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  • Great cover photo!

  • Thanks, that Webley was a real find- It’s in mint condition!

    The code for the discount is GC22G

    Thanks for the publicity- I need all that I can get!

  • Bill Lester

    Tell us more about the plot line. Early 20th century revolver… 21st century knife…time travel involved as suggested by the title?

  • Rather than repeat it all here, have a look at my information site:

    or at the smashwords site,where you can download 25% of the book for free:

  • gunner

    that looks just like my old mark 6, nostalgia time. that was a fun gun to shoot, and you’d be suprised at the loads it would handle. 8.0 grains of the old hercules “unique” under a 185 grain sierra hollowpoint in .45 acp military brass didn’t faze it a bit. (yes, it had a conversion cylinder, along with the original .455 cylinder. i loaded the .455 brass with 6.0 grains of unique and a 225 grain cast bullet for plinking.) old times, good times.

  • gunner

    skimming your blog, you call the book as for the “early 20s adventure” reader, don’t be so sure about that limit, this old coot sci-fi reader says it looks like a fun read. will it be out in a mass market paperback any time soon? you might see if baen books would be interested, they do a lot of good adventure/space opera titles.

    (“old coot”, i’ll be 73 next month)

  • My load is 3.5 gr of 700x driving a 255 gr .454 cast lead slug.

    A nice mild load to shoot!

    Gunner- that was my target, but there is something for everyone!

    I want to build up a few more sales for the ebook- that gives me something to put on the table when selling it to a ‘dead-tree publisher’!

  • I can’t do the e-book, as my satellite server won’t handle the bandwidth. But I’m curious as to whether you’ve looked into the “publish on demand” companies, such as CreateSpace?;jsessionid=4E56851B5FB203AB1A1C281F11FF010D.cspworker01

  • I’ve had good experiences with Lulu ( ) as far as self-publishing. Sometimes, though the e-formats yield a better return. Best of luck to you.

    John Bear Ross

  • I did look at POD, but where I live they all wanted $700-1000+ to format the book! All the offshore POD didn’t want to deal with off-shore authors (then!)

    The publisher I are now using has just signed on with Amazon, so POD may be an option in the near future.

    Thanks for the link!