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  • SpudGun

    LOLZ. I’m having Counter Strike flashbacks.

    Fire in the hole indeed.

  • Matt Groom

    We had a guy do this during Less Lethal training. We were in Riot formation, I was a shot gunner (can you guess why?) he was off to my right, acting as a guide to the shield men (keeping them aligned). His job also entailed spraying big canisters of OC spray and throwing sting-ball grenades into the crowd. We’re moving in formation, he goes to throw a sting ball, he drives it into the back of his own kevlar and DROPS the grenade. He runs away without telling anyone, and the thing goes off. A piece of it hits me on the inside of my left thigh about an inch below my nuts. It didn’t even hurt enough to distract me, but it could have! I think one of the shield men go hit in the back of the calf as well.

    The ironic part? He was the guy who gave us a class on how to throw the damn things before this happened.

  • Lance

    Korvorkain joins the German army!

  • OOPS!

  • p1choco

    That’s just too funny!

  • Pete

    This is what happens when you give grenades to people who grow up in soccer playing countries instead of baseball playing countries!