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  • Matthew

    Whew, was planning on buying my first Glock soon too. Anxious to see the new look. If its hideous, back to the 3rd Gens.

  • Steve,

    With the news of a new Glock coming out, I guess other people had the same view of it that I did….Nice innards but appearance gets a big fail. How do people feel in the circles you run in…do they like the current model or is this move confirmation that Glock screwed up with the “redesign”.

    • Solomon, I am not sure. Maybe the RTF2 was simply to test the water … sort of market research for the real gen4.

  • subby

    Ohhhh exciting! Maybe their previous release was just a test to ellicit responses on what they should do?

    Basically, everyone wants the gun thinner.
    Better grip texture (that doesn’t wear out over time)
    Interchangeable grip sizes like the S&W MP9
    and more grippy slide indentations that don’t look retarded.

  • Our Austrian neighbours successfully developed the Time Machine. They’re still in the 1990’s.

    Changeable backstraps as big news in 2010? Muhahahaa

  • DRod

    I had heard about this but went ahead and got a new Glock 19. Couldnt be happier. If I really like the 4thgen, I might just drop the hammer on one of those too. If CT or whoever makes the laser grip insert for the M&P puts one out for the 4th gen, Ill be all over that.

  • Jesse

    Will it still come with those crappy sights? That ball in the bucket thing is not intuitive and I used to shoot my Glock especially crappy until I swapped the sights out to a set of WTS. Now I shoot it much better. I know it’s a poor carpenter that blames his tools but in this case it’s true and if they are looking for things to improve on the gun might want to look at those sighs.

  • jdun1911

    Glock goes by .5 since gen 2. I have two Gen 2 Glocks, Glock 19 Gen 2.0 and Glock 30 Gen 2.5. The Gen 2.0 doesn’t have finger grooves, while the Gen 2.5 does.

    In that respect the RTF2 is Gen 3.5. Gen 4.0 will have other changes.

    I personally don’t like changeable back straps. It is another point of failure in a firearm. However, most people that isn’t a professional or doesn’t shoot it regularly will never experience that kind of failure

  • Bandito762

    Probably just as uncomfortable and ugly as all the other generations…

  • Bandito762

    maybe they’ll add a thumb safety as well

  • Kyle

    Here’s the problem that Glock has right now.

    Let’s take the Glock 19, which is like the ultimate middle of the road, versatile handgun. If you handle one pre-finger grooves, it’s a little slippery but will fit a huge percentage of the hands out there.

    If you handle the models with finger grooves, they really lock in for the people whose hands they fit – like mine – but they are far more awkward for folks with smaller hands, like my wife. She has small hands and fingers, and the finger grooves prevent her from getting a nice high, tight grip. Not a problem on the pre-finger groove models.

    The backstrap isn’t the problem. The problem is the front strap forcing a grip that is far from optimal. The backstrap would HELP, but the option of getting the gun without the finger grooves would be huge.

  • jdun1911

    The only pistol that is in wide use in the USA that has a manual safety is the 1911 because it is single action. Single Action is only time that manual safety is need but most people don’t understand that.

    All single action need manual safety because of two simple facts. The trigger have short travel/reset and it is light. You don’t need it in Double Action handgun because the trigger pull is heavy and it has long travel and reset.

    The Glock is not slippy. The problem is the vast majority of handgun owners does not know how to grip their gun properly. Glock grip is actually a very good design. It is one of two dominate pistols in competitively shooting for many reasons. The other one is the 1911.

    I personally do not like finger groove.

    Todd Jarrett IPSC video on griping the handgun properly. long informative article on how to grip a handgun properly.

  • Matt Groom

    Maybe they’ll install a trigger that doesn’t suck from the factory, so you don’t have to install a Ghost Rocket Sear or a NY1 spring kit to remove that sponginess that some of us HATE.

    Interchangeable grips would be nice. Maybe it’ll be like a MIAD grip by Magpul and you’ll be able to install fingergrooves or checkered front grips as well as different size palm swells.

    Metal sights would be a real improvement, too.

    I bet the first one out will be the “G40” and it will be a, wait for it…. full sized .40 S&W. They’ve been lookin’ for an excuse to make another .40 cal one, lest there be serious confusion over the name.

    “I gots a Glock 40!”
    “In that new wizbang super caliber ?mmx??mm?”
    “No, fo! It’s a 40!”

  • subby

    Although the glock is still the AK of the pistol world. It is losing ground due to its lack of finesse. Mainly its dodgy trigger, accuracy and looks compared to Sigs/HK’s/S&W. (Which isn’t really necessary cause almost everyone shoots like shit when they actually use their pistol in combat anyway, pistol training is still incredibly crap.)

    Perhaps a nicer trigger a thinner less blocky gun (this will also make it less ugly) and a slightly more accurate gun, without compromising reliability will be just whats needed for Glock to get its edge back.

    Adjustable grips doesn’t really change anything, it’s only to appease the civilians. Anyone who actually uses a pistol knows that the grip is just something you learn to work with. Operators will no doubt just super glue the grip they like and that will be that.

    But more likely Glock will just continue selling the same old pistol, people can’t get enough of it after all.

  • Blackwater

    Hopefully they upgrade the light/laser accessory as well. Put some LED bulbs in there. An ultra-compact Glock would be great as well. One that’s really thin so you could carry it every day with ease. A better grip angle would be nice as well. And factory made ultra-reliable extended magazines for all calibers would be sweet.

  • Blackwater

    I also wouldn’t mind a Glock in a larger caliber like a .44 or .50 cal for protection against dangerous predators.

  • jdun1911

    If the Glock has such a bad trigger, grip design, and accuracy then why are the best handgun shooters in the world prefer it? They make their living out of the sport. I doubt they will risk their lively hood shooting inferior handguns like a lot of people are suggesting.

    One of the main reason why Glock and 1911 is dominate in competitive shooting is the short trigger reset. It allow for faster fellow up.

    The 2008 IDPA Championship there were:
    102 Glock
    3 H&K
    12 Sig
    37 S&W MP
    and a lot of 1911.

    Here are videos of Laƫtitia Daguenel. At a very young age she won the French Nation IPSC champion using a Glock 17.

  • subby

    Glock is still on top, but I’m just saying its losing ground to sigs with the DAK trigger and S&W/SA-XD glock clones. Especially in regards to governent contracts for federal agencies and special forces/combat groups.

    You know what would be cool? A larger glock compatible steel magazine with slightly more capacity.
    A less ugly slide.
    A less blocky thick gun.
    A ‘premium’ interchangeable glock trigger. Using different polymers/materials, I don’t know.

    I think its high time they change SOMETHING for the better. 27 years have passed and the design remains practically identical.

  • Carl

    While it is true that the handle of the glock has a bit of a funny angle, I believe it is like this for a reason; when you angle your wrist downwards the bore sits lower in relation to the hand and arm, reducing the torque from the recoil and thus, muzzle flip.

    This probably also helps the frame stay in place against the recoiling slide, enabling reliable operation with a very light weight frame (note how the Glock doesn’t reload when not gripped properly “limp wristing”).

    And while the trigger perhaps wouldn’t cut it for olympic class marksmanship most people seem to be able to shoot very well with it after some training.
    Just make sure the trigger bar and the connector is lubricated where they meet.

  • Carl

    Blackwater, The Glock 20 holds 15+1 rounds of 10mm auto. Not quite .44 magnum energy, but I think people have used it for wildlife protection. With some +P ammo you might be able to do some damage with that…

  • Bobby

    Why does everybody shit on Glock? They’re the best IMO.

  • John K.

    Kyle hit the nail on the head. I’m in the exact same boat.

    And as far as sights go, maybe I’m weird but night sights (albeit overpriced) aren’t that expensive. I consider them cheap insurance and I’d hesitate to carry a regular CCW piece without them (ie. not just something you carry because the situation/attire dictates you can’t have something bigger; I’m thinking P32, etc). I still carry a good light and I have plenty of them in my car and boat but I’d rather have the night sights as well.

  • craig

    There ain’t no perfect gun out there. Use and shoot what works best for you. Now go back to playing with your armymen.

  • Headknocker

    I recently aquired a New In The Box Glock 19 RTF2 & realy love the way the texture feels & the new cocking serations are OK IMO..
    Everyone is waiting for the 4th generation G17/G22s to start showing up January 2010, I’m sure the G19/23s won’t too far behind..
    I’ve been told that this will be an Option not a complete change in all the New Pistols being sold..
    Also there is supposed to be an ambi magazine release & some sort of disassembly tool with the 4th Generation Glocks
    I’m sure glock has tested these new guns to the point of exhaustion trying to wring out any bugs that might show up plus get the line running before the 2010 Shot Show..
    Just remember Glock is trying to give the folks who grind & cut thier Glock up trying to make the grip smaller an option
    Those with smaller hands will I’m sure be impressed..
    Those Like Me might wait a while or Never buy one??
    This remains to be seen..
    Stay Safe Out There..
    Protect Your Gun Rights & Join The NRA

  • Carl

    Stay away from the ambi mag release unless you are southpaw and can’t use the normal release. I find it hard to operate and of somewhat flimsy design.

  • Kevin

    anyone know if the glock 21 will be offered with the gen 4 configuration

  • Big Gun

    May be a better trigger not made of plastic and looking like it came off of some kids toy gun.And thats the safety for the gun to wow.