Black Dog Machine’s 50 and 30 round .22 magazine

Black Dog Machine’s .22 50 round magazine was launched late last year. It works with a variety of .22 Long Rifle AR-15 conversion kits and AR-style .22 rifles (Atchisson/Ciener style drop in conversion kits, Kel-Tec, Sig 522, Tactical Solutions uppers, Model 1 Sales and Spikes kits.). Price is $80.

Rachael showing off the Black Dog Machine 50 rounder. Photo © Gregory
Black Dog Machine’s 3rd Generation AR 22LR magazine. Photo © Gregory

The improvements in the new gen-3 mag are: steel feed lips, no need for magazine loader (follower can be manually pulled down) and 30-round capacity (old mags were 26-round capacity.)

[ Many thanks to Gregory for the info. ]

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  • Vak

    Do you have any info on whether these magazines will work with the s&w MP15/22 or the colt/umarex ?

  • Marc

    You’re back!

  • Matt Groom

    I’m pert sure that the old ones were 27 rounds, and the original skinny ones were 30 rounders too. I liked the way those ones looked, too.

  • Jim

    $80?! That seems quite steep for a 30 round magazine. I would hope for that price it would at least have a metal exterior. Butler Creek and the thousands of other guys could make fifty round mags for the 10/22 and they sold for about $20. A little duck tape, a file, and a bit of jerry rigging, I bet they’d do fine. Or they could enter into the foray with their own. Does anyone know why it’s so bloody expensive? Is it something with royalties or other fees that’s making it cost so much? Or do they believe anyone that will drop….1000+ on a rifle still must have extra cash to blow on outrageous accessories?

  • The mags will not work with the S&W M&P15-22. As of right now, the only mags for that rifle are the proprietary S&W mags.

  • icEr

    Did they make the Gen-3 shorter width wise? Maybe the angle, but it looks a little shorter.

  • Lance

    Cool but I want the 5.56mm drum!

  • jdun1911

    BDM more are less have a monopoly on AR15 .22lr magazine. I do not know if they were the first magazine maker to produce AR15 .22lr hi-cap mag but they were the first to successfully market their brand. The lack of competition and that their magazine are reliable (but not durable enough for dropping on hard concrete) make them the go to AR15 .22lr magazine.

    I have two BDM that got about 15k rounds through them and they still working. From my experience dropping on hard concrete (two drops) will cause visible cracks in the hard plastic body.

    The metal feed lips are a nice addition but more durability improvements on body is needed.

    I’m surprise that all this years no other magazine manufactures got into this growing market.

  • Vak

    @ Caleb :

    thanks for the answer.

  • Pete

    Now someone needs to make an “ultimate clip loader” for it. I have one for my 22/45. Greatest. Thing. Ever. No thumb issues ever.

    Since it has a pull down follower the concept would be the same. Just make a bigger mag well to accomodate for the bigger mag.

    The black dog rotary loaders are going for $100+ when you can find them. They could sell the ultimate cliploader for the BDM mags for half that and people would buy them.

  • Miguel

    jdun, There are plenty of other magazine manufacturers in the market, just no one better. CMMG, ProMAg, and Tactical Innovations all make knock offs. No one has matched the sales, but it is far from a monopoly. One has to agree that BDM’s contribution to the .22 conversion market has made the entire market segment what it is today.

  • Hi guys, Kevin here, owner of BDMllc.
    To answer a few questions, The drums are $80, the new gen 3 steel feed lip mags will be $30-$35. We also have a new Billet aluminum magazine that is $65 and a version of it is available for the old colt/dpms platform.
    The drum towers between the AR15 and 10-22 can be interchanged and the towers are available seperate to save you money!

  • Im Racheal at Black Dog Machine, LLC. I wanted you all to know that if you come across any problems with our products, cracking… broken feedlip.. etc, we have a lifetime warranty and will replace them for you at no additional cost. Mail them to us at our address on our website and include a note with the reason for the exchange and we will get replacements shipped withing 3-5 business days. For questions, comments, concerns… give us a call or send us an email, we are all happy to assist you!

  • John

    I have 10 BDM 26 round clips and absolutely love them but do wish they had a follower retention grip like the 3rd gen. I was leary about an all plastic mag but after several 1000 rounds they have no signs of abnormal wear. Just picked up the 50 rd drum and it is a breeze to load and 100% reliable. I use them in my Keltec Plr 22 and Sig 522. You won’t find a better 22 mag than BDM.

  • Chris Aiken

    I bought the Black Dog Drum for my Colt 1/9 twist . I have the Atchison Military Conversion . Drum does not work . Hits the slot in the bolt way before the latch for the magazine . Lacks about 1/4 inch of going in far enough . My conversion is one of the first that Atchison made for the military . Anyone else had this problem & has Atchison changed their design ? Thanks for any help .

  • tommer

    will the 26 round BDM work on my new S&W 15/22p? If so I need 2.

  • John

    At this time Black Dog only makes a 50rd drum for the 15/22. This is a Blog, not the BDM ordering department. See link below for the 50rd drum available.

  • seriously!!! make a mag and a drum for the colt/hk umerax .22lr fukkkkkk