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  • Lance

    Still take a M1A over any AR-10 to hunt with it has better durablity.

    • Ben

      I never have cared for M1As, they are heavy and bulky. I’m sure they are accurate but I grew up training on and carrying the ARs. To each his own.

  • michael

    Great pic if only we could hunt like that down here in Australia. One question though is that scope one of the new Ziess scopes with built in laser range finder?

  • michael, I think it is a Burris Laser Scope (built in range finder)

  • John K.

    I don’t hunt and if I did, I’d probably prefer a regular, old bolt action I’m familiar with over a .243 Winchester EBR (seems like that’s really pushing it for large game but what do I know?). Having said that, to each his own. It’s good to see someone who goes out there and actually gives something new a try instead of outright dismissing it (remember the whole Jim Zumbo thing two years ago?).

    I’ve had way too many hunters tell me that they don’t care about politics or don’t feel that issues like the AWB or CCW affect them. And when I ask them why they feel that way, I often the usual excuses (“it’s not my fight”, “I don’t need feature X”, etc) which boils down to “well, they’re not going to take *my* rifles so screw you”. Then I point out that Mausers, Lee-Enfields and Mosin-Nagants (ie. common BA rifles that look “normal” to the average person) all seemed to do their job pretty just 60 years ago and that an inanimate object, like a rifle, is no more or less deadly if you take off all the tacticool stuff and replace the plastic with a nice wooden stock.

    Hell, Simo Häyhä killed 500+ Soviet soldiers and all he had was a “hunting rifle” with iron sights. What makes you so sure that your rifle won’t be banned?

  • That scope looks wild on that AR. Perhaps he has a sun shade on it?? I checked SWFA and they do indeed come with a sun shade and are offered in two different reticles; mil-dot and Balistic Plex. They run $700 t $740 depending on the reticle.

    But I agree, it’s good to see article where the black rifle is getting positive things said about it! Can you imagine trying to belly crawl with that heavy thing? Yikes!!

  • dan

    My question is, what caliber in the AR-10 was he shooting that used an 80 grain bullet? If he was carrying an AR-10, why not a 308 with 150 grain SP?

  • Allen

    According to the original link the caliber is .243 Winchester. And the rifle being used is not an Armalite AR-10. It is DPMS LR243L.

  • Todd

    I shot a whitetail in Montana with a RRA LAR-10. One shot, behind the shoulder, from 120 yards. DRT.

    I got the 26″ barrel, and this gun is HEAVY. Unless I have to lug the gun two miles or more into the bush, then you better believe I’ll hunt with my AR-10.