Savage Model 11 Long Range Hunter

The new Savage Long Range Hunter is a very compelling rifle. As the name suggests, it is designed for long range hunting where accuracy is paramount. It is packed full of features including the AccuStock, an adjustable muzzle brake and an adjustable comb.

Savage Model 11 Long Range Hunter
Savage Model 11 Long Range Hunter (top)

I believe this is the first rifle to feature Savage’s new adjustable muzzle brake. The idea behind adjustable brakes is that they can be find tuned for individual loads so that the rifle jumps back on target, allowing the shooter to see if the game was hit. I have heard it also said that adjusting a brake can help accuracy.

Adjustable muzzlebrake

The Savage rifles are now equipped with Savage P.A.D (Personal Anti-Recoil Device) recoil pads. Premium recoil pads are now commonplace, so this is not a big deal.

Caliber .308 Win and .300 WSM
Action Short
Capacity 3 (.308), 2 (.300)
Finish / Black
Barrel 26″
Twist 1:10
Stock Synthetic. Karsten adjustable comb.
Total Length 46.5″
Weight 8.4 lbs
Other Features Adjustable muzzlebrake, AccuTrigger, AccuStock, Savage P.A.D
MSRP (Price) $934 (.308), $972 (.300 WSM)

Steve Johnson

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  • rubbershotgun

    that break adjustment system looks a lot like the BOSS system that browning offers on their rifles.

    • rubbershotgun, I agree

  • Matt Groom

    These are also chambered in 6.5-284, and is the first factory rifle to be so chambered. I dig it, but you’d have to take off the muzzle break if you wanted to use it in NRA High Power competition.

  • Matt Groom

    Oh wait. I was thinking of the Model 111 LRH, not the Model 11 LRH.

  • Tom Stone

    Nice price point for a rifle of this quality.

  • Josh

    What’s a “muzzle break,” guys? Does that mean that the weapon opens up at the muzzle? Something similar to a “break-action,” like on a double-barrelled shotgun?

  • Josh


    I think you only had it as “break” once incorrectly. I saw it typed correctly more times than incorrectly anyway. I realize it’s pretty easy to mistype something if you’re not paying close attention when you’re quickly turning out an article. My comment was directed more at the posters on here.

    • Josh, lol, I make that mistake all the time. Not sure why, seems my brain is just wired wrongly!

  • Cymond

    I don’t know about this specific brake, but the Savage catalog that came in the mail mentions an adjustable brake that can be fully opened or fully closed. Muzzle brakes have some disadvantages re shock & sound, so there may be times when closing it is advantageous.

    • Cymond, good point!

    • SeeC

      Re shock is a new term to me. What is it?

  • c. trapp

    muscle break, n: When mounting a recoil reduction device to the tip of a barrel of a firearm without any tools (muscle powered), it is advisable to take a break of five to ten minutes before finally tightening the mount. This is referred to as “muscle break”.

  • Matt Groom

    It never consciously occurred to me that it’s a muzzle brake not a muzzle break.

  • Josh

    @ c. trapp –

    LMAO. Now THAT makes sense!

  • Michael

    looking for my first long range rifle…Is the above mentioned rifle a good choice???

  • i’m going to purchase a savage model 11,any information would be helpful

  • bob

    i recently bought this rifle in 300 win mag i have been completly impressed with the accuracy in this rifle. Used Barnes TTSX 180 grain factory ammo and i can put 3 bullets down range and each wil touch each other at 100 yards. I love this rifle i shot my first elk with it this year and droped it like a ton of bricks. But i have had problems with this rifle my muzzle break is stuck in the open position, the rubber coating on my stock is peeling for the second time. and if i slam the bolt shut in a fast shooting situation the damn thing jams itself up and wont fire. i recently contacted savage and they said to send it in and if their policy is to fix and send back but if the gun is pronounced parishable they will just send me a new one. I am not saying this is a bad rifle because its so accurate even with the muzzle break stuck open idk if this should or shuldnt decrease acuracy but still a great gun since it can shoot just as good if not beter groups than those $7,500.00 1000 sireis and 1200 sireis gunworks rifles id say savage is gona give the gunworks rifle a run for their mony accuracy and money wise

  • casey

    I just bought the 338 LRH …. Can some body direct me in the right direction for a compatible scope for this cannon…

  • Ralph Hicks

    I have owned the LRH in 308 for about a year an a half I get .3 to .5 MOA with Reloader 15 with Molly SMK 175 at 100 yards. I shoot an 8 inch target at 900 yards on a regular basis. I have shot side by side guys with $7,000 plus custom guns and it does just as well. I about to put a Choate stock and Brux barrel on it and I fear I may just mess it up. But I am going for a cool look more than anything. I have at least 2000 rounds down it and it performs as if new. Yes the thin rubber is peeling a bit and I can no longer close the muzzle break either but I really do not care. Great gun you have to look for excuses to upgrade this rifle.

  • Hunter

    Hey, I have the savage 111 with the adjustable muzzle brake, and I was wondering if there was a way to remove it and replace it with a threaded brake.