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  • I wish I could take credit, but that’s actually the patent-pending design of David K. at Long Range Accuracy ( He calls it the Sniper’s Choice bipod, and it was an enormous hit at our SHOT booth- too often sucking the oxygen right out of the sales pitch for the Tactilite uppers. It’s my understanding that David’s experiencing great success with the bipod and that we will soon begin to see a lot more of them around.

  • KBCraig

    I wish I could take credit for it, too… as does anyone else who independently thought up this design (hey, it only makes sense!), but didn’t patent it or bring it to market. Them’s the breaks.

    Speaking of brakes… WTF is up with safety-tying the muzzle brake? Is that supposed to stop an ND?

  • Thank you for your blog. Keep writing.