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  • That…is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

  • AB

    This is a joke, right?
    Tell me this is a joke.
    You’re not laughing.

    The engineers must have been smoking peyote for a week straight.

  • Carl

    I’m a bit sceptical as well…
    I like the idea of storing spare magazines in the stock though.

  • Maybe, if it took a G20 frame, and was chambered in .224 BOZ, it would be more interesting as a PDW. As is, is looks like it’s just a “slipcover” for a conventional Glock pistol, as that appears to be a regular slide poking through underneath the carbine unit. Too bulky for too little return, especially in conventional handgun chamberings. To each, their own. It would require a 16″ conversion barrel to be legal here in the States without a $200 Short-Barrel Rifle tax stamp.


  • Pete

    Make sure you add the $200 tax to SBR it to the final cost.

  • SpudGun

    Do you like Malls? Do you like Ninjas? Do you like being laughed at by fellow shooters?

    Well all your dreams have come true with this ‘tacky-kewl’ conversion kit! For only $567, you can turn your perfectly ordinary Glock into a collossal joke.*

    ‘Look at me! I am the bestest and my gun is teh awesome cuz it looks like Master Chief’s!’

    *Obviously, that’s if you haven’t already shot yourself with your own Glock.

  • El Duderino

    What a great idea! Convert a small, handy, high-capacity Glock into a huge, unwieldy “carbine” with lights, optics, etc. The ONLY application I could see would be cash strapped PDs in need of patrol carbines using older Glocks to make em — but not at $600 for just the stock/barrel w/o accessories! Try for a $200 price point CAA Tactical.

    I am going to produce a similar kit. It will convert your .45 Colt/.410 derringer into a 20″ combo rifle with Weaver scope mounts, adjustable stock, and sling swivels. MSRP $1000 πŸ™‚

  • Why on earth wouldn’t you just buy a carbine?

    Would this be considered making an SBR or AOW?

  • Tux

    It’s like a glock went to trick-or-treating as an smg.
    It’s almost cute.

  • Norbert

    Not to mention that the Aimpoint Micro T-1 is on backwards – confidence inspiring…

  • Greetings from Texas,
    I like it! This could be all kinds of fun.

  • Lance

    Sorry that just a waste of a Glock. Pistol Caliber carbine are a waste of money and time.

  • CMathews


    Lets leave Master Chief out of this one lol.

    But yes its absurd. I’m no Glock fanatic, I do own one but I don’t claim it to be the best thing in the world. But this…. It’s a waste of a perfectly good handgun into what is probably an unreliable system.

    …Master Chief wouldn’t have any part of it

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Not disputing what the detractors say, I still like it. All through firearm history shoulder stocks have been added to handguns, Colt Dragoons and the Colt 1860, Broomhandle Mauser, even some of the High Powers and 1911s had stocks that could be added.
    Probably my favorite was the Luger, the only tactical situation I would use a Luger in. As I explain it in my Weapon’s for Writers program the stock dose nothing to improve a handguns range but it helps steady it up for longer shots. The Luger Snail Drum Mag gives you 32 chances to nail the sucker! Still might not hit anything but it will unnerve your opsite numbers.

  • SpudGun

    Apologies to CMathews for slurring Master Chief’s reputation. πŸ™‚

    I guess I’m just jealous that the design is Pat Pending, so I won’t be the first to show it off at a Blackwater Carbine Course – imagine the looks of respect I’d get off all the ex-SF guys. They’d rate me as a ‘leet pro’.

  • Cmathews


    Apologies accepted. lol

    I’m sure the boys at Xe would love to see this Uber 1337 piece of machinery.

  • Bugs

    This is like the aluminum Christmas tree in the Charlie Brown special before he gets one that suits the task.

  • justdavid

    CAA. Suuuuuuure. Have yet to handle anything they make, that I’d buy.

    Anyone else unable to see “RONI-G1” without “Rooney gun” going through their mind?

    This only works with Glocks with accessory rails. Wonder which other rail-equipped pistol will be next to see one of these monstrosities? Probably not 1911s, too few have rails — but if more had rails I’d bet on a 1911 model appearing. (CAA probably got the idea from looking at Mech Tech’s conversions.)

  • El Duderino

    Too bad I’ll have to take off the Nyte-Sytes from my Glock 17 to install this carbine kit πŸ™‚

  • Commander McBragg

    Ahem, WHY is there not a disclaimer that this is a NFA item? Aside from any practical considerations I would NOT want that thing anywhere NEAR a Glock pistol.. can you say club Fed?

  • A patent application was just published for a similar design from Canada. This one appears to be less bulky and has a more secure attachment to the Glock’s frame.

  • Apparently they’re not worried about if it’s an NFA item or not, because they’re from Israel…

  • Allen

    What a ridiculously feeble attempt at targeting the ‘zombie killing’ Glock genre. That contraption takes the ‘glee’ out of ugly. At least CAA stays consistent and on the cutting edge with there products. Are my tired eyes deceiving me? Flashlight-check, red-dot-check,magnifyer thingy-check.NO LASER????I’m not purchasing the ten I intended on buying without some sort of cheap chinese laser! Soooo Steve, how does it shoot?

  • u378

    I like it! And, it will accept a suppressor. Super compact, reliable, high capacity, and quiet…. I’ll take 2 please!

  • AKβ„’

    its ok. Nothing spectacular.

    For home defense it would be ok. For plinking,I’ve seen others at the range with worse.

  • Wally

    It needs more flat surfaces for stickers. Oh, and a bayonet.

  • OKAY Geniuous.

    Have you ever seen a CS? ( corner shot )

    Same principal applies here, it gives you a little more aimpoint and no need to trash it. Don’t like ? don’t buy it……………………..

  • Follow up:

    no need of any STAMP knowitalls. You ain’t converting a Long Rifle into a SBR, you are attaching support to a pistol. If you can own a pistol you can own this.

    You morons crack me up

  • Daniel

    Would it be possible to get around the SBR restriction by screwing on a fake barrel extension that would make it look like it was 16″? I guess that begs the question, how is the barrel defined for a SBR? Does the barrel need to be functional, or is law only concerned with the physical dimensions of the weapon package? If it does not need to be a functional part of the gun, then the Roni conversion is the quickest way to go from sidearm to carbine legally; otherwise, add $200 to the price of owning one.

  • Longrange

    Why ? Because I can πŸ™‚

    Legal side

    Here in Finland adding stocks and longer barrels to pistols does not require anybodyΒ΄s permit as long as the modifications are not permament. No SBR fees whatsoever. -> No legal fees, no hassle.

    In many jurisdictions in Europe buying a short carbine is MORE of a hassle than buying a pistol.

    Financial side

    380 USD straight from Israel + S&H means ends user cost in Europe will be less than 50% of what a 9mm Glock costs new and 20% of what a proper 9X19 semiauto carbines costs. -> I will save 1500 USD if I buy this system compared to any AR-15 9X19 carbine. Compared to a semi-auto MP5 made in Pakistan I would save close to 2000 USD.

    Shooting side

    Putting a locked slide pistol into a stock means the splits between shots will be less and the recoil MUCH less than what would be if the carbine used a typical 1-1,5 pound bolt without any locking system.

    I like the looks fo the HERA system better but I believe these will work just as well and have a adjustable stock to boot.

    Do not buy it if you do not have any use for it.

    – Nobody cares –

  • Audrey Hepburn Lover

    From a criminal standpoint (not that I endorse this behavior to give more for the gun grabbers to baww about) this would be a perfect tool. You have the advantage of a stable rifle’s stock and modularity sans the superior rifle round buuut, you can swap barrels, extractors, and firering pins so csi doesn’t find your shit. You can still do all that with an AR or any domestic rifle whos company can provide you with a spare barrel but 9 months for spare parts is too long, It’s real bad for AR barrels.

    From my experience, USCs, Vector UZIs, HK-94s, TP9s, Sub2000s, generally most semiauto machine pistols suffer from a HORRIBLE trigger. Accuracy and follow up shots are a bitch. With this tool, you get the advantage of your aftermarket 3.5 pound Glock trigger and crisp disconnector. Short barrel issues can be solved with a Glock 34 or a 17L barrel.

    Besides, the Mechtech system is damn ugly.

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      A criminal standpoint?

  • Liz

    For those that are interested in avoiding 10 years in prison. That pistol needs a SBR permit before you convert it. Afterwards that Glock firearms is no longer a pistol. It is an SBR and NOT covered in concealed carry laws. So you are committing your Glock pistol to single duty as your carbine for the range and will never legally carry it concealed again. And if you want to sell it. The transfer requires all the trouble of any other SBR or again you face jail time. Don’t take my word for it, ask the BATF or enjoy your stay at club fed.

    • the man

      No it is not. Do some home work before you spout off.

      • Ge

        What is not?

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      WOW! That seems like a fair trade off for a coat for your Glock! 10 years? WTF is wrong with this picture??? And WHO are the butt holes that would vote guilty on a jury? We need to start protecting each other from this kind of bull manure.

    • Coy Coleman

      There are long barrels that can be fitted. Many 9mm and 45ACP carbines have been discontinued so this would fit that niche. There are also 1911 carbine kits on the market but this one has a more TACTICAL look.

  • Jimbo

    Thanks for stating the obvious, Liz

  • JLA

    Well it does look like it could be fun to shoot, though it’s not something I’d spend my money on. I’ve used CAA’s stuff on both AR’s & AK’s with good results, so I don’t doubt that it would work as advertised. Still, if you’re up for a Glock carbine that’s also an NFA weapon it would be easier to simply put a Fobus stock on it for a whole lot less money. If you want a truly useful pistol caliber carbine that uses Glock magazines and IS NOT an NFA weapon you could get a Kel-tec SUB-2000. I’ve got one of these that I keep along with a Glock 22 stored in a briefcase in my car. I can carry it anywhere without drawing even a curious glance and it is always at the ready. No it’s not a .223 or a .308 (Kel-tec’s new RFB bullpup .308 is really sweet BTW!), but it’s a hell of a lot easier to hit with at distance than a pistol and is entirely effective out to at least 100yds. Though I would really like to see then bring out versions in .357Sig and/or .45ACP and/or 10mm! (.400 Corbon would be cool too!)

  • Redchrome


    Under NH law, there’s no license required to conceal a ‘long gun’… I don’t know the exact definition the state law uses; but it has occurred to me that if you were to get a pistol registered as an SBR, you could conceal it without a licence.

    That said, I wouldn’t advise it. πŸ™‚

  • Joust

    To all:

    The point of these “pistol carbine/stock” systems are for countries like Israel, where civilians may only own a pistol not a rifle.

    In these places, stocks are legal and legitimate accessories (they have a different definition of pistol).

    You guys are not the demographic, just be happy that you can get something better, and don’t detract from those who cant.


  • mr lee

    common guys

    even if it doesnt make the glock more accurate it is still a “nice dress”

  • Jack

    Wow…great stuff…wow…great for CQB!!

    Guys gona make something for the Smithies M&P?

    Cheers okes!

  • Stephen

    I think this item will appeal to people dependant on in which country they reside and what their particular aplication will be. Take the GLOCK, make it full auto with a high cap mag and slap it into the RONI-G1. Now you have something similar to the mini/micro Uzi. You can fire full auto off a stable platform. Not everyone may like it or think it will work for them but there are applications it will work and in countries that will allow the short barrel setup. This will be perfect in SA against vehicle hijackers where a hi-jacking occurs 7 minutes.

  • sharky

    I am getting mine in the next few weeks. On the waiting list for the 2nd delivery from our South African distributor.

    Preliminary testing by some friends show it to be very reliable and capable of very quick stable shooting.

    Contrary to the Mall Ninja approach this also brings accuracy and control to weaker framed people. Kids shoot this thing really well.

    Like the man from Finland says, this is ideal for our laws as we can do what we want to the gun without a long license application. In those countries where semi auto rifles and carbines are banned this is a perfect way to get sighting and lighting options on your handgun.

  • Birdman

    We just tested one of these this afternoon. We took two identical Glocks, both chambered in .40 S&W but one equiped with the carbine conversion. We handed both of them to someone who was familiar with firearms in general, but not an experienced pistol shooter, and had him fire each one alternately until he’d used up a box of shells. At 5 and 10 meter ranges, his grouping with the regular pistol was between 10 and 15 centimeters. With the carbine, his grouping was aproximately 5 centimeters at both ranges. I think that says it all.

  • glen camenforte

    am just wondering if its already available in asian countries like the philippines am a regular shooter with a glock 35 and does it fit with a glock 35?

  • colin pearson

    hi i think the roni is awsome, but i have a s&w sigma is there some thing for my sell my s&w and get a glock in south afrika will take me more than a year to get a license .

  • Monstergunguy

    If you ever shot a glock 17 converted to full auto-fire or a glock 18 you will realize the recoil is hard to control with one or even two hands on the grip. The later shots end up hitting ducks in the sky. I’ve used the clip on upside down glock clip as a grip and it fell off after a couple rounds due to the recoil. The CAA Roni makes sense if your using full automatic mode otherwise it is superfluous.

  • Joe

    I think its actually not a bad idea, im guessing it comes with a slightly longer barrell so accuracy might be better? and i think it looks cool. if you have had your glock for a long time maybe you might want some change. its like bein married for 10 years and your wife gets some DD implants, mostly cosmetic but looks nice

  • JP

    I fell this is an amazing system. There are several things to think about here. Lets say you carry your weapon concealed all the time, now you have the option to home and throw you Glock in this carbine kit. This could be very handy. If you have ever fired a rifle or carbine of any type you have to admit there is usually better precision and accuracy. For $400-$500 (providing you already own a glock) you now have a handgun and a carbine. This can be a great choice if money is an issue or if you just don’t want to own another gun.

  • shawki

    i want to buy this tictical

  • Well, I can see how most people are kind of skeptical about this kit, but as a police officer, it has merit. My department makes us carry our carbines in the trunk of our patrol units in a locked rack. The RONI kit is a phenomenal tool for my active shooter bag (or Go-bag). I carry this bag on the front passenger floorboard of my patrol unit every day on patrol. I have an extra Glock pistol, 5 extra mags for my Glock model 22 .40 cal, 100 rounds boxed, chem lights, extra radio battery, gunshot trauma kits, and my RONI. I got mine for $399 + the $200 ATF SBR stamp. Now, I have a .40 cal carbine with 121 rounds loaded and ready to go just waiting for that day when some jackamo decides to shoot up a public place. This kit gives me the peace of mind of having a carbine at my fingertips instead of worrying that people are being killed while I’m trying to unlock my AR-15 from the trunk. Sure, a rifle round would be preferred, but in a pinch, the .40 cal is a good round with good velocity and mass.

  • Van

    It is obvious to me that the detractors do not own a Roni, and have limited knowledge in firearm handling in general. For starters, why always assume that everything is made for the US market? Next, as has been pointed out already, consider the benefits of owning a carbine conversion kit, if you are already the owner of a Glock. I will tell you, as an IPSC shooter, that my groupings with the carbine kit are far superior than without. I will also tell you that accuracy improves further, with the addition of 3X magnification sights, flashlight and any other paraphenalia you may need. These are not achievable with the Glock alone. Moreover, as for those that criticise the use of handgun rounds in carbines. You are aware that the 9×19 round has been in carbine use for a long time? That aside, you are aware that by changing your Glock barrel, you can chamber 9mmP+ ammo, with supersonic velocities of around 1350fps?

  • Well said…it would also come in handy if you live in a big city(ie…chicago)
    and TSHTF!!!

  • paul

    i shot this kit with the glock 17 yesterday & at 20M using a red dot, shooting from the shoulder on semi-auto i made a 3″ grouping from 25 rounds & i am no hot shot. you still feel some recoil, but the accuracy is spectacular for joe citizen.

    i am in canada & fwiw, we are only allowed 5-round magazines in ANY rifle, AR-15 & other carbines inc. also, to shoot a carbine, one needs to use licensed facilities where one signs a waiver & becomes a temporary member & then only in the rifle bays. so imagine the “fun” of taking your AR-15 there & shooting off 5-rounds, then reloading, the shooting off 5 then reloading … makes for a great rhythm hey?!

    the roni g-1 is a fancy slip-cover as it were, but the positive is – as others have said – you get a super light-weight carbine when you want it & with merely slipping off the cover, a neat, safe & relatively accurate handgun with none of the hassle of carrying a full carbine.

    i am licensed for both restricted & unrestricted weapons. carbines & handguns come under restricted. normal rifles & shotties come under unrestricted.

    depends where you live! πŸ˜€

    • David/Sharpie

      10 round LAR-15 mags dude……

  • Kevin

    I shot the Roni at teh Shot Show Media Day, and really liked it. Quality was high, the fun factor even higher.

  • Pedro

    I’m from Portugal and i would like to know how is possible to buy an Roni G1 to convert my Glock 19, can you provive me more information, please??? Thanks

  • Glock Shooter

    The Mech-tech conversion has been around for a while and should have no legal problems with ownership but it can only be used with Glocks & 1911 Frames. after seeing the NFA problems with this one i think will save for a Mech-tech conversion instead.

  • JDH

    Man…I can tell the critics are all a bunch of “happy campers”,one never knows “what they might/or when they might need” something.Take it for what it is or don’t!

  • Bill

    Had the chance to shoot one of these yesterday and it was a major HOOT! This would be the only reason for me to purchase a Glock (the only other firearms for which they are made for are Sigs). Was easily making consistent hits inside a 4″ diameter target from 30′ with a red dot optic. Highly recommended fun!

  • jamieb

    It looks mall ninja so I am sure that’s why some detractors don’t like it. I am looking for a 9mm or 45 carbine. This interests me quite a bit. Calebor anyone please share how this is inferior than a 45 tommy gun, 9 or 45 uzi, 9mm ar15.

  • BL.MJ

    To all the nay sayers- Very fun to shoot with 33rd mag, rocket trigger, the optional brass catcher, and an AAC Ti-Rant 9mm suppressor. True this is not something you would take to war but it is a fun toy. One thing I do not like- it only takes cylindrical silencers. I would much rather shoot my Silencerco Osprey. If you love Glocks you will probably love this stock.

    Since Glock parts are largely interchangeable between models you only need to SBR one Glock frame and can swap slides and ejectors to change calibers. The G20/G21 version is coming out soon and those frames are completely identical down to the ejectors so even easier to change calibers.

  • now if i got a choice on a SBR ill stick to my mare,s leg over that POS any day of the week why would any one want to mount a glock like that in plastic a stock on a glock maby but the rest is just over killl BS

  • andy

    is this compatible with glock 23C – the compensated version? can it widthstand the outburst from the compensators?

  • LordBane

    Can anyone tell me:

    If a glock 17 is converted to FA (only in THEORY!!!) with one of these back plate replacements, can the glock still be mounted into a Roni?

    • David/Sharpie

      As I understand US law, yes, it would have to be registered as a machine gun, but it doesn’t need an SBR registration because it’s registered as a FA.

      If anyone thinks differently, please speak up. I don’t wanna give this guy faulty info.

      • While a full-auto firearm need not be registered as a SBR, any transferable full-auto Glock would have had to be converted in the US no later than May 19, 1986. Otherwise, it would be a Dealer Sample only available to SOT possessing a LE agency demonstration letter. There are no transferable factory Glock 18 since GCA68 restricted the transfer of any machineguns imported to the US after 1968.

  • J.B.

    And the biggest idiot award goes to Goose, “no need of any STAMP knowitalls. You ain’t converting a Long Rifle into a SBR, you are attaching support to a pistol. If you can own a pistol you can own this. You morons crack me up”. He is right about one thing, you’re not converting a long rifle into an SBR, you’re converting a pistol into an SBR. Either way you Do need the ATF Form 1 and a $200 tax stamp. You can’t even add a front grip to a pistol, without a stock, without registering it as an SBR. Have fun explaining that logic to the ATF. Just remember when you are that you have the right to remain silent.

  • Ken Cross

    A friend has this kit and it shoots great—-nice conversion kit

  • To the guys asking about the fully auto glocks working in the roni they do, just go on youtube. Ive seen i guy with an 18c put 2 thirty round mags through it in about 5 seconds and it looked pretty fun.(wish i could do that here in the great white north).
    Ive been wanting one for a while im parshall to the olive green but id be happy with black. theshootingedge has a cayote tan but even though that was the one i tryed out (and loved) im holding out for the colors i prefer.
    SO!! If anyone out there can hook a fellow canuck up i would greatly appreciate it.
    By the way isn’t it hilarious how when this blog started and it was a new product everybody and thier uncle was ripping on it and know 2 years later almost evryone is writing good things.
    side note: Goose is an ass hat!

  • ghettoplumber

    wow.good idea but is it me or is this shit way to expensive!!

    • joey landis

      i agree it cost them prob $100 to make that its way to expensive!

      • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

        The original tooling for this thing is astronomical. And they are trying re coup that to start with.

  • mike jones

    Is this legal in california?…

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      Breathing isn’t legal in California, so how can this be?

  • jamieb

    i dont think you guys get it. How is this inferior to a regular glock for home use?

    How is it inferior to a masterpiece arms mac10, uzi, or mp5?

    Also comment on the sweetness of 33 rd glock mags, compared to the above makers mags and cost and availability.

    This is two guns in one, and the quoted price is MSRP, not street price right?

    I dont have a glock but tons of folks work on the trigger to the tune of $150 since its crap, the sights are shit, thats $120 for trijicons.

    Basically if you have a glock or have a mp or xd, i assume in the near future, you will be able to turn the gun you own into a neat carbine for $400 something bucks.

  • jamieb

    also you guys should be less afraid of what people say, AND IF SOMETHING IS A GOOD VALUE OR WORKS, or works better, you should use it.

    Besides glocks are ugly cheap POS that work, and people love them despite no full rails, plastic trigger, plastic sights, plastic guide rail, yet they still cost $550-600 and people buy them up like crazy even though you are getting “ripped off” if you compared to other guns with superior components, you are getting burned for $300 OR MORE! And there is nothing you can do about the half rails. If glock cared they would make the rails like a cz75 or sig 210. Glocks are designed to be cheap and profitable, not the best. Yet i never heard folks mention this.

    They grew up for 20 years with glocks being cool, there for they are seen as cool, not ugly POS that just work surprisingly well.

    Bolting something onto a glock ….. “gasp!” thats like bolting a wing on a ferrari or bentley. pssst.

    old man glock has ZERO background in industrial design, and cared zero for looks, yet people act as if adding anything to a glock that straws from his inspired design is like pissing or tagging on the sistine chapel.

  • Dude

    The thing is basically just a range toy. And a silly one- why pay for an SBR that uses a striker-fired handgun as it’s base? Might as well throw a DA revolver in there. Yeah, I know, the Glock is technically not DAO. But a handgun capable of single action would make a lot more sense if you’re trying to mimic a rifle. Glocks are reliable and shoot decently, but an AR grip and an AR trigger is just going to be superior to the chunky grip and pretty mushy trigger of the Glock.

    For home defense (obviously we don’t need to mention CC…), I’d much rather have just the handgun. Yeah, that kit would add stability, but it’s much easier to move with a handgun, and it doesn’t take much practice to be competent at typical self-defense ranges.

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      Your opinion…

  • Roger

    need to know if the RONI kit also works with SIGSAUR handguns and if yes which modell.
    Thanks for answers.

  • Might as well buy a second Glock or body armor for that much money.

  • i was partecipated in our national match last july 8,2012 in mazzano,italy..using this roni with glock 34sc as a subgun division in category..i was reluctant or very underdog to compete with other shooters with ak 47 and M4 rifle,the distance of 35meters is to far enough for the glock pistol and we have that about 8 targets in the five stages. before starting in the first stage…i mean all the advantage i have is ..i’m using the 9mm bullets againts those expensive war bullets…i heard my name as the 3rd shooter to be on the range of fire..and now its my turn..holding my plastic kit with my veteran glock 34sc inside of it……..,my movement was a bit accelerated,using my IPSC problem in changing magazines while running…starting shooting against the targets..and the game was over..the roni mini rifle was stand still and proud to show to other competitors what is all about..although i did not received any medal or certificate..fourth placer for the senior shooter not required,hoping the good chances for the second rifles competitions in the near futures..offcourse,with my roni mini rifles.

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      So do you go to jail for 10 years if you don’t register your Roni G as a short barrel rifle?

      • JJJ1985

        If you have this and a glock in the same residence you can be charged with constructive possession, even if you don’t put the pistol in it. So if you plan on getting one just go ahead and pay the tax stamp or buy a civilian version that doesn’t require a tax stamp. It comes with a 16 inch threaded barrel and now they have it for all models of pistols they make their roni for. Plus in my opinion the one with the 16 inch barrel looks awesome!

  • Eric Nicolas

    Happy new year to everybody out there…I’m Eric Nicolas, I’m from the Philippines, I have a glock 17 and I’m planning to buy RONI carbine conversion kit, can anyone help me what particular description of RONI conversion kit should fit on my glock 17 because I’m confused on RONI G1 26,27 and the RONI G1, can you guys help me on what particular description? Thank you for your help… God bless…

    • David/Sharpie

      From what I can see you click on whatever kit you want (Basic, advanced, Pro, G2 etc) then select the G17 model.

    • Mark Are Reynolds β“‹

      WAIT…I thought no one else in the rest of the world could own guns! At least that is the way the media likes to make it seem. Do you have Short Barrel Rifle restrictions in the Philippines or are you actually FREER than the people of the US in that respect?

  • Jrw

    How do I buy one,were at? I’m in the USA and need one right now!

  • David Cohen

    This Pistol convertion Kit works in my Glock 19 without tactical rail…???