New Glock 19 and 23 RTF2

The 9mm compact Glock 19 and .40 S&W compact Glock 23 will both be offered with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF2). This frame does not replace the standard Glock frame, better known as the 3rd Gen Frame, on the G19 and G23, but will be available as an option.

From the press release:

The G19 and G23 are two of the most popular GLOCK models. The G19 9×19 compact is widely used all over the world. In addition, the G23 in .40 caliber is quite popular with both law enforcement and private individuals as a back up or concealed carry firearm. Adding the RTF2 finish to these compact models increases the options for law abiding

individuals and organizations. Along with the new RTF2 finish, each of these GLOCK pistols have the same time tested “Safe Action” system, durable exterior finish, cold hammer forged barrel, durability, reliability, and light weight that GLOCK is famous for.

Glock G22 .40 S&W with RTF2 frame. © Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

The first RTF2 pistol, the G22 RTF2, was unveiled in January after much speculation. This was followed a few months later by the G17 RTF2.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jason

    I was disappointed to see that they’ve dropped the crescent slide serrations on the Glock 19RTF2. Too many people whined about how they were “ugly” without even trying them. They work. They are superior to the current slide serrations. Now we will be denied superior technology due to people who value the appearance of a tool over it’s functionality.

  • AP

    I just ordered a G26. I wanted to make sure I got one in case they all went to this t-shirt destroying RTF and banana-scoop slide gripper deal. Looks like they’ll offer both, for now. The new embellishments are very un-Austrian, to me.

  • B Woodman

    Is that as an option-option (costs extra $$$)?
    Or as a standard-option (would you like it in THIS or THAT? No extra charge for either one)

  • jdun1911

    Glock sell them at the same price to dealers. That doesn’t mean the dealers will price it the same. It different cuts not new technology. I still think the 2nd generation Glocks are the best.

  • Jason Smith


    As Jdun1911 says, the RTF2 is an option (for now). The forthcoming Gen 4 pistols will have a different texture than either the standard or the RTF2. Somewhere in between from what I’ve read. Like I said, the RTF2 works fantastic for what it was designed for, ie, open carry in duty and competition. I agree that the grip texture sucks for CCW. However, from my experience, the new slide serrations are an improvement in every way that matters to me.


    My definition of technology is anything man-made to accomplish a task. Paperclips, pencils, forks, etc… Read something by Henry Petroski to understand my usage of the term.

    The Gen 2 without fingergrooves was nice, but I would have liked a light rail.

  • Don

    The Fort Hood mass murderer used a 5.7x28mm pistol. Watch closely as this caliber is demonized as if the fact that it is slightly exotic makes it more dangerous or “evil” (whatever that means) than a .45 or 9mm. They’ll probably call it a cop killer, as if cops are bulletproof except for this caliber. They’ll cite it’s potential armor penetrating variants even though the victims weren’t wearing armor and even if he wasn’t using those variants.

    How about for once when something like this happens we focus on WHY he did it and try to address those important underlying issues rather than WHAT he did, which can not be undone. Lets spend time thinking about how to identify and treat potentially crazy folks rather than debating on whether or not they have a favorite caliber or weapon preference. The former is an action which can prevent the killings, the latter just changes slightly how the killing will be done.


  • Carl

    I fully agree with Jason. If you are worried about the looks of a Glock you are missing the point. I too think the old serrations could be improved upon.

    Having said that Glock should be careful when they change things or introduce new features that the change is actually a good thing and thoroughly tested and bug-free. For example I’m not entrely convinced about the utility of the ambidextrous mag release. It is quite stiff and difficult to operate and I would suggest that people buying Glocks stay away from it unless you shoot left-handed and cannot learn to operate a right-handed release.

    Regarding mass-murders I would suggest that they will always occur. Some people will occasionally go nuts for all sorts of reasons. Whether the underlying cause is some religious or political conviction or just plain insanity is not that interesting, and no amount of psychiatric screening or surveillance will stop it anyway.

    What is interesting is what you should do or not do to physically deter and stop such rampages. And a good start would be to not deny people the possibility to defend themselves. I almost fell off my chair when I read that an army base was a “gun free zone”. The stupidity that comes out of an irrational fear of guns is truly mind-boggling.

  • jdun1911

    The 5.7×28mm is such an awful caliber. It has the same ballistic as the .22 mag. The running joke is that it takes the entire magazine to actually kill your opponent.

    seven-six-two from pointed out that the mortality rate was much lower. I bet that the majority of the killed would have been save if they were given medical treatment faster.

    “So the 5.7 shot 43 people and killed 12. A 28% mortality rate. At Virginia Tech (9mm and .22) ratio was 33 were killed and 18 wounded. A 65% mortality rate.”

  • Don

    Both anecdotal and inappropriate. I don’t think that logic is sound. These events hardly qualify as a controlled test.

    And… I mean, these were domestic massacres of innocent people for christ’s sake… not brochure material for calibers!


  • Julio

    Well, I’m in no rush to get a five seven pistol regardless.

    I’m definitely seeing a new RTF2 Glock 19 in my near future. I like the 17 RTF2 very much and had to pick one up as soon as I held one. I really like the texture and it does “grip” better in the hand.. or should I say feels like a more solid hand hold.

    Anyway, good introductions from Glock. I can’t say I’d let go of either my 19 or 23 that I currently have, but I would consider the new 19 as a welcome addition to my Glock holdings.

  • C

    Commentary on kill ratio from mass murderers is insensitive and shows that you are out-of-touch. This is not the time or place to calculate, speculate, or infer regarding two of the worst public shootings in American history.

    I took a shooting course on Saturday with a Glock 17 in RTF2, and it was magnificent. I had to borrow the gun because of my primary’s failure, and the texture, handling and aesthetics of the pistol were beyond anything I could have catalog-commandoed, and are functional enough to recreate the image of ‘tacticool’. Skate tape is dead, long live RTF2!

  • anointedsword

    Aww man that dropped the crescent slide serrations for the 19? I agree, I prefer usability over looks.

  • TN

    The latest word leaking out is that Glock will soon unveil the 4th Gen frame in January 2010. The new frame is rumored to have interchangeable backstraps in addition to an ambidextrous slide stop lever, plus a new texture like Jason mentioned. The RTF frames have been apparently burning through some police uniform shirts due to its abrasiveness. I guess Glock learned what they needed to from the RTF release and now they want to catch up with Smith and Wesson with the newest features. Should be some exciting times ahead!

  • Eagle21

    I surprised at the comment made by Carl about falling off his chair when he “learned” that Ft.Hood was a No-Gun Zone. ALL US Military facilities are Federal property and therefor inherantly “No Personal Firearms Zones”. You may store your personal weapons on a military base/post and use any on-base/post shooting facilities, but you are not allowed to carry your own firearms. Just like the Post Office or other Federal Property. No big deal and never has been, except those poor bastards had no way to shoot back. 27year Combat Disabled Veteran – USAF.

  • Carl

    Eagle21, are you making the point that no-gun zones are a good idea, or just that it is common knowledge (in the U.S.)?

    I don’t live in the United States, if you are wondering why I wasn’t aware of these rules.

  • Eagle21

    Sorry for my error Carl.
    The point was that is should be common knowledge (for those of us living in the U.S.A.) that Federal Properties (except parks) are “Weapon-Free” zones. Of course no-gun zones are Good: If you are a murderer and don’t want people shooting back in self-defense. Firm believer that Glocks are an excellent self-defense weapon. Proud owner/user of a G-21SF.

  • Carl

    Don’t be sorry Eagle, I’m just asking. And I agree with you. 🙂

  • wendell chenault

    Hey folks, New to this particular blog, I have been on the SR9 site since it started and come over here to ask you a question about the G19. ( I have a SR9 and a G19 and looking at a XDM 308) The only thing I don’t like about the G19 is the grip. My fingers lay over the ridged part of the grip and that is not comfortable to me. I prefer a smoother grip. My question is could I sand down the ribs on the grip and make it smooth or are they hollow in the middle which then I would have holes in the grip. If anyone has done this what was your feeling about the way it felt. I hope someone is still reading this thread so that I can get some input.

    Thanks for any replies in advance,
    Wendell Chenault, Monroe, La.