District 9 Alien target

The makers of the movie District 9 created a printable PDF “Prawn” target. It can be downloaded here. Another reader turned it into an printer friendly black-and-white image (The below image is just a thumbnail).

It can be downloaded here.

While on the topic of District 9, a friend of mine put together this nifty photoshop which I think really captures the mood of the film …

Thanks to David for the target link, the anonymous reader for providing a printer friendly version and my friend for his photo(shop)


Isaac just emailed me a PDF that is a vectorization of the above target. This means that the PDF can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. It can be downloaded here.

Thanks Isaac.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Hee, hee, I like it. Now those survival nuts who think aliens are going to invade will be able to more realistically practice their skills.

    Other film companies should adopt this approach by making targets for – the Terminator, the Xenomorph from Aliens, Wall-E, etc. – (Though I think it would be in poor taste if the makers of JFK ever came out with a target)

  • redmanlaw

    @ SpudGun – Damn that’s funny about President Kennedy. They should have a Reagan target that comes with a hole in it already. Har.

  • I am way ahead of you guys. This was last Friday:


  • Clodboy

    Kind of gives me mixed feelings…
    Sure does look cool, but in the movie, this picture is kind of a symbol for how the human authorities treat the sentient aliens like subhuman vermin 🙁

    So I guess the best thing would be to just enjoy blasting the hell out of that target, and watch the movie afterwards (despite its plot holes, I found District 9 to be among the best films I saw this year)

  • Vaarok

    Concur, anybody who saw the movie should be squeamish about using that target.