Bushmaster ACR launched!

The LONG anticipated Bushmaster ACR has been officially launched. I warn you in advance that it is priced FAR higher than what was rumored!

As you can see above, there are four models (ACR SS
16M B, ACR SS 16M C, ACR FR 16M B and ACR FR 16M C ). Essentially there are two colors (Black and “Coyote Brown”) and two types (Basic and Enhanced). Each model is available in 5.56mm or 6.8 SPC (but can be quickly swapped from one caliber to the other by changing barrel and bolt head).

The Basic model features:

  • 16.5-inch cold hammer-forged barrel system
  • A2 birdcage-style suppressor
  • Magpul MBUS iron sights
  • A-Frame style stock
  • Free floating monolithic top rail.

The Enhanced model adds the following features:

  • Three sided handguard rail ( giving a quad rail setup with the monolithic top rail at 12 o’clock ).
  • AAC Blackout flash hider
  • 6 position folding stock. This stock is what we all think of as “THE” ACR stock.

Now what you have been waiting for …

The suggested retail price for the Basic models is $2,685 and for the enhanced it is $3,061! This is what I expected, although many were hoping for it to fall into the $1000-$2000 price range.

I will try to find out the price of caliber conversion kits and additional barrels when I am at SHOT.

[ Many thanks to Daniel and Josh for emailing me info about this rifle. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • John

    Well THAT’s disappointing.

  • uhhhh…

    Seems Bushmaster/Remington/etc are trying to match the price of the FN SCAR? I guess they’re comfortable with the tiny market penetration that will bring.

    Magpul’s self-styled myth of building “the people’s rifle” is finally dead. The Masada may be here but ‘The People’ simply can’t afford one.

  • Mad World

    I could have sworn it was the Remmington ACR the other day! haha

  • Mad World

    Hi if at all possible could you find out the length of the rifle folded? Hoping to try import one to New Zealand and the government are quite funny about the length of the rifle has to be over 762mm with stock folded and without flash hider, unless permenantly attatched. Hopefully I will manage, lots of hoops to jump through though. Cheers!

  • Rex


    You know, I wondered briefly if buying a MSAR E4 (instead of the ACR I was saving money for) was the right decision. I’d been saving for a long time, and I was really excited about the ACR, but when MSAR had their sale on E4’s, I made a decision that a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush, and I bought an E4.

    Turns out I made the right decision. Damn. Talk about dropping the ball. I know MSRP != Street Price, but even assuming a 25% markdown, Bushmaster is still 700 dollars over what I paid for my E4!

    “We” were lead to believe all this time that this was going to be “The People’s Rifle” an AR-15 replacement.

    Sorry Bushmaster, not at that price! Who do you think you are, H&K?

  • DavidR

    That “enhanced” version makes me think that all involved were surprised at what the r&d ended up costing, and that Bushmaster was just looking for any way they could to mitigate sticker shock.

  • Gutao

    well,at least the old Masada handguard is back.

  • Jesse

    For that much money they can go to hell. I guess I’m saving up some money for the MSAR Aug clone that takes AR mags.

  • D

    well Im still going to wait for real street prices. MSRP isnt the real price its sold at. For instance Ruger SR556 was MSRPed at $2000 but street price was $1400-1500. Most of Bushys street price seem to be around 25% off the MSRP.

    Im going to jump on a wait list for the May 1st Enhanced, but if I dont like the price by then I can always cancel.

  • Sgt King

    Any chance you have any information on where/when we can actually order these bad boys?

  • AP

    Someone remind me why I wouldn’t want a SCAR and $400, instead.

  • scurvy

    Looks like they missed the mark bigtime with this one. I’ll just wait for the clones at $1200. Remington would have to drop prices 50% just to make it interesting. I thought this thing was supposed to be cheap?

  • Erik

    Apparently Remington/Bushmaster don’t subscribe to the ‘under-promise/over-deliver’ school of marketing, after all the hype this is quite a let down. It’s a free market, do what you want- but I find the price insulting. $3000? Come on.

  • SpudGun

    Come on guys, stop giving Bushy a hard time over the MSRP, they need the extra dough to fight off court cases, produce CGI laden videos and buy more gun companies.

    I suspect the high price has more to do with the licensing from Magpul then the cost of manufacture – everyone has to get their slice – except Robinson Armaments obviously.

    If the ACR lives up to it’s billing as being the most bestest, superest, awesomest rifle ever, then 3k doesn’t seem that much.

  • Eddy A

    wow, unbelievable. I’ve been waiting for this gun since 2007. Had 2k saved up for it and everything. They can go shove a pmag for that price. I think i’ll build an upper with an adam’s arms piston kit instead.

  • 4Cammer

    $3000.00 ? Yeah, okay.

  • Waiting 3 years

    I’ve been waiting, literally counting the seconds, until the ACR was available. I’ve been buying gift certificates at the gun store and begging for more for my birthday and Xmas, just to be able to choke down what ever price the ACR would be. NO CHANCE. Looks like I have been saving my money for something else. I am totally disappointed with Magpul, Bushmaster, Remington and Cerburus (sp?) on the decision to price this rifle so high. What a joke. Unless the price of this rifle is cut in half, I won’t own one. I’m so crabby about this I can hardly contain myself. Magpul needs to cut the budget on their marketing department and spend it on their production. All bark, no bite. Too bad. Somebody else will get my money.

  • dg

    Ruger gives the sr556 Troy BUIS, here we have a gun thats double the cost with a set of BUIS thats about 1/4 the quality. And that A2 suppressor….

    Might be a lot of gun, but could they have spent a little more and included some better accessories? Very unimpressed, and am not even remotely interested.

    Also fire the idiot who wrote that brochure, the last sentence seems to suggest no rifle is better than the ACR (not exactly high praise).

  • Vak


    Comrade, you should know that the people’s rifle is and will always be the AK !

    No seriously, 3000 $ ? I am making a mental list of all the stuff (weapon related or not) I could buy with that money, and all of these things sounds better or more fun than the ACR.

    (I guess that OPERATORS OPERATING in OPERATIONNAL OPERATIONS will start fielding the ACR, just to show they have an insane amount of money.)

  • D

    people are saying someone at shot show said the dealer pricing for the basic was $2100. Ugh

  • John T

    I have ben waiting for so long for this rifle to get to market.
    I’m of 3 diffrent waiting lists in 3 diffrent stores so I could get one while I am able – now this.

    The main reason for me wanting to buy this rifle so bad was the ability to use all my AR and AK Mags with the proper lowers and cal kits.

    For this price I can buy a S&W Piston AND an Izhmash AK With optics for each and still come on top. I could, most likely, have enough left over for a lot of rounds for each.

    …I guess I will have to get the XCR after all and get a couple AR 762×39 mags and save a grand or two.

    How can someone take a sure fire success and F it up so bad?

  • jdun1911

    Yeah I have to agree that ACR is DOA in the civilian market just like the SCAR because of the sticker shock.

    When the economy was good the pain level was $600 before consumer think hard and long if they want to spend that kind of money. It is probably much less now with 1 in 5 US male out of the job. One job for every sixty that applied. With real unemployment rate nearing 20% (17.3% now) I don’t see ACR will have that much success in the current economy.

    R&D cost is small. The SCAR R&D cost was paid by US taxpayer. The ACR was already done for them. It is a copy of an older design with a new body. Bushmaster already paid for the tooling and CNC machines via AR15 productions. Remember Magpul people brag about their mechanical prowess. They developed FMG-9 on the airplane back from shot show.

    Free floating monolithic rails does increase the cost but not to that extent. The plastic lower receiver should help migrated it tho. I won’t lose any sleep over it. Let the market decide on the finial cost.

  • Crabula

    My guess is that they are charging that much money because they know that there are a select few people who absolutely have to be the first guy on the block with the now mythical ACR. These will be the same people who were willing to pay out the nose to have a SCAR when it first came out. That market should wear out pretty quick because the few guys that can actually afford a super exclusive $3000 gun will all be racing eachother to see who can get theirs first.

    After the market of people who can afford to be first is worn out, my guess is that the price will gradually drop down to something a little more reasonable. I am sure that everyone who planned to get one before the price announcement will still be ready and willing in a few months.

    Take a minute to consider what the consumer is actually getting for his money and you will realize that $2700-$3000 actually is not that far out of line. Try building yourself an ar-15 with all the high end custom features that come standard on this rifle and you will easily end up dropping that kind of money. The only ar-15 upper reciever that I can think of that features a piston operation AND a full length monolithic top rail is produced by Lewis Machine Tool and lists for about $1500 on their web site. Now add to that the cost of a lower reciever and a whole suite of Magpul accessories and you will end up pretty close to the MSRP for the ACR. Even after dropping that kind of money building an ar-15 with all the features that come standard on the ACR you would still end up with a gun that doesnt quite match the functionality of the user-interface designed into the ACR. And if you managed to complete this mythical ar-15 build for under $2700 that is because you arent paying to own the most long awaited cocktease of a firearm to be released this year.

    All that being said, there is no way in hell that I could justify that kind of money for a rifle at this point in my life. Hopefully someday, when my tuition stops eating up my ramen budget, and the price goes down I will be the proud owner of an ACR. Than again, if all goes according to plan, by that point in my life I will be hunched over a computer in an office somewhere designing the next over-priced dream-gun to hit the market.

    Oops! My comment is dangerously close to becoming a rant. Better stop now.

  • CinSC

    “I will try to find out the price of caliber conversion kits and additional barrels when I am at SHOT.”

    Maybe this will be sufficient to offset the initial investment?

    Still, I’d rather have an AR and another thousand dollars to spend.

  • KP

    Very disappointing. Was following this all the way from the start. Almost three grand and it doesn’t even come with a folding stock.

  • Clodboy

    To be fair, Magpul/Bushmaster/Remington probably sunk a ton of R&D money into this rifle, and it isn’t that much more expensive than some of the high-end “custom-grade” AR-15 out there. Then again, those also come with match-grade barrels for milisecond-of-angle accuracy, while the first generation of ACRs may still have some kinks to be ironed out.

    So yes, it might be a better idea to save your money for the time being.

  • Lance

    Its price is high beacuse of its hype. If we can hold out on buying one for a year or two the pricew will fall.

  • Visitor


    Does this thing have some sort of projectile guidance system? What are they thinking?

    For that kind of money, you can buy two very nice AR systems, be part way to a very VERY nice AI rifle, buy yourself a competition SIG pistol and enough ammo to shoot for about a year.


    And if it’s meant for the pros – guess what, I represent that market and those dollars are even tighter than before – some procurement guy is going to laugh when this crosses his desk.

  • Vitor

    People are quite disappointed with the price, weight and the 1:9 barrel twist.

    Now I see why Bushmaster is famous for fuckin things up…

  • John K.

    Ouch. I guess we’ll see how much all the video game and real world hype is worth after all and how much of it is really going to translate into sales. Sorry but at $3k it just ain’t worth it in my book. Yeah, it’s MSRP and there’s an early adopter tax built into that price but come on.

  • Whatever

    Remington in general seems to be mismanaged. Their choices for new products makes little sense to me.

    As for the ACR, I would have thought they would have gone with a removable handgrip so if someone wanted to change that to their liking they could do so. Given that they’ve done so many other things to this design that weren’t really necessary which upped the cost, they could have done this for probably no difference in cost.

  • Michael

    If you’re waiting for clones of the ACR, you got a long wait until the patents expire. You can’t just “clone” something that isn’t in the public domain.


  • Sean Sorrentino

    OK, one of two things is happening here,

    1) Bushmaster/Remington/Magpul haven’t worked out all the kinks yet and cannot build them fast enough to sell them at a realistic price


    2) Bushmaster/Remington/Magpul have utterly lost their collective minds.

    $3000? no way. this is just another bullet launcher. I want one, sure. but not for DOUBLE the price of any other perfectly capable bullet launcher. for that price i can get two A3 style Bushys and still have enough money to buy a nice optical sight.

    $1500. $1800 if i have to. fuck you otherwise.

  • daved

    Just have to add my disappointment. Like many of you, I avoided the SCAR in hopes that the ACR offered much more and was planning on buying at least 2 ACRs. Now I don’t think I’m going to buy even one and the SCAR looks far better then ever.

    Also looks like there may be an XCR in my near future.

    So disappointed.

  • KB

    I was disappointed with the price, extremely disappointed. So many additions to my AR could be made with that money, which will be made haha. Kudos to anyone who can dish out that cold cash for this puppy.

  • Stu C.

    Wow. I don’t know what they were thinking. We’ve been waiting three years for this. I mean, come on AR-15’s will still get the job done just fine, so buy the appropriately priced AR, and spend the rest on training ammo and classes. I dread to even think about the Massoud’s price point. I’ll just go buy an XCR.

  • Dom

    Well, that does it. I’m going to totally stop using the ACR in my Modern Warfare 2 games. Do you hear that, Bushmaster? It’s the sound of a thousand mall ninjas’ hearts breaking.

  • Eddy A

    lojlojlOlololoL! i’m going to keep using it in the game 🙁
    and i’m going to keep using my AR in real life. 🙁

  • That’s some expensive…plastic.

  • Wait. I can get a Larue or a Noveske AR for less than an ACR? I can build my own AR-SBR with all kinds of tricked out parts for less than an ACR?

    Than why wouldn’t I, and who’s going to buy these things?

  • KRS Juan

    Obviously none of you are from MapulLand™®© Where the rivers flow with .223 and unicorns load your PMAG’s™®©

    Have you all forgotten the Magpul lowers that sold for $3k+ on EE/GUNBROKER??

    I sold my used UBR during the “drought” for $400 because it was magical Magpul goodness and they hadn’t made that particular color for 2 weeks.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my PMAG’s, MIAD, ACS and CTR, but stop drinking the f*cking kool-aid people! Not everything Magpul makes is hand crafted by leprechauns in an under-volcano lair. Sure it’s really fun to use in ModernWarefare 2 but tha’ts really only because of it’s insanely fast fire rate on full auto.

  • jdun1911

    The dealer price is $2100. If you can get below that you’re a lucky guy.

  • Hmmm. Those XCRs are looking a lot better now.

    Why is the handguard so short on the Enhanced version? That’s dumb, as is the one-size-fits-some pistol grip.

    I’m gonna sit on my money for now. Maybe upgrade an AR-15 upper or two.

  • Code3

    What a laugh, I was sure there was no way the ACR would be less than 1500 but 3K?! I am the firearms instructor for a small police department. We are retiring our old shot-out A2 carbines and had talked the chief into getting gas piston powered rifles instead of M4orgeries. I had purposely put off getting bids because I wanted the ACR in the mix. No dice now… Looks like its down to Robinson, HK, and Sig. I hope Robinson wins the bid; they built the ACR before Bushmaster anyway and I am sure they can use an order for 35 rifles.

  • souza

    anyone know the MOA after barrel changes?? its not advertised anywhere that i could find.

  • jdun1911

    I just saw the weight on the ACR, 8.2 lbs. That’s heavy for a carbine that is half made out of plastic. Then again the monolithic rail and the extra components for quick barrel change does add weight.

  • disgusted!

    is this supposed to be funny? $3000?!!

    and i see they dropped the ball on the ultra accurate & long range 6.5 grendel

    screw them. I could buy 2 good guns for that price.


  • Personally, I think it’s a pretty stupid marketing move. With a molded poly lower, there’s no way the production costs are that much higher than a high end AR. There no machining in an injection molded piece. There’s a reason my SigPro 2022 costs half as much as a P226.
    They’re simply going for those prices because they know people will pay, because they paid that much for SCARs. But now there’s a bunch of people that were putting off SCARs because they were sure that the ACR was going to be cheaper, and now it turns out that it’s actually going to cost more. I wonder how many SCARs sold since the price on the ACR was released.
    Now if they had set it at even 3/4 the price of a SCAR, then all the people waiting would have jumped, and a bunch of people that wanted a next gen rifle would have jumped on the ACR bandwagon.
    Instead, BM has shoved a bunch of people over onto the FN boat and probably even more over to Robinson, especially after the introduction of the lawsuit.
    Hopefully Magpul takes the Massoud somewhere else.

  • Sig556

    Ummm, those of you waiting for Bushmaster to lower the price???? Don’t hold your breath. I bought the first SIG556 I could find for $1100.00 and regret it. I haven’t seen it lower than $1400.00 since, but I got one from the first batch with a canted flat top (not good). The ACR will sell, to some (not me), but not in the volume they had hoped for. But oh well, they make twice as much for producing half the rifles? Sounds like they can count. I saved my money for the ACR, and I’m very disappointed. I can only spend it once and it’s not going to Bushmaster.

  • Stu C.

    I do seem to remember the same thing happening with the RFB from Kel-Tec three years ago as well. At least their price came down quite a bit, now the only problem they have is making them fast enough. I know the new toys are gonna cost a little extra, but i paid a lot less for a brand new SOCOM 16 not even two years ago. I just cannot fathom what they were thinking.

  • Redchrome

    It should be noted that with the government printing money wildly, inflation is moving faster than most people notice. “Old” products have a lot of price inertia (manufacturers will often cut quality before they raise prices). New products can be priced in line with the actual cost of materials and labor (plus, there’s a need to amortize the R&D costs); so the prices on new products are higher.

    I think anyone who expected a shiny new rifle of advanced design and quality construction to be “the people’s rifle”, they are sadly deluded. Let’s face it, even a nice stamped-reciever AK (Arsenal) costs $700 at retail these days.

    Crabula makes a great point, that a high-end AR-clone (LWRC M6A3 for instance) has a pretty high pricetag most of the time as well. That said; will the ACR be built to LWRC/Colt standards, or to Bushmaster standards?

    The features available in the ACR (side/forward charging handle, caliber convertibility, folding+adjustable stock, possibility of interchangeable lowers for different mag designs) are a unique combination. If you don’t care about those features; go buy and AR or an XCR. (IMHO the XCR has a better bolt and piston design; but doesn’t have a fully ambi charging handle or magwell changeability).

    All rifles suck. This one just sucks less; and it has a concurrent price tag.

  • Nick

    $3000 is the price range for a Swiss SG 550 (PE90). I can’t believe they are pricing this plastic POS for the same price.

  • d

    the caveat is even if magpul kept the production to themselves, they couldnt possibly produce it in the quantities demanded so the price would be gouged anyways

  • Chris

    I think it is going to be like the Iphone, everyone has to have one and those who can afford it will buy it for $3000.00. However, after the initial sales and hype are gone, the prices will come down. How long, who knows, but the market usually wins if given a far chance!


  • mikeone

    I messed around with the display guns yesterday. The railed guns were heavy because of the 24k gold rails. The 1in9 twist is an absolutly retarded decision. Advanced rifle that shoots 55gr ammo yes wtf. Now throw a $3000 price tag on it , these guys must be high. The acr is a joke in my book, I find the pricing insulting. Lmt will continue to get my cash for there products. I’m glad I didn’t save $ for these rifle. Is bushmaster run by fat slow old guys like the dudes at there booth? Must be lol

  • bryan

    I dont care if bushmaster had to spend extra money on R&D or changes to the design and parts whatever other excuse they had. The fact of the matter is they had plenty of time to figure out if they were going to have to raise the price or not. In my book they are a bunch of liers because hiding the truth is just as bad as lying. I can possibly see a rifle like this be sold for $3000, but they said it would be a lot less then that right up until the last minute so now all the people that were anxiously waiting and saving up their money have now been let down and are really pissed off that they have been betrayed like this. Bushmaster needs to rethink their ethics and start thinking about their customers instead of their wallets. That being said, I’m not so sure this is magpuls fault at all… Think about it, magpul designed to rifle to be the best rifle of all time and suceeded in a very short amount of time and tried to contract it out to keep the costs minimal then bushmaster took it and did smoke and mirror R&D with some BS mods thrown in and skyrocketed the price so they could buy that new porsche for there son or some crap like that. That being said, getting the rifle thats fits my requirements perfectly might still be worth it no matter how disgusted by the company i am. So I havent quite made up my mind just yet.

  • Sig Sauer vs. Bushmaster? I pick Sig.

    Sig556 vs. ACR? Sig556 is proven, ACR is not.

    Price Sig556 vs. Price ACR? Sigs are under 2K, and here’s an extra $300.00 to buy ammo, optics, extra mags, beer and hot wings after shooting, ACR is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.


    Bushmaster, sorry guys. I knew you would f’this up somehow. I was crushed when I heard you guys got involved.

  • Colin

  • When a company drops the ball like this you have to make them feel it in their pocket books or they will do it again and again.


  • Azriel

    I have to agree with most everyones’ comments made to date. I have followed this rifle ever since learning about it right after getting back from my last tour in Iraq, in ’07. I have been anxiously waiting and dreaming it’s release, disappointed each time it was pushed back for one bullshit reason after another. I have memorized as much about the rifle as I could from videos and press releases that I could find. The day that the rifle was released was the happiest day I’ve had in a long while. Then I found out the price and went red with fury. Such big promises from both companies who started out with this rifle. Magpul/Bushmaster made promises to sell this gun at a price that would make it easy for the common man to be able to afford. Yeah, and pigs can fly. I really believed that they would stick to thier word, only to find out that like almost every civilian I’ve met to date, they were full of crap. Thank you all for opening my eyes to better weapon systems. I will be looking into them now, as I am thoroughly disgusted with Bushmaster now.

  • Azriel

    It’s great to know that Bushmaster, like Eddie Bauer, is charging more for the name than the product

  • Dissapointed

    I have been watching the Masada/ACR since its first rumblings. This new price and 1/9 twist is a real kick in the teeth. I will go ahead and buy a couple of Noveske rifle builds for that price. They a giving away free lowers with the uppers. Cool.

  • d

    lets be honest, did anyone really think a next gen rifle was going to be the same price as a quality AR15? Even if it did come out at $1500 the demand, wait list, and price gouge would be so horrendous that people would still complain. I never really expected this to be $1500 when high end piston ARs go over $2000. After seeing them extending the R&D for another couple years, I quit kidding myself living the $1500 pipe dream. I am still interested in this gun (however less than before), but I didnt get butthurt like a lot of people did, its just a gun.

    If I had designed and made this gun, no way hell I’d sell it for just $1500 considering what else is on the market.

  • Azriel

    Leave it to a civilian to misread what I wrote and get butthurt about it. I don’t need you to defend yourself. If you’re too much of a coward to go out and fight for your country when it was attacked, that’s your issue. Don’t try to pawn your excuses off on me, Mack

    • Macks comment should have been deleted and now had been.

      Please keep this discussion focused on the Bushmaster ACR. Offtopic comments in the future will be deleted,

  • d

    read on two different forums that FFL dealers have noticed a drop in the dealer price on the ACR:

    Basic – $1959.10 Dealer
    Enhanced – $2232.12 Dealer

  • disgusted!

    It was better 2 years ago before shrubmaster got involved.

    The prototype worked flawlessly and was LIGHTER than an ar-15, now its heavier, and a 1/9 non chrome lined barrel heap of crap

    if you wanna burn your money, why not throw it in the right stove and get a scar? lol

  • John T

    re: Youtube post

    It speaks to my soul on how I feel about this.


    After thinking about the little green shorty I messed with at the Rem Mil booth, I kinda still want one. Im just gonna wait till after March 1, and the feeding frenzy comes and goes. If street price hits around $2000 Ill buy one and SBR it. The barrel extension was infact an AR-15 one just with the piston junk attached. Im sure some aftermarket company could copy or make a replacement barrel system, besides bushy. Ie Caliber Corner could start 6.5grendel, 300 whisper, etc etc. Thus worth the initial purchase price.

    BTW that modular bolt gun was tits.

  • Oto

    Like someone else here already said, dont put too much weight on the MSRP. MSRP tends to usually be higher than what it will be sold on the streets. ALthough the verry first will probably go for or higher than MSRP, it wont take long for bushy to catch on with the demand and we will start to see prices drop below MSRP at retailers.

    Follow more ACR discussion at http://www.acrforum.com

  • Destroyer

    next generation rifle for under 2k? get real all you idiots on this post griping about being disappointed with bushmaster…

    seriously. Did you think the latest and greatest would be 1500? you must be dreaming. Just be patient and the price will go down…like the SCARs, which have gone from 4,000 to roughly 2,00.

  • Johnho

    The high price is not suprising even though once this rifle is in volume production it should cost less to manufacture than a typical AR due to its plastic lower and upper that appears to be based on an extrusion.

    The high initial price is because they are hoping to get goverment sales. They are pretty clear in the marketing I have seen that this is a goal. They would be cutting their profits if they offered commercial versions of the same rifle at a fraction of the price they were bidding it to goverment customers at its introduction.

    If this were a commercial only product, with no goverment sales, do you think they would bring it to market at this price point when it offers potentialy a slight performance improvement over the popular AR? From all the comments above I think I know the answer.


  • Anders

    you all should be glad you not live in norway and have to pay approximately 4500$ for this gun
    thats the prices i have seen around where i am living

  • T6

    I never believed the ACR would be 1500… I had hopes, but never believed.

    That said, I did get the “sticker shock” most of you felt as well. 2685 for the basic model with all of the “innovations” in manufacturing they claimed to use??? It would be more reasonably priced around 2000.

    I understand the need to compete with the likes of SCAR and XCR, but Bushmaster/Magpul should be looking to DESTROY them in the market. It makes better buisness sense to under-price the product to sell more, thus recouping the R&D costs.

    I guess I’ll just have to hold on to my direct-impingment AR til either the price comes down or I give up and buy a conversion to gas piston…

    -PFC Taylor US Army National Guard

  • los

    Bushmaster has just handed all that money sitting on the side line over to SIG’s 556. Pricing is out of whack for the ACR. At least SIG has a NJ compliant rifle we and other socialist States can purchase.

  • Nozz

    Man, what a bummer. I really wanted one of those but no way am I paying 2500 to 3000 for one. I bought 2 XCR’s and held off on a 3rd as I wanted a ACR, but for that price I’ll be making room for another XCR. Hell, I can even buy all 3 conversion kits with the new XCR for that price lol.
    Sorry Bushmaster, keeping my XCR’s, which perform great, and my Arsenal AK’s.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Jack’s lack of surprise

    When you price a rifle into the range of a Larue OSR or KAC SR-25 and then try to sell people a plastic 5.56 rifle you’re going to be met with some confused looks. $1999 was the absolute MAX price point for this rifle and they missed it by a mile.

    These prices are understandable though if they have some potential .gov contracts on the horizon.

  • JR

    THIS IS A LOAD OF BULL. What happened to the $1,500 dollar price tag!!

    I’ve been waiting for the ACR to be released since the MASSADA was invented and now they double the price.. They can keep the ACR and I encourage people NOT to buy these guns, get the F&N SCAR instead if you really like the concept and at least that has been tested.

  • Chris

    Disappointing to say the least.

    I guess I’ll be doing some more waiting to the price goes to something reasonable, or looking at the Larue OBR Lite.

  • Wow. Wonder why the covered the gold plate with that paint? It IS made of gold, right? LOL!

  • zach

    I really hope when Magpul goes to mass produce the Massoud they do it themselves. Or find a dependable company to do it that won’t make it cost $5000 or something.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the Remington ACR?

  • joe

    last price i tracked down was 2700.0 thay should call it the acr massaga.thanks for all the draged out info.i can build that for less

  • Bushmaster = Poo

    My Sig556 Classic SWAT should be in Wed or Thurs. Can’t wait to pick it up. It will be my second Sig556. Love it! Wanted an ACR but there’s no way I’m going to give my money to Bushmaster. Hey Magpul guys…I LOVE your products…..PMAG & UBR are unreal….but you screwed the pooch on the ACR. Sorry. Saved for months for your Masada, you went to Bushmaster, I went to Sig. Sorry Silly Rabbit, but those tricks are for kids.


    Bushmaster is not even in the same league as FN for designing or building a Military purpose built weapon even with the help of Remington & Magpul. The price of the ACR should not be anywhere near the price of the SCAR. The Bushmaster ACR is still just a BUSHMASTER

  • what?

    2600 same price as a fancy new scar get over it fanboys its a new rifle and a new concept its not gonna have the same price as something thats not as good come on

  • d

    looking around some sellers are posting up their street prices seen everything from $2100-2300 for Basic $2400-2600 Enhanced

  • Azriel

    hey d… In what state/states are they doing the 2400-2600 price for the enhanced ACR?

  • 954 marine

    Here is a Veterans perspective

    the rifle is quite pricey, but well worth it. on the 5.56 model i tested out recently, you can see easily why.every milimeter of the rifle is fine tuned, it is definitely a better fit in my hands by far. it falls back into place very quickly after firing. my only wish is that it was in 7.62×51. i think personally, i will never own one for personal use. i love shooting just as much as the next guy, but spending anything over 1800 on a rifle with no optics is out of the picture. a Flat top bushmaster AR cabine will run about 1200, 450 for an EOtech, 70 in good mags, and another 150 for nice furniture, then 200 for GOOD rails, not tapco trash. why not go with that?

  • Well worth it?

    Are you kidding me? Over priced. End of story. Paper punching zombie/commie hunters don’t need to switch calibers or fast switch barrels, just give us the 556 and cut the price by a grand. I read one jagoff say….well if you don’t want to switch calibers this rifle isn’t designed for you….thank you General Knowitall, actually, the Bushy’s are supposed to be for the civy market anyway. Let the boys at Remington worry about over charging the military to swap out magpul’s for crappy ak47 mags, that never was very attractive for 99% of the people who planned on buying this rifle. It just looks cool. Yep. That’s the crux of it. I’m the target market. 30ish, slightly over weight, very good looking range rat who wants a rifle that looks cool and could be relied upon if things hit the fan. You know, 2012 is right around the corner……

    Actually, on second thought, I just bought my second SIG556. You can keep this overpriced, unproven, untested, undelivered (check the date guys) rifle. Hey Bushmaster, you are not HK, SIG, FN, you are slightly below average with a reputation for being sloppy. Magpul, these guys killed your rifle. You picked quantity over quality and it’s a shame. My money is already spent.

  • 7.62?

    Did the Massoud die?

  • Massoud

    Massoud? No, it didn’t die. It’s been given to Bushmaster to develop. They really added some cool features. You can change it from .308 to airsoft and .22 short rifle, it will have a folding stock that also can be used as a spatula, a makeup mirror, a tampon holder, a cheese grater and a compass. It’s going to be available in 2012 and ship in 2018. MSRP $18,000. $18,050 enhanced. They did however change the name to the BMDBD…..Bushmaster Douche Bag Dispenser. The target market for Bushmaster is the French Army, but they won’t buy it until Bushmaster adds a pop up white flag.

  • Eric

    XCR all the way for 1700

  • paull

    there are price hikes based on hype and just high price. when MSRP is 2600+ an 3000+ that’s not just ‘hype’.. that’s just bad pricing, and i seriously doubt if it will come down in a few months. look at the price for para ordance target rifle.. i have not seen one person who has bought one..

    i think sentiment is pretty much the same everywhere here. unproven, bushmaster weapon for this price is too high.

    specially when you can get a sig 556 patrol swat for $1500 street price.. i just saw it today at san antonio gun show. $1499 for patrol swat. and i saw a MSAR for $1050..

    ACR is not in my list of things to buy for next several years if at all.. i find it dubious to buy a combat weapon for such high price..

  • Knight71

    Massoud ! You’re killing me. I haven’t laughed so much since the day before I found out how much the ACR was going to cost. The sad part is you’re probably right. I read on a site that estimated price was supposed to be between 1,400 & 1,500. I knew damn well that when I saw Bushmaster was taking over production that it would be closer to 2,000 which with some twisting I might consider, but 3,000 ?! NO WAY ! I guess all we can do is hope for the best. It might come down it might not.
    Until then POF-USA makes a cool piston drive that so far is really appealing to me. Cheaper and in 5.56, 6.8, & .308 ! Until then we’re all going to have to get over this like when getting some chicks clothes off, and finding out the sad horrible truth she was hiding all along.

  • Davo

    Saw the ACR in black today at a local shop. Prices were $2350 for the Basic and $2600 for the Enhanced. 5.56 only. They had the several Basic rifles in stock that you could take home today, but said the Enhanced rifles would be in sometime in May. Came with five magazines, but I didn’t see the rest of the package. The rep was there and he said caliber conversion kits would be available by June. I’ve heard all this before, but it was nice to actually see at least the basic model in a store for sale!

    The fixed stock was too short for me; felt like a SCAR with the stock collapsed all the way. One of the employees joked that it wouldn’t feel that way when I put all my uber tactical body armor on. Ha! I guess that’s who this is marketed for?

  • gT

    A local dealer has the “Basic Model” for $2099.99 + 7% sales tax. I would never, EVER pay $2247 for anything made by Bushmaster. I wouldn’t buy it if Kate Beckinsale came with it!

    For $2247 I can have a Colt 6920 and a complete BCM 4150 Hammer Forged Mid Length with a Troy BUIS!

    After owning many copies of the following 5.56 designs over the past 20 years (all original – no “PTR”; “Century” or “MSAR” garbage): HK93; Beretta AR70; Robinson M96; AK47/84S-1; AR15; Sig556; AUG; Galil; and Valmet I can wholeheartedly endorse quality DI AR15’s (BCM; Colt; LMT; Noveske) and the Sig556.

    I will never, ever, buy an ACR or SCAR. Heck, a folding stock DSA Para FAL costs less and has an all forged and milled upper and aluminum forged and milled lower! READ: No cheap injection moulded plastic.

    • Don

      I’m with you, I like the more durable methods of construction, and have been fortunate enough to have owned a FN-FNC, an early-import Galil, a M1A-NM, and currently own a Milled rec. Bulgarian Arsenal AK, with a Dragunov-style stock. If I had funding, I would likely try to track down a decent 5.56, fer the sake of commonality. Love to own a Kel-Tec Bullpup, .308.. shot-molded plastic really shouldn’t cost much..

  • Redchrome

    gT, not to get off-topic, but how did you like the AR70? It’s little-known, but looks like a tolerably good design.

  • Colin

    gT, I’d buy Kate Beckinsale for $2247 if she came with a free ACR 🙂

    Have to say I’m with you on the para FAL though…

  • Massoud

    Kate Beckinsale wasn’t made by Bushmaster. But I’d take her even if she was. I’d stake her set screws.

  • Scott

    This weapon doesn’t cost anymore to mfg than an AR15. Very disappointed after waiting more than a year. Glad to see they got the barrel twist right but at double the price they’re worth, they will have to keep mine.

  • Massoud

    This is why I believe Magpul failed with the Masada.
    The concept of the Magpul Masada was brilliant. The execution however has been failure, after failure, after failure. With what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hit a grand slam in the majors, Magpul struck out. Marketing a product 3-4 years before it’s available, while creating a massive industry wide buzz, created expectations that Magpul simply isn’t able to meet. Quoting a potential MSRP as early as they did, that was as low as it was ($1,500.00), then releasing an actual MSRP as late as they did at nearly twice that ($2,500.00-$3,000.00) created a backlash I’m not sure they can overcome. Yes, rifles will be sold, but far fewer than once hoped.
    $3,000.00 for a black rifle? Maybe, but not with a Bushmaster logo on it. If Magpul wanted to sell a -$700.00-$1,200.00 rifle, Bushmaster wasn’t a horrible option. If Magpul wanted to sell a $2,500.00-$3,000.00 rifle it had better have the letters HK or FNH on the side of it. In fact, I think FNH would have been the perfect business partner. With a reputation second to none, as well as current military contracts, massive manufacturing capabilities and the complementary SCAR release, this would have been a match made in heaven.
    The rifle itself could have been designed to be produced less expensively, and offer some better functionality. First, the stock should have been a spin off of the UBR. They have already mastered what I feel is the single best after market stock available. A slight modification would have allowed them to use the UBR by simply designing an attachment to fit into the Masada. The pistol grip should not have been a permanent part of the lower due to the wide variety of after market options, including Magpul options. Variations in caliber aren’t going to be as attractive to most of the target market. The loss of the AR-15 barrel takes away a significant portion of the value to the military, and was never valued by the civilian market, which, in all reality, is where Magpul was going to make its money on the Magpul Masada. We won’t be at war forever folks.
    Bushmaster was the wrong choice due to a long, very well established, documented history of shoddy workmanship. I will never own a Bushmaster rifle.
    The ingenuity of the Magpul Masada, which is what I continue to desire, did not come through in the Bushmaster ACR (Absolutely Costprohibitive Rifle). Bushmaster, you lack the ingenuity of Magpul. You are responsible for the failure of this rifle.
    Magpul missed the opportunity to be entered into the history books next the likes of Eugene Stoner, John Browning and Mikhail Kalashnikov.
    Heads should roll over this.

  • gT

    All – Kate Beckinsale has the reliability of an AK47; accuracy of a AR15; and durability of a Glock. In other words – she’s full of WIN!

    Redchrome – the AR70 was a decent rifle, but I didn’t care for the ergonomics. Additionally, it suffered from a total lack of parts availability (and magazines). Logistically its a “non-starter”.

    Colin – long live the FAL!

  • Reimers

    I just got one of these aces and the battery storage thing plug falls out after five rounds when u have batteries in it WTF

  • Rijoenpial


    I don’t think FN would want somebody else’s design…All the ACR has that the SCAR hasn’t is a barrel/caliber change in lesser minutes (the SOCOM operator required 5 or less than 5 in the specs, way back in 2004, I think) and a bolt release/catch that the operators, used to handle the M4 one, are not accustomed to… Even the Magpul guys testing the Masada got it wrong, by charging the bolt a few times and only after a while, remembering there was a bolt release there…

    FN is known to produce ‘her’ own designs, so I don’t think they are that desperate… And they would do a much better work at it… And with far less complications regarding the patents…

    I believe the ACR arrived too late, is too expensive because of the too many companies involved, and far too costly for the civilian user to spend on a weapon just because it felt great on Modern Warfare 2, a weapon that has not yet been tested in the field or in any reliable independent testing…

    Therefore, the ACR has a very long way to establish itself in the field (real war is not a videogame) and by that time, the Beretta ARX-160, with its fully ambidextrious feeling and more efficient modularity, will have earned the respect and care of the user… provided it gets sold in the US and at a reasonable price, of course…

    Going back to topic, the ACR representative at ShotShow 2010 stated that they are so confident in the ACR that they are not willing to lower the prices…My guess is that they are only targetting the big spenders (aka Armies, domestic and foreign) because they already know by now (the feedback must have been terrible for them to do additional footage to the, I believe, AR15.com video) that the only version capable of seeing some light is the Basic version and even that one, will have fewer buyers than anticipated… That is a clear case of expecting the marketing (MW2, Future Weapons,…) to sell this gun alone, regardless of the shameful price they come up and attach to it…

    I agree with you, Massoud, about the foul-up in the choice of manufacturers… But I believe HK and FN are not in desperate need to borrow third parties’ designs (Magpul)…

    Only Bushmaster and Remington together could face the civilian and military markets… And I question these companies’ ability to produce them in the numbers procured… At least, without sacrificing quality and reliability…


  • JoeB

    This used to be one of my favorite rifles, the price, howerer, is very dissapointing. I knew the Masada was going to go downhill after Bushmaster took over the project. But now, Im crazy about the Polish Beryl 96. Think of it, you combine the second to none reliability of an AK-74 and slap in a 5.56 NATO round to the picture and it represents the perfect blend of eastern and western weaponology. Those are probably hard to come by, so im resorting to an AK-74M. The 5.45 round is freakin outstanding, dominates the 5.56 in every way, that, and its hundreds and hundreds of dollars cheaper than an ACR with similer accuracy and more reliable. Ah well, at this price, Bushmaster had it comming to them. Hopefully they will bump down the price, I still would like to own one of these in the future.


    I love my ACR, The quality, fit and finish is everything that my SCAR is, Changing Calibers is a breeze! Plus it has the 6.8 SPC II chamber which allows for hotter loads. I know it sucks for alot of people who can’t afford this amazing rifle, I’ve only been able to take it out once as of yet. I just wish I could put the Lower Receiver off my M16- (to make it full auto.) on the ACR. Yes I have a class 3 weapons Trust and yes it was manufactured before the ban. perfectly legal in Florida.


    Both Bushmaster and Remington will be manufacturing the ACR. To the guy who wanted to know the length with the stock folded, I just measured mine and it’s 33 and 5/8’s of an inch.


    I forgot to mention changing out the Bolt, etc. to make it full auto.


    The US Army will never adopt this weapon system. I also question the continued sales to consumers at these over inflated prices. I think it is just a matter of time before the Modern Warefare2 inspired customers dry up.

  • noe

    The price really is not that bad for the enchaned $2025 total. beside what other riffle out there has the same specs.

    * 16 ½” cold hammer-forged barrel with innovative coating for extreme long life (1×7″ and 1×9″ twist available)
    * AAC Blackout flash hider with exceptional signature reduction
    * Adjustable, two-position gas-piston-driven system, for firing suppressed or unsuppressed
    * Tool-less quick-change barrel system available in 10.5″, 14.5″, 16.5″ and 18″ and in multiple calibers
    * Multi-caliber bolt carrier assembly quickly and easily changes from 223/5.56mm NATO to 6.8mm Rem SPC 7.62x 39 6.5mm caliber change in 120 sec. no tools required
    * Free-floating MIL-STD 1913 monolithic top rail for optic mounting
    * Fully ambidextrous controls include magazine release, bolt catch and release, fire selector and non-reciprocating charging handle
    * High-impact composite lower receiver with textured magazine well and modular grip storage
    * Folding and six-position telescoping high-impact polymer stock with rubber butt pad and sling mounts
    * Magpul MBUS front/rear flip sights
    * Ships in oversized hard case for accessory storage, includes 30-round PMAG
    * Three-sided aluminum hand guard with integral MIL-STD 1913 rail for accessory mounting
    * 2-point push button sling

    it shoots great. I like it over my AR.

  • CharlesA222

    So….8 months after release, what is street price looking like as a general rule? There’s some posts from january quoting 2,000 for the Basic and 2500 or so for the Enhanced; it gone down any since then?

  • Redchrome

    I saw one at my local gun shop recently. It was ~$2600 for the basic model (IOW, MSRP). I will say it felt pretty good in my hands. I *love* the charging handle design and I love the forend design. It felt a shade heavier than the SCAR-L; and I will admit there was something (very slightly) indescribably *better-feeling* about the SCAR. I’d need to live with each one for a little while to really know tho.

    The SCAR feels like it was put together by some engineers who had moderately good ideas, but came up with a really great execution of them.

    The ACR feels like it had some really fantastic ideas, but a mediocre execution of them.

    This may just be a lot of my personal biases from waiting for years for the ACR and not the SCAR.

    I wish Magpul had gone to H&K for production of the ACR. We would have known up front that it would cost a shitpile, but would have been fantastic in quality and execution (like a sensible barrel profile, better bolt design [since AR15 barrel compatibility is gone], and little details like screw head sizes).

  • People pay more on Gibson and Fender guitars than the 3000$ bushmaster is asking for a ACR rifle.. thats nothing for the benifit you are getting from this gun.. i want to know if this can be sent to canada ? but with a 16 inch barrel im thinking our laws are not up for that much chowder..

  • Lexintexas

    Bought one (ACR) in March. What a mistake!
    1. The battery container in the grip fell out at the range and we couldn’t find it in the grass. That was the least of our disappointments.
    2. Firing milspec 556 55 grain ammo, we were suffering ejection failures about every three rounds. When the rifle did cycle, it had the tendency to produce a 2-4 round full auto burst. As cool as that may sound, it is not.
    3. Sent the rifle back to Bushmaster. They replaced the “firing pocket” (I think that’s the little pocket on the front of the overalls) and fired 160 rounds. Life is now good, right? No. Went back to the range and replicated previous problems. Called Bushmaster repeatedly. Pretty sure customer service people there have never discharged a firearm. Was finally informed that the problem just might be that the rifle was not designed for the 556 round. Huh? Read all the ads. Bushmaster does believe the problem can be resolved by working on the orifice size in the gas regulator. They have reportedly been working on a fix for months. In the meantime, the rifle functions fine if you limit it to a diet of Remington or Wolf (go figure) 223 ammunition.
    4. In the same timeframe, I have had dealings with Ruger and S&W customer service. Ruger replaced a small part at no charge with just an email and S&W resolved problems with a rifle. Bushmaster needs to get a clue.
    5. However this plays out, I am left with a $2400 rifle with a battered ejection port from all the brass off of stovepipes and reversed casings stuck in the rifle. I should have bought a llama.
    6. Recently bought a Ruger SR556. Also own a Sig 556. Both are more than reasonable substitutes for the Bushmaster. Directed a friend looking for a piston rifle to the Ruger. Sorry boys and girls at Bushmaster, you won’t get any more of my business or any positive advertising about your products from me. Especially if you are looking for a “SHTF” rifle, this ain’t it. The may be the rifle that causes the “S” to “HTF”. Happy shooting compadres.

  • Massoud

    Before you spend a dime on an ACR, go read the reviews and watch the videos on Youtube. Every magazine review I’ve read raves about the ACR. Must be great for 100 rounds on a sunny day. BUT, read and watch what people who have sent thousands of rounds down range have to say and you will probably reconsider.

  • Massoud

    My frustration with the ACR just seems to continually resonate. Is this what Bushmaster thinks we will accept? Are we resigned to buy crappy, expensive rifles? Are we written off as being so simplistic that we will spend our hard earned dollars, in a bad economy, on a crappy, over marketed rifle? MAGPUL WE DESERVE BETTER! You need to find a work around to the Bushmaster disaster. I don’t want a llama. I want a Masada. I want what you marketed and promised. You tried to make the quick buck. It didn’t work. You need to regroup and correct his. I want Magpul quality, not Bushmaster mistakes. I concur that HK and FNH probably wouldn’t seek outside designs, but why not try? How about Colt? They might want to try a different direction? How about giving the whole 9 yards to Remington? It seriously makes me sick to see what Bushmaster did with this.

    I want a Masada.

  • Craig

    don’t know what you guys are talking about, look on gun broker, basic model acr rifles are going for 2000, and the accuracy from a fast switch barrel rifle is great, and 16.5 inches with that accuracy is even better. i’ll still get one

  • HK Fan

    I just picked up a FN SCAR and a Bushmaster ACR. Overall I prefer the ACR’s barrel change capabilities and ergonomics. FN drawback is the charging handle that is flying back and forth during firing. I did have 3 ejection/stovepipe issues out of 150 rounds of 5.56 lake city ammo with the ACR. The ACR has a cheap case but it beats the cardboard box that the SCAR came in. Waiting for the pelican case and extra barrels to set up a nice weapon system.

  • HK Fan

    I’ll see what happens when I go back to the range.

  • Stout

    GunBroker has a whole slew of Basics for $1750, and enhanced for $1850, from a few dealers. They look like they top out at $2080 for the Enhanced model.

  • Massoud


    Looks like the guys that use Gunsamerica.com didn’t get the memo. The prices have been falling on ACR’s for a while, and I’ve heard they will continue to fall. Not sure where the bottom is, but the celebration about their availability is over. Especially after the recall. I don’t have a lot of faith in ACR’s right now.

  • charles222

    3 jams out of 150? Man, my USGI M4 that’s been passed around like a skanky cheerleader on prom night virtually never jams. Certainly never had a stovepipe.

  • charles222

    Although to be fair, my M1 Garand initially jammed tons when I first got it-I could barely get through a single en-bloc clip without a failure to extract, actually-so I suppose this could just be a lot of cases of new gun tightness.

    Anyone who owns one willing to occasionally post-say, every few months-whether or not the issue has resolved itself?

  • coyote

    Anyone interested in this rifle should read “American Rifleman” April 2011 issue, page85. Bushmaster has an ad stating not to use your Bushmaster ACR rifle. It’s being recalled!

  • Tom

    I see Shrubmaster will never learn….

  • Craig

    I just checked my acr on bushmasters website, and it is free and clear of the recall.
    This is good, since i’ve been shooting it non stop for two months now,.. and don’t plan on stopping.
    So far, it’s ben incredibly accurate, almost comparable with my bush. varminter. All reloads tested, have functioned reliably. I have tested loads from 53gr.– 68gr. so far benchmark powder with mil lc brass has worked the best, looking forward to transfering my b&l 4000 6-24 to the acr for even better accuracy testing.
    will post the resaults later..

  • Sid

    Although others have followed the Masada more closely and have taken the step of pre-ordering from Bushmaster….

    My first thoughts when I saw the MagPul Masada on Futureweapons was that they had solved the riddle. It was a reliable, multi-caliber, multi-configuration weapon system. Common connection points with almost unlimited easy attach features. At least, that was the promise…

    What I see is a clone of the SCAR with good internals. I don’t doubt that those who say they are having good work from their ACR are bing honest. But a good rifle is not what the ACR/Masada was supposed to be. We were promised that this rifle would achieve a few highly sought after features in one package. What we are seeing is not it.

    And 1:9 twist? WTH!

  • blt

    come on guys stop shuting the acr down i under stand about the pricing (which i pray it go down 2 2,300 for enanced version )but it still a cool skilled gun ps waitin 4 the 7.?? conversion if they fix a few problems with it anybody got a release date?

  • ant mich

    . How would you like to be the one at the range when that defective baby went full rock-n-roll. No thanx. I have never had any problems with my shrublord m-4 xcept stupid commercial buffer tubes and things like that, but who would take a chance at being a felon by a malfunction at the range. Isnt that what is happening with the ACR . Oh yeah the m-4 stock buffer also has that annoying twang thing going which tells me lost eye for detail. All of that stuff could have been avoided with a little patience, trial and error, and attention to detail. A firearm should go through the ringer before it hits the academy and Wal-Mart. I am glad to see the increased production in 308s out there, but its still a chore to put one together. all the different stuff. For example I didnt know i needed the high-profile dpms rail to fit my Mega Ma-Ten. That costed me a couple the hard way. My 1rst 308 build goes like this. Ma-Ten billet receiver set, VLTOR enhanced emod stock, VLTOR 6 position buffer tube, H3 buffer, AR10 spring, DPMS lower parts kit, DPMS chrome bolt carrier assembly, VLTOR sling end-plate, Troy Ind. TRX 308 extreme battlerail, Rainier ss 16″ midlength barrel and low-profile gas block, YHM Phantom and a midlength gas tube. I spent less then the intro price for the ACR. I have a rifle i am very sure about. Throws em out there pretty good.The FN SCAR is a nice looking gun but why wouldnt they just change the M-4 upper or go to the AR-10. Isnt it easier to switch an ar upper. Two pins. Anyhow ACR will never be a SCAR and why would it want to be. We have an AR so lets keep it simple. Or perhaps paint an AK black. They have been making rails for AKs for a while now.I decked one out a couple of yrs ago. Not nearlly as sweet as the Blackrifle, but you can have one w/ 1000rnds for about 550.00. AR cheap pack from Del-ton or DSA w/out ammo g0 for about 675.00. DSArms 16″complete upper 275.00, bolt carry assembly 110.00, charging handle 14.00, complete lower w/stock 225.00. 624.00 plus transfer and shipping usually around 25.00 for transfer and 25.00 for shipping. Thats a starter gun for 675.00 and 500rndsfor around 130.00 from J&G Sales would be good to play with. Hard to believe DSArms USA made uppers are only 275.00 and are pretty damn impressive.

  • Lee

    @ANT Mitch

    What? That was probably the most disjointed post I’ve ever read. But seriously, When you start comparing AR’s to AK’s, making them sound similiar tells me you probably haven’t shot both. I will admit I could have misinterpreted this But if you think That an AR-10 whether it’s chambered for .308, 7.62×51 or if it can fire both. The 7.62×39 Shot from an AK doesn’t come close to a 7.62×51 AR. AK’s are great rifles, but there definitely not a long range rifle and the 7.62×39 doesn’t have the same reach OR power as a .308 or 7.62×39. I have a Scar 17S, why a SCAR 17S over AR-10 you seemed to think there was little difference. The Gas Piston System allows you to shoot a ton of ammo and you can take the bolt out and hold it, compared to Gas impingement where every shot you fire the gases from the explosion are dumped in the chamber, I also have a DPMS LR-308 for longer range shooting, The DPMS has a Gas impingement system and it is amazing to me how much cleaner everything is with a Gas Piston System, not to mention how much COOLER it runs. BTW, good luck finding an ACR at Wal-Mart. I don’t own an ACR, never even shot one. When I first heard about it the thought of shooting 6.8SPC in a rifle that you can shoot 5.56×45 and a few minutes later you have a rifle that’s chambered in 6.8SPCII. I do have a LWRC 6.8SPC and I love it. BTW, I didn’t even read the article that generated these comments but when I saw your little rant there I just thought I would get in on that.

    On a Completely different note, has anyone in here shot an AR with a SSAR-15 Stock? I started buying my own guns like 5 years ago when I was old enough and I’ve been Carrying since I got my CWP when I turned 21. My point is it makes me sick when I see these crappy pieces of nuts and bolts that will make you “shoot full auto”, those things are a Joke. I had a friend telling me about the SSAR-15 and didn’t believe the crap he was telling me. So we went out on some private land where we can shoot, he had this weird looking stock on it, I can’t explain the whole thing but, he emptied a 30rd Pmag shooting from his shoulder in 3 seconds or less, is my guess. We then put up Targets and I brought my shot timer. Bottom line, I think by the time I was on my 4th 30rd magazine, at 25 yards, I know it’s not that long, but at 25 yards I was shooting 30rd magazines in just under 3 seconds and all 30 bullets would hit the Shoot and see circular target. I swear it felt like It was shooting at least as fast as my Dad’s Registered Pre-Ban Select Fire (Safe, Semi,Auto) “M16″, The Upper and lower match, I would say this Pre-ban Full-Auto is in 95%+ condition, Sadly, I’ve only shot it once, it doesn’t use a Lightning link or a DIAS, I don’t see it much, because of it’s value he keeps it in a HUGE safe which has the dehumidifier and all that crap and it stays at a constant temperature. However, he has an AR identical to my first AR. a Bushmaster A3M4 Patrolmans’ Carbine, the reason to get the patrolmans’ carbine is it has a 16″ barrel so you can remove the flash suppressor, alot of AR’s have 14.5” barrels with welded on 1.5 inch Flash Suppressor. I LOVE my Bushmaster A3M4, it’s my go to gun when I want to have fun.

  • HG

    I have 2 Scars, what I found interesting is that without a workbench and tools, that while your out in the field, you can go from 5.56NATO to Shooting 6.8SPC. That was VERY tempting to me, but, the 6.8SPC barrel isn’t available to the public yet, Bushmaster says it will be available December or January. Something else that someone said was that who does bushmaster think they are HK? Different Brands usually build weapons that fill certain Genre’s. I don’t have an ACR, but do I believe they have the ability to make a Rifle just as good if not better than a SCAR. Bushmaster is not some generic name that some guy who buids AR’s in his garage uses, I’m not looking this up, but I’m pretty sure Bushmaster is a company owned by remington. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my H&K’s, hell I bought 3 of them. However, in my opinion and this is coming from a Marine after 3 tours and alot of rounds downrange. If I was on an island and had to fight but could only have a Knife and a Single Handgun, I would have a Ka Bar Knife and a Full Size Glock, not sure which Caliber….Probably .40S&W which would be a Third Gen. Glock 22 with a insight Technologies M6X on the front. I would also have a High Quality Conversion Barrel for the Glock 22 that knocks it down to a 9MM So I could use the Glock brand 31+2 Magazines. Scherer makes these VERY high Capacity Glock mags in .40SW, but I have yet to see one go through every bullet without a Jam. Ka Bar fighting knife with a Glock 22 with a spare barrel, a high quality 9mm Conversion Barrel for the Glock 22and don’t forget the M6X with plenty of 9mm and .40SW Magazines and ammo. However it would suck not having a rifle since marines will always be riflemen.

  • Nick

    I can tell you one thing right now I know to be a fact from being over there Number 1, I don’t see any branch of the military changing to a new weapon, at least not yet, there teasing these companies around, and then they’ll buy a few and say there for Special Ops. What I see, at least the ARMY doing is going through our Current M16 and M4 Rifles, and getting them in the best shape possible (best working shape) they don’t give a damn how it looks, but our current M16 and M4’s we have alot of them. One of the problems with them is the gas system, during a firefight you can feel the heat through your gloves on your left hand. I think the ARMY is going to stay with the current platform at the very least 10 more years, at least for the 5.56 round. But I do see the Army finding a reliable Gas piston system to retrofit on all the rifles we have in the armory. Now that I’ve said that….

    @Ant Mitch
    Do you have ADD or something, that was the most disjointed rant I think I’ve ever seen. I either misunderstood the manner in which you talk or you just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Seriously though, do me a favor…. do not become a gunsmith. You remind me of this guy over in Iraq, we called him al wahhabi because that’s the only words this M*#&erF*#&$r would say. Even though he couldn’t speak english You could ask him anything and he would respond “Al Wahhabi” sounded like I-yer Rahabi when he said it, but we settled on AL Wahhabi which basically means “There are no terrorists Here, so you can leave” oh, and also, why are you comparing a AR10 shooting .308 or 7.62×51 to an AK? The 7.62X39 AK round and the AK itself= a weapon that does not have much range. The 7.62×51 is superior in every way to the 7.62×39 AK round. The 6.8SPC which uses a standard AR-15 Lower Receiver. BTW, I’ve felt sorry for these guys who buy this cheap crap to “bump fire” with, it’s a waste of ammo, but the other day a friend of mine took me out, and using his Bushmaster A3M4 equipped with an SSAR-15, he shot 30 rounds from the shoulder in what I would guess would be less than 3 seconds. By the time I was on my 4th Magazine, I could shoot 30rds in less than 3 seconds from the shoulder at a circular shoot n See Target 25 yards away and Every single bullet from that 30rd PMag hit that target, I don’t own one, but, The SSAR-15 is the first thing I’ve ever seen that can make you drop a 30rd mag in less than 3 seconds according to a shot timer, not only is it fast and your shooting from the shoulder, but it’s accurate as well. However, an SSAR-15 is like 375 dollars now and gun stores can keep them in stock. I never thought I would see the day where you could shoot an AR that fast from the shoulder, legally, and still be accurate. ALOT of people have Youtube video’s of the SSAR-15 in action, the way it works is a stroke of genius. I don’t know if I’ll buy one, but I know they are fun as hell to play with, and they are NOTHING like those 40 dollar piece of craps that don’t work. Has anybody else shot one of these? If you don’t have an adjustable Stock you have to purchase a Mil-Spec Buffer Tube. You also remove the pistol grip and put the included block in it’s place, when you put it on the stock AND the grip move as one piece. I never thought it would work when my friend was telling me about it, but you should check it out on youtube or something, It’s fun to play with and it comes with an ATF approval letter.

  • Massoud

    HEY SIG556!!!

    I got one of those canted tops as well. I just lean to the right…. : )

  • ant mich

    Lee are you still cutting hair? Nick when did i compare my Ma-Ten to my AK. I still cant find that in my post. Its only the #1 combat rifle of all times. But im with you ,Im a stoner guy too. Lee ill see you at the range and you can shoot some or all of the above. Simple as it is to slop one together my local shop ,head spaced the 308 for me and ordered the wrong TRX Battlerail not knowing of the new low-pro DPMS stuff. I bit the 200.00 bullet because i didnt want to hurt his ego. Hes really a cool guy. They generally only work with the 556 uppers. I did not mean to offend anyone . Im just happy i finally got the right rail and it lines up. why they went from 3/16 to 1/8 i’ll have to research. Maybe so they can line up on the 5.56 uppers. would have been nice if armilite and DPMS had the same barrel nut. we could have avoided that. But thats why i dropped it of with the pros. Anywho i guess im not wanted here , so i’ll leave it to you guys. You can count on me when the shtf.
    Please support the N.R.A. and God Bless America.

  • BoaCon

    Ant Mich, Your Mega sounds sick. I also saw the post on the shotgun. Been there and done it ,bro. Don’t sweat the kids. See you when the SHTF!

  • runandgun

    I bought an Enhanced Tan ACR several months ago. (ok dark earth or Coyote whatever its a little tan/greenish to me) As the owner of many, many AR’s…AK’s, Galil’s, Valmet, Baretta’s HK’s, FN’s…Steyr’s…the only thing close….is Steyr. I mean I really love my AR platform weapons, but after making the switch and getting to know the ACR….It’s just a MAJOR step forward in most every area. Mine rests in a Larue covert case with the barrel removed and can be reassembled in a minuite for deployment. (no its not home defence)

  • Massoud

    I was going to buy an ACR as well, but I couldn’t decide between the “One-For-The-Price-Of-Two” model or the “NFA-Violating-Full-Auto-Surprise-Smuggle-Smokes-Into-Federal-Prison” model. I think I’ll save my pennies for the next over hyped, over priced, poorly manufactured AR wanna be.

    Ho Ho Ho.

  • runandgun

    Expensive….yes….poorly manufactured? No way….this thing is on par with my Steyrs, HK’s and Galil. Easily more rifle that any of my 10 or 12 AR types. (Colt mostly) The beauty is its minimal parts and fantastic ergonomics…simple function.

  • Nick

    The ACR is a very nice and very capable weapon. It makes extensive use of polymers, yet does not in any way feel “cheap”, in fact it feels like you could chop down a tree with the thing.
    I have more experience with the 6.8SPC model than the standard 5.56 one, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference as I have fired numerous AR-type rifles chambered in 6.8SPC (and 6.5 Grendel).
    Personally, I would imagine this weapon would work best in a CQB-type situation, especially utilizing the 6.8SPC round (with a high-weight bullet), an EOTech sight, Vertical Foregrip, and the collapsible and side-swinging stock. It is very easy to get off a short burst and the first 3-5rds from that burst are grouped extremely tight, especially within 50yds or so. After that, it goes to sh*t just like any lightweight fully-automatic weapon.

    However, I own an HK416 (Safe/Semi/Full trigger, Class3) with both the 10.4″ and 14.5″ uppers, a plethora of “accessories” including my go-to add-ons such as the EOTech EXPS3 and G33 Magnifier, SureFire M900V (modified) Weaponlight, Magpul STR Stock, Magpul EMAG’s, and one of my half-dozen 5.56 Sound Suppressors.

    To me, the HK416 is a superior weapon, and while I admit I am biased, I can shoot a tighter group with my HK than I could with the ACR even though the latter had a longer barrel (14.5 vs 16). Although my HK is modified internally somewhat (upgraded bits of trigger assembly, recoil spring, etc), accuracy was not affected at 100yds, so I don’t consider it an “advantage”.

    In the end, the ACR is a very capable weapon that, if chambered in 6.8SPC, could find itself to be very successful in a niche group such as any type of Special Forces who would benefit highly from a more-durable, reliable, and powerful weapon than the standard M4 while being able to carry just as many 6.8SPC rounds as they would 5.56 yet likely requiring fewer of the former per given target.

  • The new Bushmaster ACR states the term “modular” with the extraordinary ability to change capacities, lengths of barrel and stock configurations in few minutes – without any device. Truly the most versatile and adaptive rifle ever conceived is this with unbelievable performance.

  • Tanner

    I think this video represents our reaction the best:

    • I’ve watched a few of these Hitler in the bunker videos. Yours is by far the funniest and best scripted. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while. I lost it when the gal consoles her friend with “Don’t cry, we’ll get you a Noveske tomorrow.” I too followed the development of the ACR and was pissed at the price. Never even considered buying one at that ridiculous cost. Hitler was right about one thing, for that money you can buy an H&K.

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