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  • SpudGun

    You know they’re Hollywood guns because they don’t come with a spare magazine. There’s nothing my friends and family enjoy more (sarcasm) then when I point out glaring gun mistakes whilst watching a movie.

    Bit dissapointed some of my favourites aren’t on display (Dirty Harry’s Model 29, Scarface’s M16/M203 combo, the Party Crasher’s Wildey, etc.) and even more suprised there’s no Glock, Desert Eagle or SPAS 12.

  • R.A.W.

    Is that truly a 107? I thought those had a round muzzle brake and the 82s had the older arrowhead pattern brakes.

  • Vitor

    That was the only scene of the movie I was not ok with. How the hell a .30 Dragunov outmatches a .50 Barrett so easily?

    • Vitor, the Drangunov!!! hell, the AKs seemed as accurate as the Barrett!!! That I found quite annoying.

  • Carl

    I found Hurt Locker to be quite unrealistic. Hopefully any EOD personnel in real life acting like the protagonist would get put on mental leave post haste.

    I’m not familiar with the Dragunov, but I don’t believe the M82 is a particularly accurate sniper rifle. For starters, the barrel is not fixed, it recoils inside the receiver. That the .50BMG has longer range and more power is of course true.

    I think only the prototypes had round muzzle brakes. The differences between m82 and 107 are pretty minor.

    By the way: double up on ear protection if you like hearing stuff. .50BMG + muzzle brake makes a lot of noise.

    • Carl, I agree. He was a lunatic.

      Dragunov is not particularly accurate. In the US they have some mystique because they cannot be imported, but they are not that exciting. They were squad marksmen rifles, not sniper rifles.

  • Matt

    Spud Gun,

    When the exhibit opens at the National Firearms Museum, you will be able to see both the Dirty Harry Model 29 and its rubber copy used in the film. Here are some pictures of those guns

    Rubber 29

  • Vitor

    Besides that, I doubt the bad guys 7.62×54 was some fancy matchgrade boat tail, open tip round.

  • SpudGun

    @Matt, thank you for letting me know and for the links, much appreciated. That boxed M29 is a thing of absolute beauty.

    S&W used to make some superb looking revolvers but aside from the M&P 360 PD, all of their recent offerings look incredibly fugly to my eye.

    Thanks again Matt.