Magpul Dynamics New DVDs

I won’t normally post trailers for training DVDs, but the Magpul Dynamics series is REALLY good.

Art of the Dynamic Handgun
Aerial Platform Operations!!!!

[ Many thanks to Dave who emailed in these videos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    Yeah the handgun going to be nice. Hot chicks in it.

    What interest me more is the Aerial shooting DVD. Never done it before so it a good learning experience.

  • Jim

    Christ that looks intense.

  • jdun1911

    Hopefully the handgun DVD will teach the proper way to hold and shot a handgun, so people can stop whining about Glock grip angle.

    AIM Surplus should have the lowest price on all Magpul DVDs and it include free shipping. Can’t beat that. The DVDs should come out on Feb 10 from what I understand.

  • DRod

    Definitely picking up the handgun dvd.
    The helicopter one… not so much.

  • You’ll post when it comes out, right? We need to know!

  • Trango78

    Videos look great. The guys at Magpul always put together top notch stuff whether it’s kit or training videos. I’ll be curious to check out both videos.

    In response to your comment jdun1911 about a proper shooting grip and the angle of Glock pistol grips; even with a proper grip shooters will still need to cant a Glock pistol ever so slightly. That’s just the way the Glocks are designed.

    Now the Smith & Wesson M&P pistols have a more ergonomic grip that does not require such an adjustment and I think are better overall than the Glocks.

    Anyhow, I will be getting my videos from Streicher’s, That’s where I picked up the Tac Carbine vids and where I get my Magpul kit from. Good selection, good service.

  • jdun1911

    I don’t have to cant my Glock and so does the best competitive shooters in the US and world. It is one of two handguns that dominated competitive shooting after all. The other off course is the 1911.

  • It appears they’re not available yet. Am I correct?

  • Great video – thanks for posting.

    I clicked over to Magpul (before reading the above comments) and was disappointed not to see it.

    They release a video advertising a product that doesn’t yet exist? Not even a pre-order option?

    I’m a buyer today. Not sure I’ll be a buyer a month from now…

  • Jason

    Very flashy videos with excellent production quality — but is their actual training as practical and effective? I’m not trolling or asking for the sake of being critical, just curious.

  • Anyone recognize the holster the guy in the handgun preview is wearing?

  • Lance

    Steve should goto Magpul and go do all the classes and then teach us. LOL.

  • They’re selling pre-orders on the CalGuns website.

  • jdun1911


    Travis used be a blackwater contractor in Iraq. He was in a number of fighter fights in Iraq at the height of the insurgency.

    Chris, well he just good.

    So I would assume they know something about gun fighting.

    Chris and Travis trained police and police tactical units. They also train military units. There training course is one of the most sought after and it gets fill up really fast.

    They know their stuff and it helps with good marketing, good video production, and reasonable DVD price. Compare to other training DVD that can run over 200 bucks each with bad video quality, the Magpul DVD are a steal.

    Here is their bio at the bottom of the page.

    Here is the video that made Blackwater famous or infamous depending on your political views. The main actor in the video was Travis.

  • Henri

    What is the handgun model at 2:44s.

  • Tom Stone

    The pistol training looks quite useful.

  • Aurélien

    “It is one of two handguns that dominated competitive shooting after all. The other off course is the 1911.”

    I believe the CZ75 series did pretty well in competitive shooting.

    I’m not a Glock guy, i just cant stand the square grip. If i’m going for plastic i’ll get a M&P. The only Glock i can fire without searching my grip is the 26.

  • Carl

    lol @ the old school chinese guy with the pistol 🙂
    And the lady @ 1.07 has a crappy posture (for shooting). Looks good though…

  • Never shot a gun out of a plane. Shot them from moving vehicles many times. From the bed of a truck, the seat of a vehicle and a turret mount. Suppose a helicopter would just add the variable of elevation to the thing. I imagine the theme that automatic weapons with tracers work best would continue.

  • Joseph

    Christ Costa (The Guy with a Beard) Has a Light Version of a Raven Concealment Holster in Optional Flat Dark Earth if that’s the one you where asking about and He is Running a S&W MP(No Idea of caliber) with extened magazine and Surefire X300 LED weaponlight.

  • Edward

    In response to Jason:

    Based on viewing Art of the Tactical Carbine, my impression is that the courses seem relatively gear-neutral. The first volume had a Kalashnikov among the students, and the lengths of the M4-types everyone else had varied, some carbine-length, some SBR, and I believe the sidearms in the second volume also varied.

    The teaching points seemed to be mindset (for example, why does Travis Fuley hold his carbine instead of letting the sling hold it for him?), some fundamental but possibly overlooked elements of shooting (for example, that when a weapon is zeroed for a particular distance, point of aim may not = point of impact at both longer [i]and[/i] closer distances), shooting positions, techniques for manipulating a carbine, and tactics for working as a pair. Sidearms are only taught with regards to transitioning to and from them, and for covering your partner.

  • jdun1911


    When I mean dominate, I mean the majority of these professional shooters either shoot with a 1911 or Glocks. All handguns has a chance to win the big one, no doubt about that but when it comes to numbers, 1911 and Glocks rule them all in competitive shooting.

  • Destroyer

    Si vic pacim, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war)