The MetalTech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (ATAC)

In the Mumbai terrorist attack aftermath, the Mumbai police blamed their poor performance on being out gunned by the terrorists who were using MP5s while they were using Lee-Enfield rifles. The Indian National Security Guard (NSG) adopted the same PR strategy and claimed that the terrorists’ MP5s were far superior to the AKs which they were using.

To prevent another “out gunned” scenario MetalTech, along with Indian special forces, have developed a $45,000 armored golf cart!

The MetalTech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (ATAC) can resist grenade blasts and gun fire. An interesting solution to the wrong problem (training the police to use their Enfields would, I my my humble opinion, be better money spent).

[ Many thanks to Paulo for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • This is sooo cliche, but what happens when the tires get taken out?

  • Redchrome

    I never saw the movie, but this immediately reminded me of “Observe and Report”.

    Once again, taxpayer dollars are spent unwisely in showmanship to compensate for bureaucratic incompetence and government meddling that caused the problem in the first place.

  • SpudGun

    If it can fend off club weilding angry wives, then I think we’ve just seen Tiger Woods new ride.

    The Anti Terrorist Assault Cart – You won’t get ‘handicapped’ when things get ‘rough’, just ‘pitch’ into this mobile ‘bunker’ and you’ll be safe from enemy ‘bogeys’. It will suit you to a ‘tee’.

    Guns + Puns = Funz

  • Good post.

  • I’d take a Lee-Enfield over an MP5 any day, as long as I could have ammo. (And a bayonet.)
    I wouldn’t even insist on having any “battle buddies”, with or without boolets, especially if they weren’t trained to shoot…

  • Matt Groom

    Unfortunately for the victims of Mumbai, it wasn’t superior arms that the terrorists possessed, but superior courage. They were eager to face death in defense of their supposed duty, which cannot be said of the police and NSG.

    Also, has anyone noticed that those tires look a bit, I don’t know, exposed?

  • Whatever

    Doesn’t it take quite a bit of material to stop a typical FMJ round from an AK-47? While it might stop 9mm rounds or similar, I wouldn’t want to bet my life on that thing if the bad guy was shooting anything bigger.

  • Lance

    Dont make me laugh its a golf cart with a thin armor plating! Laughable as with alot of Indias military and police equipment and tactics. They need to arm there cops with AK ARs or FALs. Dump the junky Lee Enfeilds!

  • Dangermouse

    I am sure that I saw the Mumbai terrorists holding AK’s in the media pictures after the event.

  • Peter

    Already has 2 flat tyres – Still … Tiger might like one to keep the pesky media off his back while he’s on the green.

  • CY

    Couldn’t you just shoot out the exposed tires?

  • Jeremy

    i would have thought a ballistic shield coupled with more training would be a better solution o.0

  • What a ridiculous piece of garbage. This looks like a high school science project. I’d bet a 7.62×39 would tear through that, no problem. Do they even make run flat tires for golf carts?

    Also, I’m no expert on what happened but since when were the terrorists using MP5’s?

    This is one giant face palm.

  • Destroyer

    This is as almost as absurd as the Chinese PLA’s Special Operations Forces

    Now that is Observe and Report!!!

  • Drang, the problem is, the policemen over there have 5 rounds for each of those rifles. The 5 rounds that were issued with them god-knows how many years ago.

    When you’ve never fired your rifle and couldn’t begin to know how, you’re outgunned with a frikken M249 vs. a .22

  • Tony Chow

    That’s not PLA. The uniforms and weaponry identify them as ordinary policemen.

  • Wait a minute! Didn’t those terrorists use AK-47s/AKMs? They got better knock-down power than the MP5 9mm.

  • Airrider

    Hey, wait a second, what happened to the PAV-1 Badger?…

  • Dangermouse

    I seem to remember reading that it takes two 6mm sheets of steel to stop a 7.62, however if you angel a 6mm sheet at 45 degrees you get the same result. Before you ask, no I am not going to sit behind a sheet to prove the maths.

    On a side note, I have used a ballistic shield and a shield on wheels. They are OK when you know that in the next 10 minutes you are going to assault a threat, but will quickly be left on the sidelines when you never know when the trouble is coming and complacency sets in.

  • AK™

    Why not upgrade to the New and Improved Mosin Nagant?

  • subase

    This is called a ‘moving billboard’ and is meant to make people who don’t know squat about security or gunfights or guns in general – feel safer.

    India is too poor and populous to secure its borders or properly police and protect its citizens. That is the just the facts. At least with this, average folks will have some kind of peace of mind.

    (Of course I’d seriously be pissed if there isn’t some AK toting guy looking something like this
    in th entry of every 5 star hotel.

  • subase

    Ok perhaps I was wrong. Lets say for the sake of discussion that this armored golf buggy does in fact stop AK rounds, is easy and safe to drive and quite maneuverable (you won’t get ‘stuck’) and the driver has a decent view of things and that the other person can easily fire from the vehicle.

    This vehicle if it achieved all these points would serve as an effective quick reaction ‘attack vehicle’ that would take up a lot of the attention of any gun wielding terrorists, at least until a SWAT like force arrives. It would be effective since RPG’s are too heavy and impossible to conceal effectively, so the golf cart would essentially a mini ‘tank’ of sorts.

    Also ‘theoretically’ the guys on segways could just be a more high tech version of an armed guy on a motorbike. In China there are very large open places that would allow Segways to move unobstructed and would be a slightly superior shooting platform. I’m just saying.

  • Ken

    For the cost of that RPG bait on wheels you could get yourself MANY used AK-47’s and have money left over for ammo and training. What a f*****g joke!

  • Destroyer

    Tony Chow, do some more homework…Those are PLA special forces.

  • A .308 Ishapore SMLE against an MP5 at 100-yards is an uneven match, and .308 ballistics are better than a .30-30 (AK) round. There’s nothing wrong that a little judicious target practice couldn’t cure – but you have to be willing to shoot back at terrorists with your gun, not just carry a badge of office.

  • Stretch

    The SMLEs seen the the Bombay attacks were carried by the Railway Police. They were modified at Ishapore to chamber .410 shot shells.
    Yes, perfectly good 10 round .303s were converted to single shot .410s.
    I don’t blame the Rail Police for allowing discretion to take the upper hand.
    The Rail Police use them for crowd control and .410s are good enough for that. Against suicidal attackers not so much.

  • Bombay police Lee Enfields are issued without magazines… After all, someone could get hurt…

  • Will

    If that thing is carrying enough armor to do any good, it wont have enough power to get out of its own way. Plus, it will be restricted to paved surfaces. No greens running with that weight. It will end up parked in front of the door, as a sort of mobile guard booth. Fail.

  • Mikee

    The Sikhs I saw at several locations in India, for example guarding custom checkpoints at airports, had Lee Enfields with attached magazines and bayonets on their belts. I think they would have shot back, or more likely shot first, then charged with cold steel. The man makes the weapon.

  • Thanks for that insight Stretch.

  • Anton

    You might actually need that on a normal golf court.

    I can see some nice applications on a skeet range too.

  • neil

    A nice post…but 1st o all i cant believe da person who posted dis din do gud research….the fedayeen were usin ak-74 dere when 10 o dem n all were usin ak-74 n da railway police r not da sort o police u see in western countries dey r merely 4 crowd control hence dey ve been issued win enfield n dey cant shoot 4 nuts mumbai police consist o a anti terrorist squad dey r issued wid ak’s n da NSG[spl forces] r issued wid the 9mm mp5 dey don ve da stopping power of da ak’s but dey r a gud CQB weapon[soon being replaced by bttr smg] ….n as 4 da golf cart its jus used 4 movin da police around da attack perimeter in a tight place where armoured suv’s cant be used ….n ya 4 da person who told indian military tactics r funny plzz do some gud research many western countries do cross trainin wid indian armed forces n learn dos “funny tactics” ….

  • Michael Pham

    No, actually do some homework. That’s not PLA.

    Those are Chinese police.

    PLA. People’s Liberation Army. Look it up.

  • Archie


    Just fucking wow.

    Okay so the cops complain of being outgunned with lee enfields, which by the 1950s could be outgunned by any new automatic rifle emerging then, I can understand there frustration. The enfield lee is a great rifle, but in today’s urban struggles it just doesn’t cut it. I would focus on giving them and training them with new weapons, or at least a rifle that was developed before -1895. I mean come on, I would be pissed if I was given such a slow rifle for police work. Mad minute my ass, more like youd have a minute before the mad terrorists turned you into Swiss cheese. It’s the 21st century, volley fire of bolt action rifles from 500 yards away in entrenched positions isn’t practical in such built up areas. They may blame money as an issue, well in a terror stricken country arming police and military with addacuate firearms would be near the top of my priorities. Just goes to show how fucked up some places are, I mean he’ll I’d take an SKS over an LE in an urban setting anyway of the week. This fisher price piece of shit would encourage Indian police to FLEE the scene. Mount an FN MAG machine gun atop, or at least a fucking maxim gun knowing India, and we might be in business. At least till the Dixie cup chassis gives in from a gust of wind.