Bushmaster .308 ORC (Optical Ready Carbine)

I think Bushmaster is on to a real winner with their new AR-10 style carbine. Priced at just $1395 it is a fantastic entry-level rifle.

It features a A3-style receiver and premium 16″ heavy profile chrome lined barrel, mid length gas system, A2-style flashhider, heavy oval hand guards

Like its 5.56mm ORC cousin, it does not ship with iron sights, and is designed for use with optics (scope, hologram, etc.) although iron sights can easily be added to the rear A3-style picatinny rail and Bushmaster’s BMAS Front Flip-up Sight for V Match Rifles can be mounted on the milled gas block. It ships with two 1/2″ risers which can be used to raise up a scope if needed.

Caliber .308 Win
Magazine Capacity 20 Rounds
Overall Length 33.25″ – 37.25″
Barrel Length 16″
Rifling 1:10″
Weight w/o magazine 7.75 lbs.
Weight of empty magazine 0.5 lbs.
Weight of loaded magazine 1.5 lbs.
MSRP (Price) $1395

I really want one of these!

Steve Johnson

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  • Zach

    It bears a suspicious resemblance to a DPMS LR-308… surprise! However, the midlength gas and chrome lined barrel are both significant upgrades, and nice to see. This could be a winner! Let’s hope they don’t find a way to “ACR” it up.

  • Clemente

    So what type magazines does it use? I remember several years back they tried to make a similar rifle that used FN-FAL mags. From the pictures, it doesn’t appear that these do.

    • Clemente, I am not sure what mags.

  • Lance

    Still nothing more than a AR-10 Real men buy M1As.

  • I find it a little amusing that they’re marketing the gun with a cool-sounding acronym (OCR) which basically stands for “doesn’t come with any sights”. 😉

    • thorn, lol, yea it is a bit ironic

  • Most likely it’s going to be Magpul/DPMS/Knight’s pattern Mags. Cerberus already owns DPMS and Remington, and their .308 rifles take the aforementioned mags.


    • John, ah, yea, makes sense.

  • Zach

    Mags: the receivers appear identical to those used on the DPMS LR-308, which is a sister company to Bushmaster. The DPMS .308 uses the same magazine pattern as the original (1950’s) AR-10 and Knight’s SR-25 (these mags are different from the M14 derived mag of the 1990’s Armalite, Inc. AR-10 or the FAL mag used in the Rock River LAR-8 and the short-lived Bushmaster BAR-10). This type of magazine seems to have become almost the standard for a .308 AR.

  • jdun1911

    What I like to see are sub $150 308 lower receivers. The current 308 lower receiver can cost 10x more than an inexpensive ar15 lower.

  • Dom

    @jdun1911 – Yeah, what’s that about? Why is it so much more expensive to get .308 lowers, or uppers for that matter?

  • jdun1911

    I don’t know, probably very little completion? The material that is use to make .308 AR doesn’t cost that much more then 5.56 lowers.

    Inexpensive .308 lowers are an untapped market. Whoever decide to go for it can make a killing and shut down or force other companies to complete.

  • Matt

    Why would a .308 semi-auto have Iron Sights? The recoil and capability of the 308 makes it med-long range, if a BG is close enough for Irons, you should use a Pistol Caliber carbine or a SP 223. The weight of this 308 is impressive for sure.

  • Keith

    How much less is the recoil on one of these? is it significantly less than a standard rifle.

  • Rignerd

    Hey Keith, I have the DPMS LR-308 AP4, similar weight, maybe a little lighter. The recoil is very manageable, I would say significantly less than a 308 bolt action rifle of similar weight. If you or some one who might shoot it is recoil sensitive adding a compensator/brake will reduce recoil and muzzle rise a little more. Also a recoil pad like the one from Magpul might give a little higher comfort level. With all three measures in place any person over 100 lbs should be comfortable shooting it.


  • Jere

    “Still nothing more than a AR-10 Real men buy M1As.”
    Oh dear god………..why?

    since DPMS and Bushmaster have combined, it would appear as though they have collaborated.
    The product will only likely improve, and DPMS’s large frame AR is already a known shooter out of the box.

    They are far easier to get to shoot 1 moa than any other .308 sized autoloader out there, they are very affordable, easily customized and easily worked on.
    Yes, to some they may lack the soul of wood and steel, but these are functional tools, not showpieces.
    I do know of what I speak.

  • xrey

    Here’s a review of the .308 Bushy. http://www.gunblast.com/Bushmaster_308.htm
    It also mentioned that it takes FAL mags. I’ve been looking for a relaible .308 albeit a Bolt Action, the semi seems to be a good bet. Uses up ammo fast but quick acquisition helps.

  • vanilla-gorilla

    Hi guy’s. Question for you all. I bought this gun about a two weeks ago. I am going to get a scope for it soon but just in case if some thing should happen to the scope i would like to also have iron sights for a back up. I notice on the gun that for the frount sight there is no rail to put on on. Would any one have a link to a web site for what iron sights would work? Thanks for time.

  • Clemente

    Xrey, that’s an old review done back in 2004 on Bushmasters first attempt in entering the AR-10 market. For some reason, they had problems with that rifle and gave it to Rock River Arms where they managed to get it to work.

  • A.G. Yates

    To: Thorn; It’s not OCR, it’s ORC (Optical Ready Carbine)

  • Mikey


    Bought one also and just sent the upper into Daniel Defense to evaluate changing out the handrail. They were able to replace the stock rail with a 9 inch free floating DPMS located here.


    They also have iron sights which I am looking into purchase.

  • hifiho

    I went to buy .223 ammo this evening, and walked out with a BM ORC. $799 out-the-door. I was thinking about buying an AR for the wife for Christmas (she’s gotten pretty good with my SigArms 556), and I saw the tag marked down from $1299 to $799. I honestly thought it was an AR-15, and didn’t think twice until I noticed it wasn’t in the same rack as the .223’s. Now I have to behave, and hold out ’til Christmas to take her (the wife and the rifle) to the range. OR…. I still have time to find an AR-15 for the wife. Either way, at that price, I couldn’t pass it up. They got 7 of the rifles in 2 days ago. This was the last one in a box. The display model is the last one. I’m hoping it will be a worthy purchase.

  • Tom

    What a steal, I just picked up mine, I have a Bush M4 and a S&W M&P22 for plinking. This rifle feels great and for $799 at Sportsman warehouse. 5% off if you are Military or LE.

  • Larry

    Any idea which railed free float handguards will line up correctly with the rail height of the O.R.C.’s upper receiver?

  • ADAM

    Get the rock river arms LAR8. Amazingly accurate and reliable. I am getting 3/4 moa out of the 16″ with handloads… Can you say new deer rifle?

  • Matt

    I picked one up 3 days ago. Cleaned and oiled it, put a Burris FF II 3×9 w/ bplex and took it to range. Got 1-1.5 moa w/ some handloads w/ 150 gr Rem bulk bullets. Got a 3 shot clover leaf at less than 1/2″ w/ my hunting load of 150 gr Hornady (#3031) over 44 grains of TAC. Was dead nuts on a 9×9 plate at 330, went 7 out of 10. Not bad at all for 1st trip w/ a box stock non-freefloat AR. any one have a sugetstion for a FF tube? Only want a small section of top rail where I can put a flip up FS – prefer rifle length tube over carbine bbl.

  • Steve L

    I too am looking for a railed FF tube for my bushy
    A3 Type – 20″ Bbl. (BCWA3L 308 20IZ)

    Flush with top rail of upper is important as I will be mounting NV in-line with optics.

    I’ve been waiting to take it to a gunshow to check with the DPMS guys to see what they knew about fitment.

    Been scouring the web with few results. Never can get a straight answer on height of rail on upper meeting with rail on fore end.


  • Pablo Rivera

    @ Lance:
    I bought a Socom2 M1a, and it never worked. Multiple serious mechanical flaws from production as it is not a custom shop gun. The M1a is good, but not the only game in town. DSA FALs, for instance, ROCK.
    Bushmaster’s .308 looks sharp, and not as heavy or cumbersome as the afore mentioned rifles, and so much more interchangeable with variants.
    I’ll give it a try.

  • John

    The DPMS LR-308 was American Rifleman’s 2007 or 2008 Rifle of the year, If you didn’t know American Rifleman is NRA’s Gun Magazine. I have a DPMS LR-308 AP4, which has a 16inch barrel, 6 position adjustable stock and comes with Iron Sights. Why have Iron Sights on a .308? Well, it does look like a M4 although heavier I’m glad it came with Iron Sights. If for some reason you need to quickly acquire the target, iron sights are the only way to go,It’s hollow through the middle which means you can have a scope attached and still be able to use the iron sights. I also have risers that mount to the top rail for using a Scope without the carry handle. One reason I purchased this M4 Style AR-10 it’s basically an M4 with ALOT more power than a .223/5.56×45. Like normal M4’s it has a 16inch Barrel, adjustable stock, removeable carry handle, The mag on the bushmaster .308 looks EXACTLY like the DPMS LR-308 Mags that came with the rifle, however, their not true 20 round magazines, it’s a 19+1, however, DPMS got MagPul to make TRUE 20round PMAG’s, I love the PMAGS, when they first came out I bought 15 20rd .308PMAGS from the DPMS website for MUCH less than the DPMS mags,The LR-308 AP4 (DPMS’s M4 style AR is called an AP4) my .308 AP4 is almost Identical to my Bushmaster A3M4 Patrolman Carbine. The only differences are the size of the Magwell, the mag itself, it’s heavier and slightly longer, Without knowing you can put them next to each other and think their the same size, Although I put a Select Fire Safe/Semi/Auto non-conversion Lower Receiver on my Bushmaster M4, This is why I like DPMS’s 45round Mags, 2 of these hold as many rounds as 3 30rd mags.The Select fire lower receiver came with a LMT upper,It goes well along with a Surefire Suppressor, it comes with a Special Flash Suppressor so you can take the Sound Suppressor and put it on in a few seconds. I don’t have to wear sound protection, yeah, it still makes much more noise than in the movies, but is ALOT quieter. Also Where do you guys get these Prices? I got my DPMS LR-308 at a Gunshow and a Standard flattop LR-308 AP4 was 1150 at one booth 1200 at another it was 1075. But I only found one that had a Quad-Rail, this was a large gunstores booth, they wanted 1500 because it also came with a removeable Carry Handle, this is sold Seperately by DPMS for the .308 on their website for 150 Dollars. You can’t use a M4 Carry Handle it’s not long enough. Anyway, I’ve had it for a year, and though he was asking $1500 I got it for 1350. Even with the removeable carry handle, that’s still 1200 for a LR-308 AP4 with a quad-rail. Negotiating also got him to throw in 10 20 packs of 308 ammo. My bushmaster A3M4 Patrolman carbine it was like 1100, they wouldn’t go down on it but threw in 1000rounds of PMC Bronze ammo for an extra 50 bucks.nobody had any AR’s this was because Obama had just become president and people were buying stuff like their was no tommorow, even when I went tothe place where I got the Bushmaster A3M4.223-5.56 they have a huge store and when I was there, their had to be 40 people in their Which is when I bought my 3 I liked the DPMS the best, followed by Rock River and then Armalite. , it just so happens after Obama became president wasn’t long after I reached the age to legally purchase and own firearms. When he became President I thought that the entire country would be like California. I wanted a M4 type .308/7.62×51. Beforehand, I shot an Armalite, a Rock River and a DPMS, The DPMS also has quite a few different uppers for the LR-308. 5 different shops reccomended the DPMS, and alot on the forums, most said DPMS as well After shooting those three this was before the current bushmaster .308, I agreed with the 5 places I asked, 2 of them didn’t even have one. 2 had all 3 and one only had the DPMS. I wonder if the others can shoot both .308 AND 7.62NATO aka 7.62×51, according to DPMS, the DPMS can. Which I’ve done with NO problems. I can’t wait to shoot the bushmaster .308 ORC I almost hope it’s not good because if it’s better then I’ll have to buy one. BTW, what is wrong with the ACR? I plan on buying one but I’m waiting till the 6.8SPCII Barrel comes out. To be able to change from a .223 BTW, I reccomend to all Hunters or gun lovers to try Paintball. It has came a LONG way, especially woodsball. It’s a expensive hobby, my pb gun was 1300, the tank was 300, the electronic hopper was 150. etc.
    Sorry for such a long post

  • John

    Oh, the mags are IDENTICAL to the ones that came with my DPMS LR-308 AP4 19+1’s. If they are the same, I reccommend the PMAG.308 true 20rd mag. it holds an extra round AND is much cheaper plus it functions better.

  • Six

    I have three PMAGs on the way along with a new BM 308 from Davidson’s to my local dealer. Watch the videos on Magpul’s website, tough mags! Looking forward to sniping a few zombies..

  • cade