Remington 597 VTR: Quad rail, A-TACS and A2 Stock

Remington has introduced three new Model 597 VTR rifles.

The Quad rail makes it look much more AR like.
Model 597 VTR Quad Rail

The Model 597 VTR Quad Rail features a free floating quad rail. MSRP is $590.


The Model 597 VTR A-TACS is a standard VTR but with a A-TACS camo finish. MSRP is also $590.

Not pictured is the Model 597 VTR A2 model which, as the name suggests, features a standard AR-15 A2-style fixed stock. This has an MSRP os $445.

Steve Johnson

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  • The 597 is a piece of junk. I had one and it never worked right. The mags don’ feed, the trigger didn’t work. Jammed all the time. I mothballed it and eventually got a Ruger 10/22 instead. Save yourself a big hassle and do the same.

  • Heinyho

    You sound bitter. Maybe your a Ruger lover anyway. Too bad. My 597 VTR works flawlessly.

  • dan

    i purchased a vtr at gander mountain for 296 bucks, misfired first shot kinda had me worried but i was using the 30 round plastic clip, then after getting a scope on it used the factory clip and still jammed a couple times using federal spitfire ammo, switched to cci and it never jammed again also used a 20 round clip made by promag and had no jams, so try different ammo before giving up on the gun mine is very accurate and have been enjoying it ever since ,ive noticed that if the ammo has the ring at the base of the bullet it has the potential to jam ,most hyper velocity below 40 grain is the one that jams the most .so the cheaper the bullet the better it fires hope this helps.

  • I had jams with the rsw bullets, so I switched cci hollow points and I have never had a jam since. Been told that if the led is soft on the cheap bullets it catches inside before entering the barrel. cci is the best bullet for the vtr

  • Jonathan

    Anyone know where i can find a quad rail like the one pictured above. Or know of a different type of quad rail that will fit the 597 vtr? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Larry A. Price

    I purchased the 597 VRT. at Dunhams , recently. And was I surprised at this 22 cal rifle. I mounted a BSA tactcal scopoe and was shooting 1 in groups right away thanks
    Larry Price

  • Kevin

    I’m looking to buy the quad rail floating gaurd as well. I would love to know where to get it.


  • Jonathan

    this is the one i bought and i installed it myself in 6 minutes, seriously and you cant beat the price.

  • Jonathan

    BTW kevin make sure you order the carbine length one, unless you want to go longer.

  • Walter

    i have the rifle with the original stock but i want the VTR stock for it does anyone know where to get it?

  • Josh

    Hey how well dose that quad free floating rail fit on your 597 10/22? And dose it look as good as the one on the factory 597 10/22?

  • jim

    I bought a remington mod. 597 VTR and love it. Trigger is wonderful, very accurate, Put a red dot sight on it and just had a lot of fun shooting all day.

  • Best .22 I’ve ever owned. Shoots more accurately then all .22’s I’ve ever shot or owned over the last 20 years. It’s surprised me really a lot more then I ever expected it to. My expectation of it was to be at the very least just as accurate as any other Remington model 597, which is decent among .22’s. I just never expected it to be more accurate then a typical 597. My VTR was bought for $250 delivered to my door. It sounded like a good bargain when everywhere I heard these going for $400 on average. I put a cheap pos scope on it that I bought from walmart and started putting groups of 1 MOA at 100 yards without even trying. The scope was just a $16 tasco 3-7 variable 20mm that was meant for pellet guns and perfect for .22’s. The glass is pretty darn clear and it holds zero without any fuss. For the price of a pos scope, it’s getting the job done!

    Overall… I’ve read the rants and flames from other reviews on other websites where it was obvious the reviewer was intent on giving a bad rap to Remington. Truth be told however, I’ve never had a problem buying anything with Remington’s name on it. They have a solid history, reputation, and make good firearms. This VTR is right in that line up and not an exception to the quality that Remington holds. I can’t argue with someone that has the intent to give bad publicity when that is their agenda to do so… but I can honestly say this is the best .22 I’ve ever owned hands down. It’s not going to satisfy everyone. And there are of course the “Fanbois” of other manufacturers that will flame any other product that isn’t loyal to their label choice. All you gotta do is pick one up and fire it to see for yourself. Let your own experiences make your opinions for you.

  • Joe

    How do u get the old circular rail of from the front receiver block and the put on the new rail from cheaper then dirt.

  • Jonathan

    Joe the quadrail comes with every thing you need, barrel nut etc.
    i changed mine out myself in less than 10 minutes.

  • joe

    I emailed the guy at and he said it would not work

  • Jonathan

    Joe if you send me your email, i can send you pics of exactly how to do it and it WILL fit and work.

  • joe
  • Kyle

    Jonathan could you send me how to do it also? Thanks

  • Jonathan

    this is the actual link to the right quad rail. sorry about any confusion, i must have C&P’ed the wrong one the first time.

  • Brad

    Does the VTR’s bolt stay open after the last round — unlike the Ruger SR-22?

  • nick

    My experience with VTR

    I recently picked up a new VTR 597. I have read PROs and CONs. I averaged that it was between SR 22 (Ruger) and VTR 597. The Ruger was 100.00$ more and both are verywell known for there 22LR actions. I went to the range with open expectations and brought Federal, Reminton, CCI amunition. My first 10 rounds shot I had 2 stove pipes, i cosidered this as a break in period. For the rest of the day i shot well over 600 rounds with no malfunctions. The action or Bolt will stay open when the last round is fired. also there is a tab that you can push up through the magazine well while holding back the bolt then releasing it and the bolt should stay open. On the 22LR note my friends had the Colt, S&W and ATI AK 47. the only problem was with the ATI AK 47 it did not feed and was particular to the CCI amunition. I am waiting for the SR 22 to come down in price my son likes the look so I still purchase it later.

  • Paul

    Hi Everyone,
    I live in the UK and have just purchased a VTR 597 it came with a A2 stock, with the info that i have read on the internet am i right in saying that most AR collapsible are acompatible fitting? Also the handguard i want to get a RAS but there’s not alot avalible in the UK i found this on Ebay
    Anyone got an idea if it will fit?
    One more question can anyone tell me if there is an Expolded parts diagram for the Rem 597 vtr
    many thanks..

  • chimneycove

    just wonderin if neone can tell me where i can get a quad rail and barrel nut for my 597 vtr?

  • Jonathan
  • chimneycove

    not much hell seems the part is no longer avalible but thanks neway
    im lookin to get a picatinny quad rail so i can mount multipul attachments to my 597 vtr like green laser sights and a forgrip

  • Bill123

    How do you switch from an A2 fixed stock to a collapsible CAR stock?