Knight’s Armament Civilian Mk11 Mod 1 SR-25

During the Iraq War the Marines urgently ordered 180 of the Mk11 Mod 0 Sniper Weapon System’s, but with the Army M110 Rifle Upper Receiver. This Mk11 / M110 hybrid was known as the Mk11 Mod 1. Later, the Marines began ordering the Mk11 Mod 2, a SOCOM / Navy developed variant of the SR-25 that is very similar to the M110.

Knight’s Armament are now selling the last 50 of the Mk11 Mod 1 rifles that will ever be produced to civilians.

The suggested retail price … $8508! Most of these 50 rifles are already spoken for with only a few left for sale. It is more than I would spend on a rifle of this class, but I suppose it is also a piece of military history.

Big thanks to Jesse for sending me the info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matthew

    I would truly love to have one of these. But I agree that kind of money I could get myself 2 Noveske/KAC AR-15s fully kitted + ammo. Hell, I could finish off my work in progress WWII collection as well.

  • Drew

    Wow! 9 grand? Definitely a collector thing. I find it hard to believe that its 3.5x better than the Fulton Armory Titan I picked up last year. A very,very, sweet shooting Ar-10 for a very fair price.

  • Jeff M

    Damn, the gov should be ordering DPMS rifles. That is way overpriced. I thought these guns were like $4000 for some reason, which was still overpriced. $8500 ????????????

  • Clodboy

    So wait, they are charging you 8508 $ for a what is essentially a way for them to get rid of excess inventory?

    I have no doubt KAC builds a quality product, but I do have my doubts this “limited run” is ever going to be as much of a collector’s item as, say, a Walther WA2000.

  • Matt Groom

    No…F-in’…way. Not a chance. Nope. If I had the money to burn, I’d sooner burn it then pay that kind of price.

  • mike

    Prices that oinly a government could pay!!!!!!!

  • Travis

    As much as I do like KAC’s excellent quality line of products, I could probably get an *actual* XM8 for less than that… O_O

  • RICK 7thSFG U.S.

    You can buy 4 or 5 AR 10T’s 308 cal for less and put a can on them same or better weapon too!

  • MSgt.

    The SR-25 has saved my butt plenty of times in combat. just I keep running out of ammo, cause our ammo man, SSgt. keeps forgetting to get extra ammo!