Chiappa Rhino Revolver

Italian firearms manufacturer Armi Chiappa have developed a very cool looking .357 Magnum snubnosed revolver called the Chiappa Rhino Revolver.

It sure does resemble its namesake

Its angular design and the fact that it fires from the bottom chamber, unlike most other revolvers, gives it an appearance that closely resembled the legendary Mateba Autorevolver. Having a barrel fire from the lower chamber is supposed to help tame recoil and reduce muzzle flip.

Caliber 357 Mag.
Capacity 6 rounds
Barrel 2″
Rate of twist 1:18.5″
Weight 24 ounces

Gun Holsters and Gear spoke to the company and found out that they may be available stateside at the end of the year.

Mateba Model 6 Unica autorevolver. Production of this pistol has ceased.

UPDATE: Daniel points out below in the comments that the Rhino and Mateba were both designed by the same person, Mr Emilio Ghisoni.

From the Rhino Patent.

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  • Puke

    That is a sweet looking revolver.

  • Jesse

    How much? That alone determines whether it’s something I’d seriously consider purchasing or if it’s just a pipe dream.

  • Steve, there is a reason the two revolvers look alike. They were both designed by the same person: Emilio Ghisoni. Here is the US Patent Application for the latest design:

    • Daniel, awesome! I have updated the blog post. Thanks for the info.

  • KP

    I want this! When can I get this!? šŸ˜€

  • Cymond

    Whoo hoo! I’d love to have one with a full barrel too. I’ve been a fan of the Mateba & Rhino designs for years. The Matebas are out of my price range and the Rhinos were previously unavailable in the US. I’ll buy one if I can afford it, and I’ll also buy a (discontinued) Mateba if I can ever simultaneously find one and afford it.

    According to, the THEMA Rhino made its debut in 2003. Security Arms’ photos seems to be down right now, but it is a funny looking snub-nosed 357. See also the Nosorog AEK 906 revolver.

    PS – at a second look, the grip seems to be attached to a little stub of metal, much like the Ruger LCR’s grip. Of course, the Rhino has been around longer. (I’m not implying anything, just observing)

  • Matt Groom

    I think he should have made it a five-shot if he wanted it to be a serious contender for concealed carry. The width (diameter) of a cylinder is the biggest factor in determining it’s popularity as a carry piece.

  • SpudGun

    And I thought Glock’s looked like bricks. Oh well, if you want to play Bladerunner or any number of Manga heroes, I’m sure this is the pistol for you.

    Just don’t get it mixed up with your flare pistol or you might get frowned on down at the range.

  • Andrew

    According to that linked site, they’ll be coming out with a 6″ barrel model soon. Which is nice, because it means I can conceivably get one. I’ve always liked that low-chamber look.

  • Reminds me a bit of the Nosorog, which also means “Rhinoceros.”

    • Wolfwood, very interesting. I had not seen that pistol before.

  • Edward Peterson

    I can’t believe what an ugly gun that is. Not only would I not pay ten cents for one, I would also be embarrassed to be seen in the vicinity of one.

  • KP

    That Nosorog fires 9×19? That is so bizarre. I wish they were in the US. šŸ™

  • Hotspur

    I just tried one of pre-production of this.
    The feeling was excellent, great accuracy at 25 meters, the recoil does not exist with powerful 158 grs cartridges at 1300 fps, excellent grip and instinctive sights. The exagonal cylinder is very comfortable cause of flat sides, better and thinner than the round ones.

  • Cymond

    “Oh well, if you want to play Bladerunner or any number of Manga heroes, Iā€™m sure this is the pistol for you.” Just wait ’til people see the link I just found. Even I think it looks a bit too sci-fi. Still, if it shoots well …

    Looking at this particular large image (, it seems that the text on the frame, long barrel, and rails are photoshopped. This might be just realistic-looking concept art.

    MSRP for the 2″ model is quite high at “under 800$” with prices still undetermined for the rest of the line.

  • mark stambal

    As my Mateba .357 shoots very comfortably and easily as accurate as any S & W or Colt I own, I will inquire from I A R in Oceanside CA as to availability.

    It is a bit strange appearing, however, I not only own a Mateba, but a Whitney Wolverine takes up a little safe room.

    No, I do not drive either a Crosley or Henry J.

  • Will Ganz

    Any updates on when the Rhino revolver is going to make it to market?

    • Will, its coming soon. They had them on display at shot.

  • craig kopp

    nice i’ll like a smaller 5 round

  • craig kopp

    I would like a 5 round for a smaller weapon

  • I would like to shoot one in .380, I think it would be a good personal carry.Add a Lasser sight-wow

  • billy396

    The have one at Vance’s in Columbus, priced at $700.00. Looks like the MSR is around $720. Pistol has nice trigger pull, but it’s got a bizarre design. Very tempting. Supposedly almost NO recoil with full-house 357 mag loads, compared to a regular revolver.

  • 1-MADDOG

    IT looks like something out of BLADERUNNER!

  • Mo King

    Flat-sided wheel, compact, not much muzzle-raise makes it desirable for concealed carry. Weight? Reliability? Price? Barrel size? Caliber choices? All will determine whether folks buy the thing in significant numbers. With recoil slamming your wrist instead of rolling (like a Ruger) would it get old after a box of rounds? A .357 Mag WILL have recoil of some sort. Waiting to see it in stores. Ugly and strangely attractive at the same time. Kinda like my dog.

  • frfghtrweaver

    I was lucky enough to have a chance to buy a rhino at my friends gun shop and took it to the range. The rhino is a good gun to conceal and firing it is a dream. I read somewhere that it had 2 inches of muzzel flip with full 158 grain bullets, I had close to none. the rhino stayed basically level the entire time. It is a very fun gun to shoot, and a great design. I hope more companies will come out with their versions in the near future.

  • gabo

    I have put about 200 rounds through my rhino 200ds. (2 inch barrell). A great gun. No kick, accurate, single and double action. It conceals well and is great looking, with a beautiful finish. Great workmanship. Edward won’t own one just because of a picture. Owners are asking and getting over $900.00 for used Rhino’s. I didn’t buy it as an investment but it looks like I got a bonus a great gun and increase in value.

  • subase

    You now what would be useful and very easy to do with this revolver? A covered cylinder of sorts that would prevent the cylinder from being held in a gun grab thus enabling the revolver to fire.

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