’t fun out of a Glock (personal experience). Might be a good gun for SD, but an uncomfortable range gun I imagine.

  • justdavid

    Does Georgia Arms do any gelatin testing? Couple of years ago a guy was shooting various feral dogs with various JHP designs from various cartridges. One or two premium JHP designs failed when bullets designed for .40 S&W velocities were pushed to full-power 10mm velocities. The petals didn’t blossom then over-blossom, they just folded flat. The failed JHPs’ wound diameters were about what you’d expect from FMJ IIRC. I wouldn’t expect any different/better from JHPs designed for .45 ACP velocities that are driven to .460 Rowland velocities, without seeing gelatin testing results.

  • subase

    Gelatin results need to conducted on numerous bullets too, since expansion is not always 100%.

    If in doubt I would go with the Rowland Corbon DPX, their copper construction is superior in regards to expansion reliability at any speeds. Even though they can’t be the heaviest of bullets.

  • Don

    I love my model 57 in 41 mag! This will be a great upgrade to a full size XD and sweet for hunting. This would be a fun round in a carbine for backpacking in the vermin infested backwoods or for the small limp wrist men, women and children who can’t handle the push of even a small caliber deer rifle.

  • /me headdesks – what is it with people and doing things with their guns that don’t need to be done?

  • Overload in CO

    Wonder if this will work on the XD-M .45 mentioned a few posts up?

  • Loki7154

    “what is it with people and doing things with their guns that don’t need to be done?”

    “Need” is a relative word, right? Few of us “need” more than a single compact pistol/revolver for personal defense. How many of us limit ourselves to our need? Generally speaking, though, 10mm seems to be the “bear minimum” (if you’ll pardon a pun) that many people are comfortable with in in terms of penetration and energy when in the back country in the lower 48; .44 magnum seems the minimum for Alaska and brown bear country. Some would prefer not to tote around a .44 mag (or .454 or 460 or 500 revolver that tips the scales at almost 4 lbs. The XD (or, more interestingly to me, the M&P) in 460 Rowland gets you to about 900 ft-lbs in a very nice, compact package. And for those of us that are more experienced with an autoloader, we’re probably going to be a lot more accurate (and quickly) with something like an XD or M&P than we would be a big bore revolver. Can the frames stand up the the beating? Time will tell. But the folks at Wild West sure are good with their customer service and they sure do have a good reputation. And given the number of Rowland shells that you’re likely to put down range in the lifetime of the gun (remember, you still have the .45 barrel for practice), the gun will probably last longer than you do…

  • Love this blog – your reviews and info are just what the doctor ordered. If you’re interested in dropping by my site, the link’s in my signature.

    Bill W.

  • Snackeater

    I own an XD Tactical and was interested in this kit. But when I went to the link for Wild West Arms, I couldn’t find the kit anywhere on their site. I would think this would be kind of important if they wanted to sell the thing. Or did I miss something?

  • I have a clark P- 14 conversion works great / Will use my XD 45 ACP tactical converted to .460 rowland for duty / not allowed to have single action 1911 /