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  • Dmitry/Rusgunnut1/Leanfox/whatever

    It appears that an internal magazine is extracted from the faux-mag. It doesn’t look pretty secure. Will it be held by the usual AR mag release? Or is it just a normal magazine? I don’t know.

  • Jesse

    The rail in that front end is asking for an NFA violation by attaching a vertical grip.

  • Dom

    Rusgunnut – I have the full size version, and it looks like the same mag. That is just the baseplate, only comes out for cleaning. The mag is about STANAG size and is retained/released in a very similar manner. These things are actually really fun plinkers.

  • Maigo

    It’s a normal AR15 size mag, that’s just the floor plate

  • shdwfx

    The elevation-adjustable rear peep-sight – WHY??!!

  • I picked up 1 of these as soon as word got out they were sending a few early shipments. After I received it, gave it a good look over, ran a few hundred rounds through it, I picked up another one just for kicks.

    It’s a sound little pistol. Accurate and Fun to shoot. S&W used the same sights as their M&P 15-22 rifle, I’m guessing to save some “coin”. It doesn’t matter what sights are on this pistol, speaking for myself, I’m taking them off anyways. A nice Eotech XPS-2 is going to make the package come together.

    The mags are the same as the M&P 15-22. They are robust! They fit securely and quite frankly, work damn good. πŸ™‚ I like the fact I can load up 10 mags and share them between the two while on my range.

    To avoid that NFA violation on the front rail, put of a small tact light or a laser combo of sorts. It’s tempting to put on the folding grip. Just tell yourself, DON’T DO IT! It’s not worth the hassle. Besides, you can always hold onto the magwell. πŸ™‚

    These aren’t for everyone, but they sure are cool and fun to shoot. I’ll be using it to torment a few tree rats this fall and perhaps take care of a few of Peter Cottontails in-laws. In the meantime, Gophers and Ground Squirrels hate it already. (The Joys of living in the country.)

  • Cam

    Anybody else instantly think Bolter Pistol when they saw this, or is taht just me?

  • Adrian

    I recently purchased this pistol and am very pleased. This thing is a blast to shoot and cheap too you can shoot it all day at a fraction of the cost of my sks. Only thing is it gets dirty and jams after about a 1000 rounds, but this thing is stupidly easy and fast to teardown and you will be shooting again in no time at all.

  • Dead on

    Looking to see if the lower 22 rifel is compatible with
    this pistel. A $200. Tax fee will take care of everything
    elce. Dose anyone know if the two can be put together?

  • My 22s

    @ Dead on

    Yep, they merge nicely and look pretty nice to boot. (I have 2 of the new 15-22P’s and 2- 15-22 carbines) I just had to try it out. But, the NFA rules and fees were cause to not keep the 15-22P uppers on my carbine lowers. But they still looked nice. πŸ™‚


    Mine was the first 15-22P to be sent back to S&W for the “FTE” issue. (So, I guess that makes me famous? lol) I sent it back, the total time out of my hands did not exceed 10 days. My second 15-22P will be sent back for the same fix. (Extractor was replaced was stated on the return receipt.)

    My 15-22 carbines have pretty much “Never” had an issue with ejecting brass (A few low charged rounds are to blame.). I wasn’t able to send a full mag down range in either pistol unless I used Hyper Velocity ammo. (Too Expensive for the amount that I shoot.)

    I’m very pleased with S&W’s customer support and service. These are exceptionally fun to shoot. Red Tree Rats and Wood Chucks really dislike me these days. πŸ™‚ The 15-22P that was repaired runs flawless now, exceeding 2k rds. fired.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ross

    Just wondering why is it illegal to put the forward grip?

  • MyTactical22

    @Ross “Just wondering why is it illegal to put the forward grip?”

    In a matter of seconds, you would turn your .22 pistol into a A.O.W. Which is regulated under the NFA Guidelines.

    You can add a Vertical grip provided you follow the rules and regulations imposed on us via the B.A.T.F. It’ll cost ya 200 bucks. Note your States laws as well, many don’t allow any AOW’s.

    “This term (A.O.W.) was developed by the B.A.T.F. in the NFA (National Firearms Act) to describe any firearm that is not explicitly addressed. Some of the more common weapons considered to be AOW include cane guns and pen guns. However, AOW also includes firearms such as smooth bore pistols and revolvers that fire shotgun shells and have barrels less than 18 inches long. The taxes involved with transferring AOW weapons are also different. Unlike most NFA weapons, which require a $200 transfer fee, AOW weapons cost only $5 to transfer.”

  • Deerslayer

    Just picked one up earlier this week. Nice execution by S&W, except for the sights, which I replaced with a Trijicon RMR that I already had for a nice light-weight low-profile configuration. (I also replaced the sights on my 15-22 rifle with flip-up alloys.) I replaced the pistol grips with Magpul MOEs on both guns as they tend be be more hand-filling for me. I agree with the comment about adding a light or laser to the bottom rail.

    Mags are robust, easy to load, and interchangeable on both guns which I think is a definite plus. I will be shooting it this weekend.

    Does anyone know if the current shipping models have the FTE issue already repaired? If so, is there any way to tell by looking at it?

  • MyTactical22

    @Deerslayer Unfortunately some of these have the dreaded FTE issue. Ironically, I just finished packing up my second 15-22P to be sent back to S&W for the issue. I know there is an easy home fix for the issue. But I figure why not send it back as it is warrantied for such an issue. Plus, S&W sends it back with an additional Mag for your frustration.

    My first one took 10 from sending it to receiving it back in my hands. S&W didn’t know how to process the pistol as it was only just released, mine was the first one they had gotten back. This one may take longer due to the long weekend ahead of us.

    If you don’t want to send it back, you can do a YouTube search for the quick fix.

    Hope it helps.


  • Deerslayer

    Thx Dyno. I’ll check it out this weekend and hope I got lucky with this one. My rifle was one of the first ones, and it worked great (no FTE problems) until the feed ramp eventually broke off. I sent it in and got a quick turnaround plus two free mags for my trouble. I absolutely agree with you that S&W’s customer service is top-notch.

    Anyone out there know if adding a Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip — ) to the front rail would be illegal? It’s not “vertical” but allows for a comfortable grip even though it extends past the rail a bit. I like the feel but I don’t want to break any laws over this.

    Any input on this would be most welcomed.

  • MyTactical22

    @Deerslayer My Carbine was one of the first production runs as well. It ran flawless and still does to this day. I’ve never had an issue with an FTE in it. When I fired my first mag through my 15-22P I had one FTE, I chalked it up to being new. In my excitement, I didn’t bother cleaning. I just had to send rounds through it. Well, The next mag went without a hitch but mags 3-5 began to show an FTE every other round fired. So… S&W got a phone call and it was on it’s way back. My second 22P wasn’t as bad. But still showing at least 1 FTE per mag. So, It’s on it’s way back for a check up. I absolutely love these little gems. Fun, Fast, and Very Accurate.

    One thing I noticed, when I fire Aguila Hyper Velocity and CCI Stingers, no FTE’s what so ever. But for as much as I shoot, that’s just not practical for my wallet. I average 1500-2k rounds a week in the summer months and 500-1k in winter months. I really need to take up stock in Federal ammo. Maybe I’d get something in return. πŸ™‚

    Best of Luck this weekend.

    Happy 4th Everyone!


  • MyTactical22

    PS… I forgot… @Deerslayer

    “Anyone out there know if adding a Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip β€” ) to the front rail would be illegal? It’s not β€œvertical” but allows for a comfortable grip even though it extends past the rail a bit. I like the feel but I don’t want to break any laws over this.”

    YES YES YES it’s illegal. Even adding the magwell grip is considered an NFA violation.

    Add a Tact/Laser combo and just hold onto the magwell. You can look me up on Youtube to see the basic set up I have. Mytactical22 is the channel name. (Mr. Moderator, I’m not trying to steal any thunder here, just showing some performance of the 15-22P via my YT channel. Thanks!)

  • hotav8r

    I’m going to buy this pistol soon. I don’t know the first thing about accessories for the rails as I have never owned a gun with rails. Red dots? Used for what? Laser? Why? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • MyTactical22

    @hotav8r I really hope the Moderator doesn’t mind me replying so much. It’s just these little 15-22’s have become a passion. A cheap passion of mine lately. lol.

    I have 2 of these pistols. I did have to send them both back to S&W as they had the dreaded Fail to Eject issue. Both have been repaired and run flawless. The first one took about 10 days and the second one took 15 days due to the 4th of July holiday work schedule. Not bad in my opinion. Well, it would have been better if they didn’t have issues at all. But hey, I’m a very happy camper and S&W gave me a couple of free mags for my trouble. πŸ™‚

    I have mine set up with laser/tact 200 lumen light combo w/pressure switch on the grip sights for the bottom rail ($80), 3″ skeleton rail covers ($9 for 4 rail covers) for the 3 and 9 o’clock rails. A Walther PS 22 Red Dot ($50) sight for the top rail. It’s an awesome sight for the price. Though I don’t care for the dial on/off intensity switch, I’ve forgotten to turn it off a couple of times and drained the battery. (oops!)The Red Dot sight co-witness’s perfectly with the factory sights and has held “Zero” for the past 1700 rounds. I’ve also added the Hogue AR 15000 ($20) grip. This is a MUST for a stable and comfortable grip for anyone with medium/large paws. I’ve customized the Hogue by adding a palm rest lower. Here’s a pic. Sorry it’s not the greatest, I was in a hurry.

    The pistol is fast and accurate. I can take running rabbits, chipmunks and red squirrels with it. The laser/tact light combo is perfect for opossums and other critters in the loft of my barn. One touch of the switch, paint the target and game over. πŸ™‚

    Hope it helps,


  • Rev Ski

    I got this for a plinker. Now i am in love!!! Love not reloading with affordable ammo and mags. No wonder the carbine is gun of the year!

  • Scrap

    My tactical 22s,

    Just FYI you sound like a complete dooshbag. You’re not impressing anyone with your repeated posts , replies, and incorrect vocabulary. Go practice your mall ninja flips and your tactical 22 reloads. Oh and scream upstairs to Mom you want your meatloaf NOW N

  • turtlemaster

    This was the first gun i ever shot and it was a blast. it jammed a little too often but other then that it was a great gun. I wonder if the front rail would except a grenade launcher. πŸ™‚

  • Rev Ski

    I ran 250 rounds through mine this weekend. I had two fte,s. sounds about normal. I like this pistol!!

  • tommer

    Thinking about buying this gun, what would be a good price? Went to a gun show today they had 1 and wanted 562.00 thought that was a little high.

  • squigey

    just wondering if anyone has pics of one with the foregrip. I know you have make the necessary precautions but I can’t a single pic on the net

  • Harley2die4

    I found this site very interesting and especially want to thank your members for explaining in detail what add-on’s were done, product name for easy reference. Adding a grip for larger hands might be a simple fix for most but someone like myself that is just getting into the sport, its very helpful. I’ve seen some nice add-on’s from pictures members of other sites posted but no idea what they were or where to buy.
    Ordered 2-S&W 15 22P today and want to add larger grip, red dot and flashlight. Hopefully I can find larger clips..
    Do they make drums for this gun ?


  • Derwood


    1. I appreciate MyTactical22’s attempts to help others.
    2. You spelt douchebag wrong. Douchebag.
    3. Don’t have anything worthwhile to say, STFU.

  • tommer

    there’s a gun show this weekend what would be a good price to pay for one of these?

  • Rev Ski

    I got mine for 425.00 new @Gander Mt. list on the S&W sight is 550.00
    Hope this is helpful. I like the affordability of the pistol for plinking and was very happy with the accuracy. Went to a cheep red/green dot scope.

  • Harley2die4

    I paid $450 … I’m a newbee to the gun sport, much to learn….
    I’m sure you can find a better deal. Pistol’s I was told require 2nd day air shipping. Any distance to ship, Fed-Ex – UPS charges could easily be $50-75 added to purchase price plus $25 fee what most gun stores charge to receive shipment.
    If you can find anything close to $400 or less, buy it. Great investment and cool looking pistol..
    Merry Christmas

  • tommer

    just looked at the site, cheaper then, they got one for $423.00. I’ll see what they have at the show tomorrow. Getting closer to pulling the trigger on one.

  • tommer

    went to the gun show Sat. there was 1 there 587.00 she said she would take 569.00 that’s with tax still to high.Still looking

  • Harley2die4

    Walter p22 Red dot, only one I can find says its for Airgun’s.
    Is the sight you have for S&W 22P?
    Priced at $68

  • Rev Ski

    I got a cheap one on ebay for 28.00 Its a red&green dot ,what can I say cheeeep! Works fine for a weekend plinker. As long as it rail mounts I dont think it really matters.IN THE HOLE IS IN THE HOLE!

  • davidy7605

    I enjoyed reading the various posts on this blog. I have done allot of research on this pistol. The cheapest price I have found is $ 343.00 at Shipping should be $ 30. The average cost of an FFL transfer in NC is 25 to 35 dollars bringing the total at just around
    $ 400. I hope this helps.

  • Harley2die4

    Just received inexpensive combo you advised to buy on-line auction site and its a great deal $69 shipped, excellent quality and fit perfect.
    Laser Flashlight Combo ETG XP-6E New 200 Lumen.
    I know I’m new to the gun sport but my friend paid $300 for his combo and my flashlight is brighter !
    Told him, don’t worry if a flashlight is needed we can use mine.

  • Harley2die4

    $400 is a great buy.

  • Danbo

    I just got one of these NEW on a GB auction for $405 (pistol, shipping and $25 MO FFL fee). I spent a couple weeks to get that delivered price. They are running a little higher than I expected. I already have the S&W M&P 15-22 rifle and they just seem to belong together except that I don’t want the legal hassles. They do fit together and I decided to keep the 15-22P stock to avoid any problems.

    • Clint

      Danbo, did the 15-22p upper fit on the 15-22 lower? Thank You.

  • Danbo

    One more thing,

    I got a 30MM Red Dot from Leapers thinking I could use it and keep the open sights on the 15-22P. I have a couple of AR-15s with red dot sights of 40MM which allow you to keep the open sights. But, the smaller 30MM red dot sights for pistols do not. The 30MM red dot sight is not big enough to use with the stock open sights. Keep that in mind when selecting optics. I ended up removing the open sights and using only a 30MM red dot. Looks good but not the same.

  • tommer

    Well I finally bought one should be here soon. Where is the best place to buy a couple of clips?

  • Danbo

    I just bought three magazines on from georgiagunsandknives for about $70 delivered. They generally run around $20-25 each. I have 10 now.

  • tommer

    bought 2 mags and a bag for 94.00 del. Gotem at S&W

  • Bill Hayworth

    On the subject of BATF rules…. not everybody lives in the USA, with its illusionary freedom and un-free gun laws. The earth is a big place. Guns are sold around the world. The US is just one little country.

    And I’m sure there are plenty of Americans as well that don’t care about the BATF or NFA. American’s don’t have anything to do with making all the rules or even voting on them in their country, so they feel the laws don’t apply to them, and they are right. A social contract without your signature on it is a non-binding contract.

    Anyone who visits the US knows the people agree, because Americans are notorious law ignorers. All you have to do is ride on any interstate or road in American and see, everyone speeds and breaks the law. In fact you have to drive much faster just not to be passed by all the traffic in a dangerous kind of way. Americans jaywalk everywhere, lie on their income taxes and resumes, steal office supplies from work, shoot fireworks in states where its illegal, ignore noise ordinances wholesale, etc.

    Then you have a whole other class of Americans who have been imprisoned unjustly and tortured inside US prisons, and already seen the inside of a US prison… you know for sure they don’t care any more about being law compliant. Once free they are going to doing what ever they can to arm themselves anyway they can to protect themselves from the government and safeguard their freedom.

    Such folks won’t think twice about mounting a pistol grip, making an SBR, or building from scratch their own silencer design, and so its safe to say there are people who are intrested to do this and interested in sharing information about it, irregardless of someone elses rules, or the social contracts made between men long since dead.

    Just because someone you’ve never met before in your life, says hey, you can’t do this, and if you do, you have to pay us a $200 tax stamp, does NOT mean you have to do it. In fact, it would be well behoven to you not to do it, because the more people that don’t do it, the more it becomes unenforceable. If they lock up the whole world because of some silly law about putting a pistol grip on their pistol, something gives away, the prisons get full, the people revolt, and the law gets removed.

    So if you think any law is silly and does not make sense to your internal freedom and morals, it is in fact your moral duty and your duty to your fellow citizens to ignore it and take a stand for freedom. Because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

    • Drew Barnard

      That’s exactly right.Remember Prohibition?That didn’t last because almost everyone broke the law. The same will happen with any law that goes against the will of the people.

      • James2nd

        eloquent argument! irregardless is a double negative and made the rest of your well thought out and phrased comment irrelevant. (ir) regard (less). next time stay with regardless and win your debate.

  • David/Sharpie

    Last I checked (Well, heard) the Magpul AFG is perfectly fine to put on a pistol.

    Luckily I live in Canada and I can freely put a stock/foregrip on a pistol and it wouldn’t change the class of it.

  • cricket_666

    Any Connecticut residents out there? I’d like to know if this unit qualifies for CT gun laws. I do know that with AR15 rifle types, we are not permitted Bayonet Lugs, Threaded barrels, Flash Suppressors, or Collapsable Stocks. What else?