Cavalry Arms no longer selling firearms

Cavalry Arms, a manufacturer polymer AR-15 lowers and furniture, have quit the firearm business. From the press release …

Dear Friends and Loyal Customers:

As you may be aware, we have been engaged in an ongoing dispute with the ATF for the past two years. While Cavalry Arms has at all times tried its best to run a lawful and honest shop, unfortunately, some regulatory compliance mistakes were made. We have now come to the point where we feel it is in our best interest to close our FFL and to cease all firearms operations. The owner of Cavalry Arms, Shawn Nealon, has elected to leave the firearms business and concentrate on firearms accessories instead. We are currently in negotiations with another company for that company to purchase the CAV-15 product line. Rest assured that any resulting purchase agreement will address the issue of providing service and support with regard to existing CAV-15 firearm products. We will continue to manufacture quality plastic components, grow our Medical products line, and work to bring new innovations to the relevant markets. Over the next several weeks we will be conducting a wind-down of our firearms manufacturing and FFL operations. Accordingly, please do not send us any firearms for repair or replacement. Instead, such issues should be addressed to the ultimate purchaser of our assets. Due to our limited personnel resources, during this transition/operation wind-down period, the final processing and shipping of firearm receivers already in our inventory will be our first priority.

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding and anticipate that the relevant asset purchaser will begin operations in March of 2010. We sincerely thank you for your prior and ongoing support during these troubled times and look forward to better years ahead.

Thank you,
Cavalry Arms

Very sad news.

[Hat Tip: SaysUncle]

The ad is sadly ironic.

Steve Johnson

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  • Another business destroyed by gov’t bureaucratic bullshit.
    Way to help the economy!

  • Bryan S.

    Thye dont want to help that economy. A poorly armed populace is a controllable one. The BATFE has already said so in their own letters.

  • thomas

    what was the dispute with the ATF actually about?

    • thomas, something to do with outsourcing work.

  • Jesse

    Well that sucks. Does that mean my Cav Arms lower is going to becoming a rare collectors item?

  • Vak

    Too bad.

    They were one of the few company that really tried to innovate instead of making the same thing again and again with a minor variation.

  • Damn. Damn damn damn and double damn.
    BATFE Sucks.


  • Scotch

    That is very unfortunate. I am glad that another company will be making these though. I have always wanted one of these lowers for an ‘ultra lite’ AR build.

  • Phil

    I always wanted one. Lets hope the finalize negotiations.

  • Bandito762

    So that’s how they will implement gun control. They will just run all the companies that make them out of business with crushing government regulation.

  • CMathews

    Maybe Magpul will buy them out. They are both plastic companies. It is sad to another firearms manufacturer go under.

  • Lance

    Sad the Cav arms was a good reciveer im with Puke on this way to stop the depression put more on unemployment!

  • jdun1911

    Two year of pure ATF stonewalling. The company wasn’t even charge with a crime. They stole the company assets and never return them. If I were the owner I sue the ATF for all it’s worth.

  • Destroyer

    god bless america, god damn the ATF

  • Lance

    I think since President Obama cant get another ban threw congress he is appeasing his anti-gun base by have his ATF appointess make the next few years miserable for gun makers and owners.

  • KP

    Yay insane bureaucracy. It’s a kick in the balls watching how transparent their agenda is through how they handle this. They kick in the door at night and confiscate all their stuff without notice and then drive them in to the ground with legal technicalities.

    also I wanted a cavarms lower for a build. 🙁

  • ES

    FYI- The original BATF raid on Cavalry Arms was in February 2008 prior to the Democrat in the Whitehouse. It’s still sad that there is a dispute here, but I don’t think it’s left wing agenda moving forward in anyway other than typical since the beginning of law issue of the small fish not being able to compete against the big fish in a whose lawyer can drag this out the longest.

    I have a couple of these lowers from this Spring and they are great quality and price in a different form factor. I hope that whoever will be continuing on with these will continue to be supportive of the old stuff and move with some other innovation.

    I wish the BATF would focus on the few people out there who are being unscrupulous and enforcing the laws that are in place and not looking to run people out of business. I’m curious to see what comes out of the Sabre defense raids that just happened. Laws are Laws and a business whether it’s firearms or otherwise should be held accountable.

    My 2 cents

  • Ryan

    A Gilbert firearms manufacturer will cease its gun operations after the company’s owner pleaded guilty to illegally selling rifles, shotguns and handguns.

    Cavalry Arms Corp. says on its Web site that it has been “engaged in an ongoing dispute” with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, for two years over “regulatory and compliance mistakes.”

    But in federal court last week, owner Shawn Nealon admitted that he and his company illegally sold as many as 40 weapons to an out-of state buyer, and he voluntarily surrendered his federal firearms licenses, meaning Cavalry will no longer be able to import, manufacture or deal in weapons or ammunition…

  • RLGilbert

    I think this will clear up a few questions. It’s sad when you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.