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  • How many 380 fans are there here?

  • steve


    Do not want! Give me a small 9mm that will suppress well please.

  • Lance

    Sure hope its not a mistype. A good idea since Glock cant import there .380 pistols due to the 1968 GCA.

  • S&W made a .380 Sigma variant, the SW380. However, its Zamak (zinc alloy) slide had a very short lifespan, something like 2,000 rounds. My friend Dean Speir joked that S&W should sell them pre-loaded in blister packs like cold medicine or cough drops. Pop one out, shoot it, and then throw it away.

    S&W also had a similar 9x19mm variant, the SW9M. It was slightly bigger than the SW380, and used the same odd magazine retention method. A speedy reload was not considered essential for either pistol. The field stripping of both models was also bit awkward, requiring a pin in the frame to be driven out.

    The SW380 stayed in production for seven years, but the SW9M disappeared from their lineup after only a year.

    • Daniel, ROFL, disposable guns. I like it 🙂

  • Tom Stone

    Steve,you can find a Lorcin at a gun show….

  • Aurelien

    Well i think S&W just wants to eat the Glock market. So if Glock’s making a 380, S&W wants to make one, just in case.

    But the M&P9C still is the way to go in my opinion

  • Mike

    The real question: Will it be single stack for better conceled carry? If you’re going with 380, why not? I doubt it though.

  • derrick

    looking for some history info on my norinco model 213 serial number 421182
    uncledkestler [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Matt Groom

    We had one of those SW9Ms for a while. It was a blowback operated 9mm, but it would get the job done (I guess). Pretty accurate, but merciless on recoil! That magazine release was awkward to say the least, I think we sold it for $125 at an auction, which is more than it was worth in my opinion.

  • Maybe S&W will show this at the Shot Show. I would be interested in this. I just bought a Walther PK380.

  • MW

    Here it is, the new 380 from S&W and being offered to pre-order by OMB Express Police Supply now. Take a look for your self. Its a GREAT looking gun and it comes out in May.