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  • Jesse

    As a man that is also named Jesse James I am more than a little jealous. He also posted on AR-15 with some observations about the rifle. I can find the link if interested.

    • Jesse, haha, you should have gone to AAC HQ and said you wanted the rifle you had won 😉 Yes please dig up that link if you can find it.

  • I really, really, really want one of those.

  • Steve

    Well… I’m still down for one, but not with the 16″ barrel + suppressor, too long imo.

    I’d be all over a 10.5-12″ though.

  • Lance

    I like it Black more than cheasy tan colored. I bet STeve is droooooooling over getting a new Remington ACR. Wishing to Santa every day. LOL

  • Shiz

    His congratulations can be found here, as well as very nice photos of the new ACR. Spike’s Tactical seemed to have taken the photos, and they turned out pretty sweet. He username is “Mohitojj”.

    • Shiz, thanks for the link.

  • d

    mother of god

  • Vitor

    Why in the hell is not opening for me for days? Im from Brazil…

  • KP

    Could be a DNS problem?

  • Anon

    @ Vitor: I have the same problem; I live in Australia and the website does not load for me. I have to use a proxy to access it.