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  • Steve, please delete this if necessary but check this thread out on my forum:

    It’s a $1,000,000 .45ACP Luger Carbine.

    • Matt, thats flipping amazing!

  • Jesse

    God I love the history of the thing. Knowing there was only ever 3 or what 4 .45ACP lugers ever made makes it one of the rarest guns in the world.

  • That .45ACP Luger Carbine is the only one on the planet. Sorry to hijack the topic. All .45ACP Lugers are sweet and have a cool history. Heck, any Luger is sweet and has a cool history! 🙂

  • I’m amazed that it went for so little. Its value used to be estimated at $1 million. The hardcore Luger collectors must be dying off, or they were hit hard by the economy. At one time, “Guns & Ammo” used to have a dedicated column for Luger collectors.

  • SpudGun

    $500,000 for a Luger?! And I thought there was a recession on. The only way I’d shell out that kind of dough for a Luger is if it belonged to Hitler…and he used it to shoot George Reeves…and there was a picture of Hitler shooting George Reeves that came with it.

  • Mu

    But the real question is, does the new owner have the guts to take it out to the range 🙂
    Can’t wait for the look of the guy next to me when I ask “can I borrow some 45s for my Luger?”