Desert Eagle has been updated

Magnum Research has updated the infamous Desert Eagle pistol. The new version features …

  • Long picatinny rail
  • Slimmer profile slide
  • Improved gas system
  • More ergonomic safety levers.

The new version will be sold alongside the current model. Magnum has not yet published pricing infomation.

All the photos I took of the new ‘Eagles were awful!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Mono


    That “Death Skull” grip is cool.

  • AB

    Something about a gold plated handgun just screams “I don’t wear socks with my leather shoes.” Cue the 80’s Miami Vice music. hah

  • Jesse

    I like the new trend of putting a rail on top of pistols. The new FN FNP45 Tactical or whatever they are calling it is impressive. Being able to lower 1/3 co-witness on a pistol would be pretty pimp.

  • Clodboy

    Nonono, you have it all wrong. What you consider to be mere “bling” is actually an active photon deflection coating designed to neutralize enemy laser aiming modules.

    The next time you see the red dot projected by the laser sight that is indispensable for long-range sniping, you just draw your Deagle and blind the sniper by reflecting the beam right back in his eye. Better yet, you can use the gold-plated Picatinny rail to diffract the beam in several directions, allowing you to simultaneously blind an entire group of assailants.

  • Now they have to do a sequel to the movie “Snatch”.

  • D

    im blinded by the bling!

  • Bryan S

    Did they keep the feature that makes them jam all the time? My local range got rid of the rental one that would not run consistently, no matter how much they tried to get it fixed.

  • SpudGun

    The picatinny rail on the top makes a lot of sense. It will allow you to put a cantilevered scope on it sideways for when you’re shooting people ‘gangsta stylee’.

    As I’m not a criminal, have a penis bigger then 3″ and am quite secure with my masculinity, I might not qualify to buy this pistol.

  • Flashman

    Apart from being a paperweight, the practical utility of this pistol is what?

  • Tom Stone

    If it had a pergraniteel finish I might be interested.

  • Matt Groom

    “…and the fact that the side of your guns say ‘REPLICA’, and mine says ‘DESERT EAGLE, POINT-FIVE-OH’ should precipitate your balls to shrinking.”

    • Matt, classic, love that movie 🙂

  • Bob

    hmm anyone have info about the muzzle accessories for this pistol? in the second pic there is a comp, aftermarket? and the movie boondock saints 2 they were using DE’s with long compensators no?

  • Sean

    Whenever I see someone with an Eagle, I just want to say to them “Sorry about your small penis”

  • El Duderino

    The guy at the range with his .50 Desert Eagle is no one’s friend. Especially if your hearing protection is marginal.

    Where are the rhinestone-studded silver grips for that gold-plated .50?

  • Don’t go near water with that baby, or you’ll become sunken treasure.

  • Andy in Connecticut

    Those levers look smaller and they are somehow supposed to be easier to manipulate?

    And I know they’ve added flutes to the .44 and .357’s. Is the reduced weight supposed to make them easier to carry?

    Yeah, that was sarcasm.

    I wish that MR had enough pull to get one or two manufacturers to offer .44 Automag. Cor Bon isn’t enough. Perhaps Hornady and Speer.

    I understand that the rimmed magnum cartridges are popular and their auto counterparts are not (like, at all) but getting guns to work without the rim is a LOT less problematic.

    9mm Winmag/.357 mag
    .44 Automag/.44 mag
    10mm mag/.41 mag

    Then of course there’s the .45 Winmag

    If I ever win Powerball/Mega Millions I’m buying the original equipment to make the Grizzly pistol again and will offer ammunition in the calibers above at a reasonable price.

    I would probably lose money in the end but I wouldn’t care.

  • Crapsworth

    My favorite desert eagle memory: seeing some dude pick one up at local gun shop, exclaiming that it was his first firearm. If I remember, it was a .50 AE. Gold plated. Roundabout two weeks later, there was an ‘almost new’ gold plated desert eagle in the consignment case.

    Least favorite desert eagle memory: being two stalls over from a guy with one of these hand cannons.

  • zach

    I’m thinking about buying my girlfriend a gold plated Desert Eagle for her first gun.

  • Carl

    The golden DE, tacky as it is, is really a classic by now, but it is rather embarrasing that MRI would voluntarily exhibit that hideous skull-gripped stainless one. I mean, they do actually make them in a somewhat more serious black finish as well.

    And while it certainly is not the most practical defensive pistol out there, It seems like a pretty reliable and accurate magnum target shooter.

    I’d still love to see someone open carrying one, just for the hell of it.

  • Josh

    “I’d still love to see someone open carrying one, just for the hell of it.”

    Suspenders, kydex re-enforced belt, and a midget to carry a spare mag for fast indexed reloads.

  • Mac_Trekkie

    I would very much like to get one of these. I don’t care what anyone says, I just love the .44 Magnum cartridge. Loved it in the Redhawk, would very much love it in an auto. Plus it is one of the most beautiful guns I have seen. I’d get it in matte black. Might not even spend a penny on ammunition besides the couple mags I would carry with me. And what I spend on the range of course.

  • Ok — here’s a comment… aaaa…. why ??


  • El Duderino

    You are only allowed to open carry a .50 DE if you also own a Hummer H1. Or at least that’s how it should be…

  • SilentH

    I’ve got thousands of rounds through my orig. 44 mag (pre s/n 44300). The 10 inch barrel helps it reach out nicely. Bought it for steel silhouette shooting competition, but it’s one hell of a deer slayer. I’ve been feeding it max loads since I had my first bag of once fired brass and it hasn’t skipped a beat. While it does handle like a barbell, my only complaint is that the blue on the frame doesn’t match the beautiful job on the barrel and slide. Not a warrantable issue on a special order apparently.
    Other than that, the guys two stalls over with the bleeding ears might have something to say.

  • Note that the pistol is now being made in the US again.

  • “All the photos I took of the new ‘Eagles were awful!”

    To show detail on something shiny (as opposed to just demonstrating how very shiny it is), you want indirect or diffuse light. If you’re shooting at a booth at a trade show, setting up a light tent probably isn’t an option, but bouncing the flash off something large and white instead of firing the flash directly at the subject works wonders. If the ceiling is too high (or not light-coloured), grab somebody in a white shirt and use them as a reflector.

    (With a point-and-shoot camera that has a built-in flash that you can’t point in some other direction, use an index card to redirect the light toward the ceiling or helpful white-shirted stranger.)

    Same trick works for photographic cats with flash w/o getting Headlamps From Hell eyes: use an index card, scrap paper, etc. to bounce the camera flash off the ceiling.

    (I’ve been shooting a lot of guns lately, but haven’t fired any. None of the ones I’ve photographed have been _that_ shiny, but I’ve had to deal with the same problem when photographing jewelry.)

  • bullzebub

    actually the old version had a rail too. not a true picatinny rail though since it only had 2 “slots”

  • Martin

    @ Clodboy

    Snipers don´t use lasers. What are you talking about?

    Perhaps sometimes they use a laser rangefinder.

    “The next time you see the red dot projected by the laser sight that is indispensable for long-range sniping”

    You probably haven´t done your military service, do you even play airsoft?

    Have only shot the Desert Eagle in .50 in L.A when on vacation. It´s to big to be comfortable for me but I would love to own one in the future.

  • Mac_Trekkie

    Martin it was a joke.

  • Deviant1

    i hate the new design of the desert eagle. the only good thing at the new deagle, ist the weaver rail on the barrel. the slide is ugly and the safetys too. and the one piece barrel sucks too. i love the “old” deagle, it was perfect. no one need the redesign. the old deagle was a classic.

  • Troyboy

    Hope everyone noticed that Mr. Watters pointed out that the new Desert Eagle is made in America. (Look for the full picatanny rail) When it was brought back to the U.S.A it was was redesigned to be stronger platform and a more accurate handgun. The compensator brings the recoil to a little more than my .45’s. This is an awesome handgun, maybe not a primary carry but really cool.

  • Deviant1

    does every one know something about the new comp for the deagle? the say that the muzzle will be reduced up to 40% but i don´t know one who can confim that, because no one have a comp.

  • Troyboy

    Check out these two videos, it will give you an idea.

  • Frank Nicolosi

    Do you sell a belt slide holster for this pistol??

    If so, how do I order??


  • Deviant1

    does the redesigned desert eagle really have a improved gas system? there are no informations in the www and on i have the “olschool” XIX but i like the new 6″ barrel. can i put the redesigned barrel and the olf slide/bold together? does anyone know it?

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