Ruger LCR coming in .357 Mag!

NRANews’s Cam and Company [ iTunes Link, 1/14/10 episode ] let slip the news that Ruger would have a LCR chambered in .357 Magnum on display. I am sure that this is the wheel gun that Michael Bane recently blogged about!

The original .38 Special Ruger LCR was announced at SHOT Show last year.

Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR) .38 Special

[ Many thanks to Nick for alerting me to the news. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I think I’d rather see a slightly upscaled LCP in a 9mm that could fire +P.

  • yamalink

    As a LCR owner I can only imagine the recoil of the 357!

  • J Star

    LCR in .357 sounds painful.

  • Whatever

    Is there any advantage in using 357 Magnum over 38 Special in a revolver with such a short barrel? It seems like the extra propellant in the 357 would just create a bigger muzzle blast rather than a faster bullet.

  • Mad Saint Jack

    LCR 9mm. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.

    (And a short cylinder would be extra cool.)

  • War Wolf

    I agree with Mike. An LCP in 9mm (even if it wasn’t +P) with some sort of fancy recoil management system for the ladies. I am really looking forward to this years SHOT and the cool “must haves” that will debut.

  • KBCraig

    Sounds great, as long as someone else is shooting it.

  • Carl

    LCR (and SP101) also needs a 9mm version. Moonclips ftw!

    I like the elaborate fluting on the cylinder. It looks very optimized.

  • Do you think they’ll discontinue the .38 model?

    • Jonathan, interesting point. This is sure to weigh more, so I think they will keep the .38 Spec … but we shall soon know for sure!

  • Kevin Delaney

    Your not the only one!!

  • CinSC

    It will be interesting to see if they keep the aluminum frame/polymer fire control housing configuration in the .357 LCR. If they do, it will be a heck of a design – and a kick to shoot!
    It’s also a big departure from the design philosophy that produced the SP101.

    A 9mm LCP seems unlikely after the introduction of the SR9c, but if they produced one I would buy it.

  • Todd

    Would be nice if they made a 6-shot version. Detective Specials are getting a bit old for daily carry, a modern replacement would be nice.

  • AP

    Holy flame cutting! My guess it the LCR in .357 will be shot even less than the .38’s so I guess they’re worried about that issue. Agreed that they need the PF-9 killer LCP in 9mm before they need this.

  • SFC Ortego

    This sounds markedly unintelligent. I have an S&W 640 and I don’t use .357 ammo simply because I can’t reliably control those hot shots in an urban legal CC environment. In my opinion, the potential for collateral damage is very high.

  • yamalink

    Three weeks/142 rounds later, and my LCR said “no mas.” This morning. Ruger customer service was fantastic. Should arrive in New Hampshire shortly and I’m confident the returned 38 will never let me down. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

  • Carl,

    Ruger used to sell a 9mm version of the SP101.

  • Carl

    Daniel, yes they did. But they are not very common on the used guns market, and about the only manufacturer making a 9mm revolver today I believe is Taurus (905), which seem to get mixed reviews, and possibly some obscure russian manufacturer. So there is a need for good 9mm revolvers.

  • Bill Lester


    There is a significant increase in exterior ballistics when comparing the .38 Spl. and .357 Magnum in snubbies. I was a very earlier proponent of the small frame .357, owning both a Ruger SP-101 when they were marked for 125-grain loads only as well as the first S&W M640 Magnum that hit my local dealer’s shelf. I chronographed a lot with both revolvers and can assure you that when same bullet weights are compared (110-, 125- and 140-grs.), the .357 loads were 150-300 fps faster than the .38+P’s.

    The trade-off is shootability. As you mentioned, muzzle blast is greatly enhanced. So too is muzzle flash. Recoil control is significantly reduced when shooting Magnum ammo. As an example, the only way I could get anywhere near the control with .357 loads in the M640 was to use a big, cushiony Hogue Monogrip. This oversized grip totally defeated the reason for a small frame snubbie. The gun would no longer work in an ankle holster unless you wore 70’s disco bell bottoms. Pocket carry was also out of the question even with hiking shorts or surplus Army BDU’s. The long grip would hang-up in the pocket, making a fast and safe draw nearly impossible. The only way I could use that M640/Hogue combination was when wearing a winter coat with oversized exterior pockets.

    For me these trade-offs were just too much. I believe in the “control is everything” maxim when it comes to defensive firearms. I also don’t want to compromise concealability. Both of those small Magnums are long gone and were replaced by a pair of .38 Spl. M649’s with appropriate grips. I just bought another this past weekend. I also own a 9mm Kel Tec P11 to fulfill the same small CCW role when I feel a need for more than five immediate rounds.

  • Scott

    Personally I find ANY hammerless revolver just a touch above useless.
    Before any of you armchair Rambos spout, I HAVE been in urban firefights and speak from experience, not every shot is a spray and pray situation, and the DAO ideology has simply made it harder to put down a perp and prevent further civillian injuries and death. No matter how hard you train, that DAO action is a BAD compromise, and at least a shrouded or skirted hammer on a revolver offers the accuracy of a single action shot.
    My agency uses DAO Austrian tinkertoys as service pieces but my backup which I HAD to use in one instance in a justified shooting, is a custom compact 1911, and if it wasnt for the inherent accuracy of the single action pull, there would have been two deceased officers and an unknown number of civillians.

    Face it people this piece is just a gimmick gun meant to part you from your money, there was no serious thought given to a real defensive firearm in it’s design or there would be a cockable hammer on the damned thing.

    A 25 year vet

  • C

    Is the .357 mag LCR on display at SHOT? I do not see it among all the coverage so far of Ruger’s new products.

    Michael Bane mentioned that Ruger was pushing back some product announcements to the NRA Annual Meeting. Is the .357 LCR one of them?

  • Carl

    What exactly is “DAO Austrian tinkertoys”?

  • Xader

    “What exactly is “DAO Austrian tinkertoys”?”

    That would be the Glock

  • TheGuad

    I’ve seen people consistently hit 50yard plates with .357 magnum airweights. It just takes trigger time. I’m not saying everyone can do it, but nobody should say that it’s not possible to use these as precision guns. Never say never. There is no one size fits all gun or we would all have it.

  • Tinkertoyfan

    Obviously some people are biased against anything polymer, but to say that anything that is Dao cannot be shot accuratety in self defense is nuts. I won’t bother defending glock, as the fact that they are used by the vast majority of cops speaks for it’s self. However I will say the lcr has a great trigger. DAO or not, and there is no reason a person couldn’t use the lcr to defend his or her self. Any one that has shot an LCR knows how mice the trigger is and how accurately they can be shot.

  • Mark Powers

    I would rather see the LCR in .327

  • Parke

    have a taurus m851 in 38 special. after 1000’s of rounds at 25yds the only way to get accurate groups is to use in SA. DA can result in missing the target completely. most self defense situation would happen at a much close range, i know even though I have never been in a “urban firefight” and pray I never will; however, you can never prepare enough for the what if…..357 in a lightweight frame is overkill and would be near uncontrolable…..hard enough to control in a full frame 4″ S&W model 28 aka “highway patrolman”.

  • John

    There is no way it’s going to be released in 357. Try .327 with 6 rounds instead of 5.

  • Xsquid

    Looks like you are talking out your backside John, it’s definitely being released.

  • jay

    The purpose of a small .357 is its ability to be re loaded with your primary ammo when your primary gun is lost or broken. A .38 is useless when all you have left is .357. The advantage of a hammerless or shrouded revolver is its ability to be carried and even be fired from within a pocket as a last resort and not snag or jam. You can have a gun of this type in your hand, concealed in a pocket as you walk in harms way and not disturb anybody.

  • Darrell

    I think the .357 version of the LCR will be perfect. The extra 4 ounces should make it quite a bit more enjoyable to shoot with .38 Special +P. I’ve shot the .38 version and, while it is controllable, it’s a little too light to enjoy putting more than 25 rounds through in a session.

  • Rich

    I worry about stress testing the LCR in 357. At this point everyone is just guessing. I sort of want one but would hate to have it fall to pieces. Not typically Ruger-esque but this plastic hasn’t even been around to prove itself yet. So its just all guess work. So shout out guys. What your take on say 5k rounds later? will it still be alive?

  • Ric libertor

    how well will this LCR in 357 hold up after say 5K rounds? will it fall to pieces or live like ruger usually does?

  • FreedomRydr

    Now I am REALLY confused!! I have spent my entire day on firearms blogs, reviews and forums, trying to make a decision on a CCW wheel-gun with some punch. Already decided on a ‘wheel’, must have a hidden hammer, so DAO is a must not a choice, but OK, and CT grips a personal must. Tri-caliber a benny. I already own a Ruger and a Smith, so brand snobbery won’t help me decide!

    Every user/owner swears HIS gun is the greatest thing since the Flintlock!

    So after 7 hours, I am still where I began!
    I guess it will have to be a personal choice after shooting, (and counting shekels) but it has been narrowed down to two (from two!).

    The S&W M&P 340 (Big bucks, cool logo on the CT grips, a ‘Smith M&P’)
    The Ruger KLCR-357 (Cheaper, heavier [good & bad?], ‘local’ Mfr.)
    Both are ‘pretty’. Pros & cons about equal.

    It looks like whichever one comes along first, with the most comfortable ‘fit’, whether financial, shooting, recoil, etc., will be it…

    Now I wait for The Universe to place it in my path….

    Thanks to all for your edifications, elaborations and education!

    ad infinitum

  • Ric libertor

    Ruger has to wake up to the FACT that there is a Global Market for a
    9mm Revolver. It is so sad they did away with the Speed Six in 9mm. Hello Mr. Ruger- just go ahead and do it with the LCR or the SP101 at least, just pick one and DO IT! When all is said and done and ammo is so near dried up the ‘9’ will still be found anywhere around the Globe! Thats a Fact. With the right hollow point, weight and +P speed it is a serious insurance policy indeed! You can bet your life on it.
    dittos dittos dittos

  • Deaner

    The entry by Scott regarding the hammerless aspect is very convincing. Out of all of my research this has served to convince me to choose a S&W 438 (shrouded), over an LCR. Thanks for the insight!

  • Jm88

    I just bought the LCR .357 the recoil isn’t that bad Some of those Smith and Wesson J frames like the airweights and airlites in .38 +P are much more painful to shoot. The LCR .357 is a handful but its manageable as long as you don”t have a crimson trace laser grip on it! The laser grip takes away the much needed tamer portion of the standard hogue grip. I purchased a CT laser grip but returned it and got a Novak night sight instead because the CT laser grip has no cushioning. The trigger is amazing despite what Scott said i find this gun very accurate with a 1.9 inch barrel and there is no need for a shrouded hammer because i have smith a smith and Wesson 438 with a shrouded hammer and a good trigger job and i can still shoot more accurate with the LCR. I carry it every day and i would with out a doubt bet my life on it, its an amazing gun!!!

  • Jm88

    The LCR .357 is built to withstand the stresses the .357 magnum round puts on a gun they upgraded the monolithic aluminum frame which was in the .38 +P model and it is stainless steel now hence the weight gain. I have put probably 600 rounds of .357 ammo through mine and and countless .38 specials and i haven’t had a single problem. The trigger gets better as you use it too it gets broken in and becomes smoother. And why would you want a 9mm revolver when .357 pack a much bigger punch and if you say it kicks to bad get a .38 special in +P and try the short barrel speer gold dots Ive tested most of the major brands in ballistics gelatin with layers of clothing and the speer gold dots reign supreme in almost every caliber Ive tested and for snubbies their line of short barrel ammo are the best period!!!

  • mike

    I have the LCR .357 and have held the LCR 38 and the 357 is heavier. it’s made a lot tougher. Haven’t shot it yet.

  • Dad

    I know this blog is a few months old but folks were begging for an upsized 9mm LCP……….well, you got it and I finally got to handle one at a show this weekend. I do not like it. I does not feel good to me, I do not care if it feels wonderful to you. I’ll take the Kahr’s any day. It really pains me to say that as you could say I am something of a Ruger fan.

  • Joefrey Salamera

    How and where can order Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR) .38 Special?