Steve Johnson

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  • How do you know he wasn’t commenting about the M1A?

    • Pete, LOL, good point 😉

  • Lance

    Thats a good way to coch a new shooter wish I could meet a woman who likes to shoot. I bet you have 20 gfs Steve. lol

  • XxleoxX

    I have on of these with the Vltor stock and a US optics scope 😀

  • nice range; at the one I shoot at we’re surrounded by concrete walls

  • zach

    is that the M1A scout? noticed the shorter barrel

  • @zach

    Yup, It’s a m1a scout squad rifle.

  • Destroyer

    The M1A is a fine rifle (i prefer the armscorp over springfield) but i am against teaching beginners with it. The 308 recoil is substantial and takes experience to accurately shoot.

  • I love that range… San Angeles Shooting Range near Lake View Terrace, CA….. the only problem with the range is, its in California…. what a waste!