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  • Those soldiers are from FSB Spetsgruppa ALFA, they have been using those kind of accessories for years. I have quite a few pictures and sources if you are interested. On the MAQS air show in Russia a few weeks back they even wore Multicam.

  • Boris

    I figured I’d give a loose translation for those who want to say what the cover of the magazine says. The title literally means “Little Brother,” and is something soldiers may call those of the same rank as them, and those of a lower rank. The magazine is, as far as I can tell, focused on the various Special Forces groups that populate Russia, their tactics and equipment (found their site at On the left side, from the top down, the white text says “The weapons of counterterrorism,” “Vympel, the Cold War Spetsnaz” (Vympel means “Pennant,” and is another elite Special Forces outfit in Russia. However, while Alpha is focused on the Interior, and spends a lot more time on domestic counterterrorism objectives, Vympel is outward-looking, focused on international counterterrorism operations), “Long road to the ‘Triton’.” The main heading says “Alpha: a unique signature.”

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    i can read russian just cant understand it -.-