Tapco 30 rounds Mini-14 magazine

Tapco have launched a new 30 round magazine for the Mini-14. You can tick off all the latest magazine buzzwords. “Polymer”: check, “Anti-tilt follower”: check. The MSRP is $15.99.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom W.

    Here’s a buzzword I hope they use: “fits”!

    I’ve had very mixed results with aftermarket Mini-14 magazines, and have had to fit more than I can count because they didn’t work out of the package. Ruger’s own have much better luck of course, but until recently they were much more expensive than everything else. They’re still pricey, really…but then again I’m used to $12 PMAGs I suppose 🙂

    I’ll have to pick one up and try it out. My Mini-14 hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately, so it’ll be a good reason to include it in the next range trip.

  • rusgunnut1

    I thought this was old news, because I heard of it at the nutnfancy shot-show booth review of tapco. However, this is the first time everybody knows about it, yes?. Nutnfancy is obviously not loved here 🙁

  • Matt Groom

    Finally, the Mini-14’s greatest weakness is addressed. A decent (looks like it) magazine for a mediocre rifle design.

  • Al T.

    Yep, fits is a big question and “works” is the second leg of that bi-pod. Wish Magpul would bring a Mini Magazine out.

  • SpudGun

    @rusgunnut1 – ‘Nutnfancy is obviously not loved here’

    I’ve seen his reviews on You Tube and they really are a mixed bag – sometimes he seems to know what he’s talking about and other times he comes across as an egomanical loon from another planet.

    I personally find his reviews to be inconsistent, vainglorious and somewhat suspect, but this blog has already featured Michael Bane and someone who calls himself Trail Boss (jeez), so there’s plenty of room for more attention seeking whores.

  • ratgurk

    I also saw the Nutnfancy Tapco visit; I’m kinda surprised too that the new mags haven’t had bit more publicity….especially the fact that their inexpensive!

  • Bryan S

    Nice thing about tapco mags… when they are too big, they can be sanded to fit. Ive only ever had 2 that were too big, and it was easy to fix. Never had one that was too small (all for the AK thought)

  • Maigo

    Tapco needs to higher a few new artists, they manage to make everything look bulky and ugly

  • Dom

    That’ll look and probably function awesome on the Mini-14, but they need to do one for the Mini-30. Love my American AK.

  • JoseyWales

    I second the comments of Tom and Al… hope it “fits” and “works”. I too have had poor results with aftermarket Mini-14 mags, while the factory Ruger mags work perfectly but are very expensive. I think the Tapco’s look very similar to PMAGS and I hope they work just as well. At $16, I’ll buy a bunch if they work as advertised!!

  • Lord Russel

    These mags function fine when packed with 27 rounds. anything over resulted in feed problems, though not all the time. I’ve had great difficulty doing tactical reloads do to the extra bulk (compared to factory) and the inability to lock the clip in while the chamber is closed (when open, they snap right in). That’s my experience. Take it for what it’s worth.

  • jerry

    Any problems with ammo jumping out of the mag?

  • XR750

    Problem with the tapco is they are wide and don’t fit well in the standard M16 mag pouch.
    I have not had a chance to fire them so I can not say how they function.
    Joe R

  • Aaron

    Mediocre design???? The mini-14 is a great design. Just doesnt get the aftermarket attention the AR does.