Hi-Point 4095 Carbine review

Billll reviews the .40 S&W Hi-Point 4095 carbine

I tried it at 100 yards, which was very optimistic of me, given my rather dubious eyesight. Note to self; If you think you’re going to shoot very well at 100 yards with this, get some glass. Either that or a very long white cane. Still, I believe the 3″ groups are quite do-able, and I had no trouble hitting a 3″ x 5″ gas cylinder cap, first try at that distance. Coyotes at 150 yds? I don’t see why not. Should be easy. A 4X scout scope is an option. I wish I had had one.

Steve Johnson

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  • AP

    he must’ve got one that worked.

  • Komrad

    I thought those didn’t come out till next month. Crossing fingers for .45 soon!

  • Slim934

    I just wish they accepted glock magazines.

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat then.

  • Mike Boyd

    I purchased one of the 9mm Hipoint carbines a year ago and installed an ATI aftermarket stock on it, with a scope. It is my grandson and his friends favorite to shoot, fairly accurate and cool looking for a semi-auto carbine costing less that $500 with new stock and scope. Extra magazines are also inexpensive, easy to find and well made. Hope you all enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours!!

  • kc

    ok got mine (4095) of the box and went to the range with a box of Winchester .40 from Walmart. Had no misfires or jams with the Winchester ammo didn’t even clean out the heavy oil from the factory.

    Make no mistake.. this is no Beretta, M1, or Ruger mini14. It’s 80% plastic,
    the tolerances are not H&K quality and yes there are a few rattles. But for under $300 from Buds guns it’s a blast to shoot and pretty accurate at 50 yards with no adjustment to the sights. All 10 shots hit the 12″ paper circle at 100 yds with factory sights. It was the talk of the range, everyone seemed impressed at the groups. The look is pure business bad@$$

    This is not a daily carry, nor the only gun you would want to end up with in a firefight (you could do much worse). But for range work and just enjoying shooting its a great buy. For the first 100 rounds i give it a 97%… time will tell quality. But since the warranty is lifetime from Hi point you can’t really go wrong.

  • Mike B

    Update, put an inexpensive red dot scope on it. Looks great with the ATI stock. Now it is really the range favorite for grandson and friends. Not as cheap as a .22, but still not bad for the cost of 9mm or .40 ammo.

  • Aaron

    Love my 4095 straight out the box no jams or missfires.

  • colbert daddii

    does anyone kno if there is a similar mag to the 4095 dat could possibly be used for a few extra rounds?..I recently seen a guy do a small mod to a .45 1911 mag to work in the 4595..got me wondering if a similar thing could maybe be done for the 4095 to gain a few extra rounds..please really want one but only if i can get more than ten off..a carbine should hold more

    • GrindCell

      I know this is an old ass post and you probably won’t see it. But, they make 15 round mags for the 4095.

  • Jim Christensen

    Got my 4095 and tried it at 35 yds. It wasn’t very well sighted from the factory. After 10 minutes of twideling with elevation and windage I was able to put 5 rounds into a 2″ circle (iron sights). Moving back to 50 yds I was able to keep them within a 4″ group. These were shot with 165 gr. hollow points. Just for chuckles I switched to 175 gr. lead bullets and the pattern opened to 8″. Going back to hollow points went back to a 4″ group. Has anybody else tried lead bullets in their 4095? I’m wondering what difference lead bullets would have to make the group open up so much. I think the gun’s great, very controllable, low recoil and I like the iron sights. After 300 rounds no malfunctions.