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  • Mouse

    Cool! Good for LMT! I always liked their MRP design.

  • mslug94

    Would you PLEASE post HK’s booth in 2010 shot show?
    I’m really curious!!!

  • n8dgr8

    This thing looks awesome, but… Am I the only person who is a bit unconvinced about the practicality / accuracy of a collapsible stock for a marksman? Or, are these stocks better than I give them credit for?

    • Greg E.

      It’s one of those things you have to try before you can pass judgement. If you are looking for long range shots, I wouldn’t recommend it. I can’t get the cheek weld that I like, but everyone is different. For CQB, it’s right on. Anything to minimize your profile before peeking around a corner or looking into a room is a plus. This is just my opinion as a former military sniper. I look at all rifles as killing machines rather than paper punchers. One thing is for certain…LMT makes an awesome rifle!

  • Whatever

    Does this rifle only have a sixteen inch barrel? If so, is that sufficient for the designated marksmen role? I would think a twenty inch barrel would give better velocity.

  • jdun1911

    That’s a SOPMOD stock. Just the stock alone cost you $200 and the entire kit around $270. It’s very good and many Special Operators use them. It don’t own one but have used it in the past and like it a lot.

    I prefer fix stocks in general but I don’t see the SOPMOD degrading the accuracy of the rifle in anyway at all.

  • Jack Webb

    Is it piston operated?

  • Carl

    Disappointing to see LMT employees violating the firearm safety rules. 🙁

  • tom sundermeier

    I thought the LMT went with the SR25 pattern magazine not the AR-10. Can anyone clarify?

  • Lance

    No the LMT is DI gas system. I pefer a fixed A2 stock like the M-110 over a collaspible stock. I think this is a better replacement for the L-96 sniper rofle dispenceing with a bolt action and going for a automatic. I still perfer a more durable M-21 or M-25 though since it handles dusty conditions like in Afghanistain better than a DI M-110.

  • Jay

    I’ve seen a couple pictures from this year’s SHOT and a LOT of them have their booger hooks on the bang switch.

  • PCC

    I have the SOPMOD stock on a LMT. I’ve only put 30 rounds through it but I like it a lot. Ergonomic, good check weld, sturdy, small butt pad that fits tight into the shoulder. All around good/high quality unit with one exception. The tabs that hold the rubber butt pad on are very thin and I managed to break it the first day as I attempted to remove it. I may contact LMT and ask for a replacement. I haven’t yet because the pad is not falling off so it is still functional. I’ll have to go a lot easier on it next time. (IE: equal pressure on both tabs).
    P.S. There are two tubes in it that hold cr123 batteries. Not that useful (unless you run out of juice for your weapon light), but at least they did something with the extra space.

  • CY

    Carl, she’s looking at the S&W booth, probably engaging a target.

    Nice to see the Brits choosing their weapons based on performance and quality, not on who made it.

  • Jack, no this LMT is not piston operated.

    Tom, LMT .308 does use the SR25 pattern magazine and Magpul is making new mags for this pattern as well.

    I’ve some more detail shots of this rifle that I’ll be getting to Steve for posting soon.

  • Big Daddy

    It’s good to see an Army say, we need this and get it. They just took a good weapon off the self and got it to their troops. Unlike us who have to test 20 designs make sure you can open a can with it and then say it’s not good enough so nobody gets anything.

    I bet a lot of guys would love having one in their squads.

    I’m sure it’s not a perfect weapon, they just needed something accurate, with punch that can reach out and touch someone. Probably 1/3 the cost of the overpriced Knights sniper rifle and almost as good.

  • steve jones

    I am sure that the LMT .308 is an excellent rifle but the UK Ministry of Defence have toi buy abroad these days as successive UK governments have desttroyed our firearms industry with totalitarian legislation. You folks across the pond BEWARE it will happen to you if you let it.

  • Carl

    If there was a sufficient backstop AND the intent was to fire or dry fire then I retract my previous comment. If not: safety violation.

    I see the blue plastic thingy. I don’t care about that. The safety rules don’t care about that.

    I’m not trying to be a dick. I feel that safety violations should be called out no matter what. That is the only way to ensure compliance.

    Everything above IMHO.

  • John Bones

    Relax Carl.

  • This rifle is definitely getting added to my collection. Someday. 😀

    Btw I agree with Carl completely…either you have proper trigger discipline, or you don’t. It’s not something that you should be turning on and off depending on where you are. It goes along with treating every firearm as a loaded firearm.

  • Big Daddy

    Agreed Carl. Nobody should have a finger on a trigger unless they are going to pull it.

  • jdun1911

    steve jones,

    I believe that every countries should have at least a small arms industry so to preserve the skills and knowledge that will be needed in times of war. With the lack of a small arms industry the UK will be in a server disadvantage if there is another great war on the European continent.

  • Anon

    What kind of scope is that?

  • John E

    Trijicon MGO

  • Ron B

    There are some comments about this weapon being unsuitable as a Sniper rifle. The UK MoD do not want it as a Sniper rifle. It is needed to enable platoons to reach out further than the present SA80 standard rifle used by the UK Armed Forces. The SA80 being a small calibre weapon does not have the extended range needed in some roles in Afganistan.

  • jdun1911

    Rob B,

    The AR DI system is hands down the best and most accurate auto action that is being produced en mass. It will beat some of the best made bolt action rifles in the world. That’s why the US military went with the M110 in DI.

    Here is Larue OBR with a 16″ barrel. He is marketing his rifle on that post but the accuracy is inline with high end 7.62 DI models.

  • Justdave01

    Well actually, accuracy has absolutely nothing to do with why the M110 project was fielded. Weapon familiarity and the intent to place this weapons platform in the hands of “average” joes is why the .308 AR platform was chosen. Having had experience in the special operations community, I can say that operators pretty much hands down prefer the M-21/M-25 platform in any enviroment, not just the sand. The AR platform is bulky not as balanced. etc. etc.

    Not trying to be argumentative, I just believe the internet forum hype surrounding this weapon is WAY overblown. Great weapon for what it is, but to say it is an inherently accurate weapon system is a mis-statement. The units in the community that were given these weapons have pretty much returned them to the armory racks and asked for their M-21/15s back across the board.

    • Greg E.

      I agree with your comments 100%… Thank you!

  • Guy

    Guys, In response to carls statement about poor trigger dicipline, Steve anottated that the lady was kind enough to pose for the camera which may suggest that she wasn’t an employee of the company buy a civilian at the show as an interesting day out.

  • Jon Willette

    I have an LMT in .308. I was concerned with the 16 inch barrel but was told that there will be a selection of barrel lengths available in the near future. I could have waited, but based on my experience with their 5.56 I just had to have it now. I am not disapointed. This puppy will shoot three MOA groups at three hundred yards with ball ammo all day long. I have ordered another scope, as the 6X Kahles I have on it is just not enough for my old eyes. The SOP MOD stock is the best, tight (no rattle) but it is wide and requires the highest rings you can find (Leupold Super High) in order to get behind the scope. The gun is worth every dime. I don’t know why LMT charges so much for their mags but DPMS mags will work just fine at half the price. To the best of my knowledge the stainless barrel that the Brits ordered for their guns are not available yet here in the states but will be soon. The barrel supplied is chrome lined and shoots just fine. You might ge some more speed out of a longer barrel but it would get in the way going house to house.

  • Keith F


    IDK who you talked to dave, but I’ve used both and the DI is a more accurate system all other factors being equal, also better balanced? All the weight of the M21/25 systems is in front of the firing hand, I don’t know how that qualifies as balanced.. or bulky since this is 38″ and 10lbs and the M21/25 are at least 44″ and around 11-12lbs kitted. Don’t get me wrong, the 25 especially is a great rifle, but they cost twice what this LMT does for not to much greater performance down range, if this and the 25 can hit a target at 800 yards, I’ll get this en mass since I can get two for one. All reports I hear say the DI 308 ARs have been solid weapons, and I plan on getting an LMT in either 16″ or 18″ for a DMR style rifle build. I also want an M1A build too, but with that one it is prohibitively expensive..

    • Busybee4860

      Guys, in May 2012 I ordered a $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle. I received it almost 20 weeks later in in shockingly disappointing condition in the last week of September 2012. It is on it way back to LMT now. The guys at LMT have told me they will make it right. I want to give them the opportunity to do just that. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  • William

    Dear Justdave01,

    How were “units in the community” given the rifle and put it back for the SR-25 when the only units using it are British sharpshooters? If they put the gun back they would be given an L96,if they could be given the L96, false information is for trolls.

  • Greg E.

    It looks nice, but I don’t like cheap parts on a new and not inexpensive weapon that you have to replace before you can actually fire it properly. For the price, there should be a semi decent butt stock on it and maybe a forward handle for the cheese grater. The firepower is a plus, but not when you have to spend an additional 500 smackers to make it field ready…IMHO.

    • Remulac

      That’s a $200 SOPMOD buttstock, you clown. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I have the 5.56mm LMT Defender 2000 and love it. The stock is the same as the .308 and I would rather have no other stock for a rifle. It is used by several military Special Ops individuals, is very confortable and not cheap. I am buying this rifle within the next few months and everyone who has a clue about great guns knows this is top of the line in every way…

      • Greg E.

        I am a retired military sniper with 21 1/2 years in Special Operations and it comes down to personal preference. I DON’T CARE FOR IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS OR WHO MAKES IT! You better think twice about calling someone a clown before you start typing! I am entitled to an opinion and I gave it. I had more years on the battle field than most active duty snipers today. A name doesn’t make it great or improve it’s funcuality and most REAL snipers would agree. This would not suffice for real combat just because you think it looks cool. It is painfully obvious that you have never had to kill another human being and I hope you never have to. The bottom line is that you have to live with your rifle for months at a time in sand and heat and sweat and when the time comes you must be able to kill another human before he or she kills one of your friends! When I review something, I point out the things I would change to fit my own needs from experience. Go ahead and build your own rifles to make holes in paper and keep your comments to yourself!

  • William

    Ok your like 13 and just getting acne I ll believe you when you give us your military credentials so we can look them up and see

    • Greg E.

      Your comments show your immaturity! Everybody in the United States Armed Forces use their Social Security Number as their service number. Who is the 13 year old with acne now? This is a weapons forum or are you not bright enough to follow the rules? The Xbox 360 forum must be out there somewhere. I recommend you go post where your broad knowledge may be of some use!

  • William

    US socom are assigned numbers in their dossier and upon finishing service those numbers are released so that family can view or find family for recreation purposes now I am no spec ops but I am old enough to know when someone has the indecency to pretend to be onourheroes,theheroes who risk there lives, I am a alsoexperienced to know anyone who served in any arms forces who gas killed someone doesn’t brag about it or mention it see its not an easy thing to do to kill someone and only an immature and ignorant person would take advantage of that silence

    • Greg E.

      You are so full of shit you make me sick! To start making up all this crap about some number you can look up is total BS! How dare you imply that I am not a veteran! Scum like you need to go elsewhere to get off! I was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor in 1997 along with a Purple Heart during the Clinton Administration. I was awarded my second Purple Heart after having my lumbar spine shattered by an IED in Iraq (Apr 06). You wouldn’t know a veteran if they walked off an aircraft just returning from the middle east. In other words, you don’t know shit and have offended probably the only combat wounded vet in this blog just for leaving my opinion! Take your comments and shove them up your ass! At least I fought for my right to freedom of speech, what’s your excuse? They can boot me if they like, but you are the true asshole!

  • William

    face it man you sound like a typical troll nothing I have said is false and I never once insulted you but you take every comment as if its an attack on you, show me one pure proof that you were a trooper just one and I wont go on the internet ever again but for a guy who gotta be in his late fifties you sure think you know alot about AR15 based sharpshooting rifles but obviously since your such a hero I should just backed down even though spec ops dont recieve the same medal distinction as standard troop but then again how would I know I’ve only got real military running through my blood

    • Greg E.

      I’m a 45 year old retired SMSgt (E-8) Air Force Veteran Pararescueman. I served from May 86 to Nov 07 when I was medically retired due to the wounds I received in Iraq. In addition to being a combat medic, I was trained at Fort Bragg as a special operations sniper. I never claimed to be an expert on AR-15 systems and only made a comment that I didn’t care for the buttstock that came with the LMT .308. After that some dipshit said I didn’t know anything. It was MY OPINION! I don’t like collapsible buttstocks period! If he doesn’t like it then tough shit. It’s my preference. Of anyone needs to prove WTF they are talking about it is you guys! I haven’t heard anything from you guys but bullshit! Never piss off a real veteran!!!

      • brian

        Air Force Pararescue gets my respect and I for one appreciate and honor you and all who have put their time in. Pararescue is no joke. /salute

    • B. Brown

      “Special operations don’t receive the same medal distinction as regular troops”?….Really? I guess I should put in for those super-duper secret medals that I missed out on or maybe Shuggart and Gordon (both Delta snipers) got some other “secret” medals and not the Medals’ of Honor they so richly deserved. @william…objectively, you sound like an immature, armchair commando wannabe. There are NO “special” medals for USASOC, JSOC, MARSOC, or any other command ending in “SOC”. Secondly, there is a difference between a Squad Designated Marksman’s weapon and a true sniper’s platform. SOPMOD’s are not just for the AR platform and are not the be-all-end-all of any one weapon system. As for your “list”, I’d love to see that, though I’m sure that having something like that would make all of the trouble our government goes through to keep our operatives’ (active AND retired) identities secret kind of pointless. Finally, save youself the time of asking me for my “credentials”…I assure you that I don’t care enough about you or your obvious insecurities to bother proving anything to you. Bottom line: It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be deemed a fool than to open it and erase all doubt. @ Greg: Though I prefer a good solid bolt action such as the M24 or the new M24E, I do love a good M21 as well.

      • William

        They actually don’t when preforming covert operations spec ops task forces do not receive the same. For what reasoning I am not entirely sure of but there are minor reasons for doing so, most likely because most military medals information is released to the public or disclosed in easily noticed areas, for the same reason you stated that sense of secrecy is the main reason, in fact you can look this up yourself. Now I ended my comments in the post quiet some time ago and I’ll admit I have to take some wrong as we are all learning each day and I didn’t know some things here and there but in most cases there is valid points in my remarks. Speaking of which is the one drawing on records. My military career is a part of me but it doesn’t define me. I do not wander the internet demanding better treatment and justification because of my actions or job. What I did I would do again because it was my duty not because I want medals or bragging rights. So if this “Greg” person is really who he says he is I hope he only takes a moment to realize the true reason he enlisted. My job as an american soldier was to serve my country any way I can it is highly disrespectful both to our service members and our lost to flaunt a position of honor as a trophy. Soldiering isn’t meant to be a reward the highest satisfaction I get was seeing my kid and knowing I was continuing a legacy of devotion and sacrifice that comes with being an american. Its sad to know people forget that.

      • B. Brown

        First, I apologize for the “armchair commando” statement. I don’t know you from Adam, though I’ve worked closely with PJ’s and CCT but I also understand that the policies and criteria regarding awards and decorations change almost overnight in some instances. I served in the Army for almost 10 years before a well-placed SVBIED ended my career (no, Greg E., you are not the only PH recipient in this forum. Though most of us who have one (or three) just consider it an “I-didn’t-duck-quick-enough badge). My angst over some people thinking that a PH or any other award or decoration makes them somehow more knowledgeable about everything military got the better of me ( and that’s not directed at you, William). Recieving recognition for wounds recieved in combat is one thing but, having said that, it seems to me that too many people place too much emphasis on what’s on their chest as opposed to what’s in it. As for all the chatter and bickering about which weapon or weapons system is the “best” or whatever the bottom line is simply this: A weapon is just a tool. The operator is the real “weapon”. I would elborate further but something tells me that it’d just be wasted on most people. Regardless of what your preferences are if it works for you, fine. If not, find something that does and drive on with a hard-on. Gentlemen…happy hunting. De Oppresso Liber!

  • Cahal Mcgirr

    As always there is much argument about whether this rifle ( and this argument applies to many other rifles) is super-super accurate. I think the point has been missed. It is a sharpshooter’s rifle not a sniper’s rifle in the same vein of thought and use as the SVD.

  • MTJay

    Greg E.
    Your comment about the LMT equipment is legit as you are entitled to your opinion. As an owner of a 5.56 LMT AR 15 Defender 2000 I really like the SOPMOD buttstock but admittedly I punch a lot of holes in paper. I value your opinion and am looking to purchase a .308 in the near future. May I ask what weapon you like that does not require that extra $500 smackers you spoke of in your first thoughts before the stupidity started? Thank you for your service to our country, peace.

  • Sam

    I’ve read the previous posts’ and will keep my opinion to myself. I will say this however, my LMT Chromlined MWS shoots great and is 100% reliable. 200 yd 1/2 moa or smaller groups are the norm and hitting a LaRue steel silloutte is relatively easy, scope is a Leupold 4.5-14 mark 4…..I really enjoy shooting this rifle. Took a Sitka blacktail with it in October, 300yd shot.

  • Russ

    I agree the weapon may have some shortcomings but for its intended purpose it met the needs of the British forces. It was designed to fire reliably and accurately with standard ball 308 ammo. It is a DMR not a sniper rifle. I look forward to reading more about its usefullness and or shortcomings.

  • PLUS

    I’ve heard a rumor that the L129A1’s accuracy has only 1.5 MOA. and that’s the standard which submitted by Britian.Is that really feasible for a DMR?

    • Ben

      As far as I know the 16 inch barrel is guaranteed to be at least .5 MOA but is averaged at less than 0.3. It’s definitely accurate enough for DMR use and would probably be great as a semi-auto sniper with the full length barrel.

  • rover

    Gunny Carlos Hathcock would have said shut the F$$%%%^up and shoot the damn thing its all you get………

  • Busybee4860

    $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle…
    My LMT dealer told me it would take 20 weeks build time and $4,700 to build the LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle. I ordered it expecting to receive a rifle of uncommon quality. I just received it in very disappointing condition. Now it is on it’s way back to LMT. The people at LMT paid for the postage to return the rifle back to them and they say they want to make it right. I’ll let you know how it goes. . .

  • ian

    it is a reasonable weapon system that arrived with a failed sighting system (no option to set wind or distance) which made it useless over 300 metres however that has been remedied wih a upgrade to a 12 sight and i believe it now performs well . i replaced the sight with a x12 sight of a aw50 that wasnt being employed and that eemed to work well once field zeroed .