Chiappa 1911-22 pistol

The Chiappa 1911-22 is a .22 pistol patterned after the M1911. The action is not that of a 1911, but a fixed-barrel recoil system and is manufactured from steel and “Chiappalloy” (presumably a pot metal).

Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Capacity 10 rounds
Grip Wood
Barrel 5″ / 6 grooves
Twist 1:16″
Total Length 9″
Weight 32 ounces
Price $265+ depending on model
Availability Now

The market for this pistol, and its not-yet-on-sale competitors the GSG 1911, are 1911 shooters who want to practice with cheap ammunition but would rather have a dedicated gun than purchasing a .22 conversion kit and having to swap it in and out of their .45 1911.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vak

    With the GSG 1911 being made of steel and weighing as much as a real 1911 (and even having some part compatibility), I guess I’m going to overlook the slight difference in price with the Chippa and go with the GSG.

    (when it will be out, that is)

  • Chiappa…. or so says Google and all the forums… just a heads up

  • Thanks, fixed.

  • Jesse

    Very interesting. I’ll wait to see how much the GSG ends up costing but if there is a $100 price difference I might get the Chiappa. Though if the GSG is actually made of steel and not zinc that might be a determining factor.

  • The GSG M1911 is made of zinc alloy, like this.

    The Kimar M1911 is originally made as blankfirer (gas-alarm gun), not for real ammo, and it is zinc, too.

  • Pete


  • jdun1911

    Unless the slide is really buff up(high point pistols), from personal experience you do not want it made out of pot metal even for a .22lr.

    I have seen a number Sig mosquito and Walther P22 slide break in half because the company went cheap on the metal.

  • gunner

    gotta agree with jdun, i lost the url for the company website, i’ll go back and find it in a few minutes, its “armi chiappa”. from the web site pic it does look like they modified their blank firer with a steel slide and barrel as a straight blowback .22. i don’t see a grip safety or mainspring housing, the frame looks to be a solid casting, i’d agree too that it looks like pot metal. if i could afford a .22 m1911a1 clone i’d go with the gsg m1911, from what i’ve read its all steel.

  • gunner

    just for curiosity, what parts of the gsg m1911 are interchangeable with a colt m1911a1 .45?

  • Fred

    I’ve had tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of rounds through my P22 without any issues other than failure to feeds due to me being lazy and not cleaning it for a brick or two of ammo.
    The only P22 that I’ve actually seen the pictures of with a busted slide had a user installed 5″ barrel and shroud that wasn’t installed very well and caused the slide to slam into the back of the shroud.

    Is there a link to the manufacturers site for this one anywhere?

  • Vak


    They advertize it as being 80% part compatible with a classic (read .45) 1911. So, I’d say the frame and the biggest part of the internals are compatible , with the barrel, magazine, firing pin assembly, ejector, return spring and slide being obviously not interchangeable with .45 components.

  • Let me repeat: the GSG M1911 is ZINC. NOT STEEL, I had it in my hand. That gun is MANUFACTURED by the very same company as the “SIG” Mosquito.

  • Durham68

    Gotta say I’m not impressed with the marketing. “Chiapalloy” sounds too much like cheap alloy. Maybe they are just being honest.

  • gunner

    thanks val

  • Jim

    this is where Armscorp/RIA could step in and make a .22 1911, for about the same price as one of the basic .45 1911s they have.. which i think would be great, since they are steel and they have experience making 1911s..

    these .22 1911s are no more than airsofts/blank guns that have been converted to .22.. and they will not last with the punishment that firing 10’s of thousands of rounds through..

    the P22 does break.. there are many, many problems with it.. all of which could be solved by using MIM steel, instead of Zamac alloy.. but, it would price it out, and Umarex wouldn’t be able to produce it.. most of the problems with the P22 can be worked out, if you read the “P-22 Bible” for the mods that help with the quirks.. the only other problem is the slide cracking.. some crack from the counter weight being too close to the slide, or from the recoil spring wearing out and the slide battering the frame.. (some have used PVC tubing as shock buffers to great effect)
    i really like the P-22.. but it has so many quirks for the cost.. it’s a good thing that S&W will replace them if you have problems with it.. but, that’s also an indicator of how cheap they are to make..

  • Fenixom1911


    Dear Mr. Fenixom ,

    Our pistol are made of Zamak with a barrel liner in steel. The only piece made of plastic is the magazine. We will sell it with only one magazine out of the box.

    The warranty covers damages for one year after the purchase. The pistol is around 1Kg of weight.

    Our pistol guarantee an excellent price-quality comparison.

    It is not on the market yet, probably in on year, the suggested retail price will be around 300€ for the pistol and 10-20€ for the magazine.

    It is tested with all the 22LR commercial ammunition.

    I’m at your disposal for any further information or support you may need.

    Best Regards

    Giada Chiappa

  • Fenixom1911

    Dear F

    However I’ve already answered to all your question; I’m repeating what I said.

    We have decided to made our pistol in plastic, this is it!

    As I told you our pistol are in Zamak and not in steel, there are only a barrel liner made of steel.

    The pistol will be available probably by the end of the year.

    We do not have any German importer yet.

    Sorry but I’ve no idea what these sentence means. ( “ 5) ZNAL IS BRITTLE AND VERY WEAK FOR BLOWS!!!!” )

    GOOD Politics

    Plastic easy damage =Pistol go Service and 3 week and 4 week repair

  • MAllen49

    I was at a range near Dayton, Ohio this past week and got to see one of the Chiappa 1911-22’s! At first I thought it was just another conversion, until I saw it shooting every type of ammo available. The factory guy was there and they were doing some tests, they were shooting Standard VelocityTarget Loads, Subsonic loads, and Hi-velocity without any jamming or malfunctions. That’s when I knew it couldn’t be a conversion. It looked and felt just like a 1911.

    They were only shooting at 15 yds but you could cover the groups with a quarter.

    They said that they have already started shipping, if they shoot anything like the one I saw, I’m getting one this weekend! They said some of the local shops in our area will be the first to get them this week.

  • Fenixom1911


    ————–>>>>> MAllen49

    Describe your impressions how you will buy the Colt from the use :]

    1)Whether he is tough blows / high many shoot np 9 000 shots ???

    2)Wheter materials good strong ???

    3)What maximum range ???

    Ammo HV compatibile very good

    I am having high hopes its good product :]

    4) How you are judging it in the scale from 1 to 6 ???

  • MAllen49

    Hi Fenixom1911,

    I hope I can answer you?? I bought a Chiappa 1911 yesterday, and I have been up all night with it. I have only shot it in my backyard range and out to 35 yards it does great! I have already shot over 300 rounds, I wanted to break it in rigt. The only malfunction I had was from a handful of old ammo that I had, about a dozen DNF’s, but then that was ammo that had gone through the wash and nothing I had would set them off.

    The pistol is almost the same weight as my Springfield 1911 and feels very good. I already filed the front sight to zero at about 15 yards where I do most of my shooting. i heard cold blue would touch up the filing and it did. The metal does not seem like pot metal? More like aluminum but black.

    The major difference I see between the Chiappa and my Springfield is when the Chiappa safety is on, it locks the slide. The trigger pull a little long and feels to be about 5-6 pounds, I don’t know if I’m imagining it or getting use to it, but the trigger pull feels better now than it did when i first got it.

    I had a Kimber conversion that I could never get to shoot right on my Springfield so I sold it for 250.00, and for 50.00 more the Chiappa worked right out of the box! Accuracy seems good, better than me anyway. But I can make a beer can jump at 15 yards all day long with it!

    I hope this answers some of your questions, I’ll let you know more when I get some more ammo!

    M Allen

  • “The pistol is almost the same weight as my Springfield 1911 and feels very good. … The metal does not seem like pot metal? More like aluminum but black.”


    Zn-based alloys have cca. the same density as steel. But the Al is much less. Therefore if it is the same weight as a steel M1911…it CAN’t be Aluminium.

  • Fenixom1911


    ———————->>>>Dear Mrs MAllen49
    How much Chiappa and new magazine ???
    Where I Can buy Chiappa 1911 22LR ????
    Which is better GSG 1911 22LR vs CHIAPPA 1911 22LR ???
    Whether you used Ammo 22LR HV Laupa itp HV ????
    How he is working on this ammunition ???
    Magazine stal/plastic ???

    Do a few photographs and send me to the e-mail !!!:]
    Stripp Gun and do a few photographs :]]
    My e-mail : Fenixom [ a t ] o2 [ d o t ] pl
    Please a test the same did which Todd Jarrett 1,000 :]]] Ammo HV

    Strong/No Strong ???

    Artur Poland

  • MAllen49

    Hi Fenixom1911,

    I paid 300.00 for the 1911-22, with one magazine. Extra magazines are under 20.00 ea, but I have not found any available yet, the guy at the shop said they will be getting some soon. The magazine is plastic, but seems very durable.

    I found some Winchester 333 and a 500 count box of Federal, and some Wolf Match. I have shot all of the Winchester and I’m half way thru the Federal, I have put close to 900 rounds through it and it’s shooting better the more I shoot it. It really shoots the Wolf target well, even makes me look good! I have not seen any of the ammo you are talking about around here.

    The magazine slide lock works great, I can’t wait to get a couple more mags for it!

    The metal seems really strong, I have had no problem, and it looks like it is blued, not painted. I found this information about Chappalloy:


    Chiappalloy is a die casting alloy developed by Chiappa Research and Development engineers and has been in continued development and application since 1987. Historically, zinc alloys have been an economic approach utilized in firearm production for over 50 years. However, this application was not without limitations. Typically alloy casted components are limited to the quality of metal finish with high porosity and were usually either plated or painted. Most alloy casted firearm components are limited to low pressure ammunition and are usually best suited for rimfire calibers.

    Chiappalloy has been developed to improve the strength, wear resistance and creep properties in the zinc alloy family. The alloys included in our unique blend include aluminum, copper, magnesium, and iron. This allows Chiappalloy to maintain casted components that are easily machined and finished to a bright level of polish with minimal porosity. Due to the high luster polish that can be obtained, Chiappalloy’s plating properties are enhanced, yielding beautiful Nickel & Gold (color) plated components.
    Chiappalloy can be black finished that matches well with conventional blued & black anodized aluminum components. This black finish is much more durable and appealing than that of zinc casted components that must be coated or painted. The black finish when applied to Chiappalloy is very durable and can easily be touched up with most commercially available “Cold Blue” gun products.

    In addition to the machining & finish attributes of Chiappalloy, this unique alloy has been developed to accurately replicate the weight of the replica firearms produced by Chiappa Firearms. For example, the Model 1911-22 feels very similar in weight and balance to the original 1911 chambered in .45 ACP.

  • Fenixom1911

    Hi MAllen 49


    Take a photo 15 photograph
    Take a photo and send me to the e-mail :]
    Stripped Gun and take a photo :]
    My e-mail :Fenixom [a t ] o2 [dot] pl
    I hope that he will withstand very long np 3 000 000 shots :] and better
    It is interesting which will be better GSG 1911 22LR HV vs Chiappa 1911 22LR ???


    • Fenixom1911, posting email in comments is never a good idea – spammers will find it!

      MAllen, if you are able to take photos and email them to me, I will publish it on the blog. My email is on the contact page

  • Fenixom1911



    –>>>MAllen 49 send pics Steve and Steve will publish on the blog :]
    YOU HAVE information GSG 1911 22LR HV :]????

  • Fenixom1911, you only need to ask once. Please don’t repeat yourself.

  • MAllen49

    Fenixom1911, read the review I attached, he has the full story.

    M Allen

  • Fenixom1911


    Thanks For Info I Hope so this gun very long strong and 3 000 000 shot very easy

    Now wait GSG 1911 22LR HV

  • whichfinger

    According to the importer’s site ( the frame and slide are “aluminum alloy.” I know what “alloy” means, and isn’t it customary to list the primary metal first, i.e., the metal composing the the largest percent of the alloy? If so, then even though zinc may be a part of the alloy, wouldn’t it be correct to refer to slide as aluminum alloy rather than zinc?

    I have two P22s, one with a couple thousand rounds through it, and both have been flawless. My experience has been that using zinc in rimfires is not detrimental if they are properly cared for. I have to wonder if owners complaining about problems with P22s are simply abusing them.

  • MAllen49

    OK, one week later and 4 boxes of 550 rds courtesy of Wally World with a grand total of 3400+ rds through my 1911-22! Out of 3400+ rounds I have had 1 failure to feed maybe 5 stove pipes, and the only fail to fires was the washed up ammo. This thing is eating everything I can throw at it. Accuracy from a bench at 25 yards is great, even I can keep them all in the black! I tried a torture test of over 1000 rounds, only wish I had more magazines! Took a few hours and only stopped when I was feeling guilty from not cleaning it. Good news, 1000+ rounds without cleaning and not a single malfunction.

    Bad news, when I decided to give it a good cleaning, I decided to take the grips off….that was a BIG OOOPS! Right grip no problem, left grip and springs flew everywhere! The grip holds the plunger tube (it is not staked like a 1911) and the slide safety in place. Well, after about 2 hours searching with my flashlight I found the little booger (little spring on the slide safety) and got it back together. Was really easy once I figured it out, just wasn’t prepared for the “Jack in a Box” effect when I took the grip off.

    Then it was back to the range on Sunday to chew up more ammo and wipe out a batallion of tin cans! My local Walmart got another shipment of .22 Federal (which it really likes) so my 6 box limit of 550 round boxes should get me through the weekend.

    That’s my update…

  • Fenixom1911



    ——–>>>MAllen49 PLZ

    Create Move 20 Minute How work Pistol !!!!!!!!
    How strip gun !!!!!!!
    How work ammo HV winchester and any ammo itp !!!!!!!!!
    Good idea buy you new magazine np 5 and test 1000 shot fast very fast :] !!!!!

    Arti Poland

  • bob

    my gunshop ordered me a chiappa 1911 22LR 5 inch bbl, but on my receipt is does not say chiappa, it says LSI 1911 22LR 5 inch bbl do you know if this is the chiappa indeed, they are closed today & tommorow so I cant ask them. thanks for any help you can offer.

    • bob, I am not sure …. LSI could be the distributor.

  • MAllen49

    I just found this thread, check out the pics! Now I want to do that to mine!!!

  • MAllen49
  • Fenixom1911

    I am waiting GSG 1911 22 LR I hope so this better Chiapaa :]

  • Fenixom1911

    I hope so GSG 1911 22LR BETTER OR CHIAPPA

  • Dave bruckheimer

    I purcahsed one of the first recieved 1911-.22 from Taylor Ffirearms in Winchester Virginia. At first I was very satisfied – BUT after about 500 rounds the gun essentially stopped fireing. Thinking it a cleaning issue – did a full GI cleaning. Still, it would only fire one round – and only that if I manually cocked the hammer, (the extraction mechanisms worked fine – and not jams). After examining a round that did not fire (I used expensive CCI stinger rounds) I noticed that the shell had an indentation in the proper place- but it was not sufficient to fire the round. I am left with the conclusion that the hammer is not striking the firing pin with enough force to discharge the round. Hence the dent – but no bang. I am now looking at the hammer safety seeing that it may be self rotating into a partially blocking position.

    Has anyone else had similar problems – does anyone have any advice.
    I would love to get this great big/little gun back into dependable firing condition.

  • Fenixom1911


    Good Idea Create Move 15 min and test 1000 shot fast
    And test ammo :]

  • MAllen49

    Try page 19 of the Manual for DNF, mine did the same thing, I found a combination of dirty chamber not allowing the slide to move forward and I was using American Eagle amo that had a lot of DNF’s. I switched to regular federal bulk box ammo and had no problem at all.

    I also found the people at Chiappa were very informitive, I have called on a couple of occasions and they took care of me right away!

    Their website is

    M Allen

  • Possum

    Dear Abby.Oh my bad but anyway I Bought one yesterday and realy like the way it shoots. I cleaned it first as suggested and then put 100 CC minis through it. WE had several FTE we then shot about 150 rem bulk with the same results. Cleaned it last night going to give it another go today. Its only a $200 gun so I’m not expecting perfection but if anyone has a suggestion to help prevent FTE please let me know. Thanks for any info.

  • possum

    Ive been shooting this thing for 4 days put about 500 + rounds through it. Its not a super gun but I didnt expect it to be for $299. It continues to have about 5 FTE’s to about every 100 rounds shot. Its a fun little gun to shoot and easy to break down for cleaning. As far as accuracy I’m still working on the front sight. I dont want to file it down until Im sure of exactly what I want.

  • Chiappa 1911-22 pistol Gun is new, I shoot it alout today . It is nice,shoots nice

  • chiappa 1911-22 pistol New gun shoot it alout today,it is nice,nice good gun.

  • Targetshooter

    Bought one at a Gun Show yesterday. Fired a couple of hundred rounds of Winchester ammo since then. It won’t compete with a High Standard or a premium .22 target pistol, but it is worth the money. The best features I liked about it is that for a .45 addict like I am, it felt just like my Gold Cup at a Helluva’ lot less firing cost …. AND my wife REALLY enjoys shooting it!

  • I just tried out a Chiappa 1911-22 today. The back of the chamber is not well formed and every case expanded to the edge of the rim on one side. I had extraction problems and several jams. I took the pistol back to my dealer and he gave me another one. Same problem but not quite as bad. The pistol is a good idea but the quality control is not there. I bought a ISSC M22 and am quite happy.

  • Curt You must got a bad one or you dont know how to shoot.

  • James

    Hello Mr. Fenixom,

    I just received a Chiappa 1911-22 today. I took it to my range and fired two clips of Winchester Wildcat HV ammunition through it with good results with accuracy and no feed or ejection issues. My only negative comment involves the trigger pull which I feel is very hard and with a fair amount of take up and creep.

    I have a few questions that I would appreciate answers too.

    1) In what country are these pistols manufactured in?

    2) What metal are the frame, slide and barrel (not the liner) made of?

    3) What is the basic metallic composition of Chiapalloy and Zamac and are they one in the same?

    4) What components are made of other materials than Chiapalloy and Zamac

    4) What American distributor has the Chiappa brand extra magazines in stock?

    Thank you for your time in reading this and providing answers to my questions.

    Best Regards,

    James XXXXXX

    Proprietor – Foxfire Rod & Gun

  • Fenixom1911

    Dear James

    The pistols are made in Italy and assembled in US.

    Attached you’ll find a file explanting the material.

    All of our distributor should have extra magazine, if not in stock they will order them to us.

    Our distributors for the 1911-22 Line are:

    Legacy Sports International

    4750 Longley Lane, Suite 208
    Reno, NV 89502

    TOLL FREE: 1-800-5-LEGACY
    Ph: 775-828-0555
    Fax: 775-828-0565


    MKS Supply
    8611-A North Dixie Drive
    Dayton, Ohio 45414
    Ph: (877) 425-4867
    Fax: (937) 454-0503


    Best Regards Fenixom

  • Fenixom1911: Thank you for your reply and answers to most of my questions. However, I do not seem to be able to locate the file that you have me that has the information regarding the composition of Chiapally and Zamac. Have I possibly overlooked something?

    Best Regards,

    James XXXXXX
    Proprietor – Foxfire Rod & Gun

  • Terry

    I got one the other day, I must say it is a blast to shoot. I have had 2 stovepipes but no other problems. This gun seems pretty well made and I got 2 extra make from them for 19.99 a piece. I did not want to get a conversion and keep changing it every time I wanted to carry daily for self defense. My only problem is finding a screw small enouth to fit back sight adjustment. Front sight filed perfectly and it shoots to point of aim except 2 inches to left but groups are tight.

    • Chuck S.

      I worked for a number of years at Ace Hardware, and we had all kinds of setscrews that would probably fit it (I think its a #4-40) but not sure. They will have a allen wrench head not flat screwdriver like the origional



  • Ohiogunr

    I have one of the Chiappa 1911 .22s from the Dayton Ohio distributor. I have not had more than a half dozen magazines full of ammo go through it correctly yet! Usually the first five rounds have at least three FTEs or stovepipes. Now it is starting to exhibit a failure to fire due to light primer hits. I have fired a brick of Federal Champion and several hundred CCI Blazer and a hundred CCI mini-mags through it. They all work ( or don’t work) the same. I too have noticed that some rounds that fired show a bulge in the cartridge case just in front of the rim and opposite of the firing pin strike. Failure to feed a round from the magazine is another problem with my gun. I would not recommend this gun.Seems that if you get a good one it will work but if you get a bad one, and I have read several accounts of Chiappa 1911-22s that were even worse than mine, then it will not work. This is not a gun to be counted on! I hate to have to go through all the crap to try to get someone to make it right.

  • Larry Hamm

    I purchased a chiappa about two months ago so did a friend . he had to send his back one time still not great. I had to send mine back two times still fails on some ammo.Would rercomend keep your money in your pocket,

  • Ohiogunr

    Took mine back to my dealer. His gunsmith worked on it for 4 or 5 days and said it was “better”. Still stovepipes and fails to fire about every 7th or 8th round on Federal Champion ammo. He took some metal out of the slot in the firing pin where the cross pin retains it to let it travel farther into the cartridge rim during firing. It did seem to help but this gun is still a “can’t count on it” gun. If you get one and it works, thank your lucky stars. Don’t have one yet, save your money.

  • pukey

    Do you think I should get a STI edge or the 1911?
    im stuck

  • pukey

    i think that Im going to but the STI

  • rapidfire

    is it possible to convert the gsg 1911 .22 to a 45 cal? if so how much would that cost? i would like to be able to switch between the two.

  • Ross

    Just bought mine 4 days ago at Sportsman Warehouse (249.00) couldn’ resist the price. Shot it everyday, around 3500 rounds, loved it. I tore it down completely lastnite, everything looks great. Headed out today, going to shoot it but my Rugers are get lonely, time to take them all and compare, (bearcat, old 3 screw, and single six, 3 screw also.) The Puma is great so far but will never replace a Ruger. Just one plinkers opinion. Thanks

  • HOW can I get Parts ?

    • Clayton boland

      you cant very easily the gun is junk

  • I would like to get 2 Magzaine 1911/22.

  • I just purchased the 1911-22. The spring on the magazine release will not push out the clip. It isn’t a big deal to push in the release button and pull it out. What is the fix, can I do it, and why is this a problem?
    Thank you for your time
    Tommy Hadden Lex Ky

  • Cevans

    I bought a puma 1911-22 and the first time I took it out I had several problems with it. It was a brand new gun, the first round i chambered by using the slide release and it went off without touching the trigger. After putting a mag or two through it started shooting in three round bursts. I have no clue what is causing this but if anyone has feedback i could use some help. Id like to solve the problem myself before having to send it back to the company for repair, or replacement. Thanks for any input i can get.

    • Norval

      I have experienced, not three but two round bursts with my Chiappa 1911-22. Have you found a solution to this problem?

  • I recently purchased a Chiappa 1911-22, the only issue i have is, the trigger pull seems very long. I still need to file the front sight,but that is not a major issue. I am curious as to a fix on the trigger pull ? Call me ” Old School” but i really prefer a “hair trigger” any suggestions ?

  • Paul

    Actually whoever it was who said the gsg 1911 was zinc or alloy was wrong it has a steel slide with an aluminum frame I do own one and it is a very reliable .22 pistol and I recommend it to anyone there is a Lot of interchangeable parts ( barrel bushings grips safetys ect) and I don’t get to go to the range much so when I do I put 500- 750 rounds in a trip and have no problems the thing takes a beating and I don’t recommend doing that many round at a time without cleaning but it can definitely handle it and I always clean it after the range but the gun deserves more than people say and along with being reliable for the fun of it in a laying stance I went up against a 10/22 rifle at the range and I got better if not same groups until 125 yards then he started proving the rifle is good to own also

  • Mark Bucher

    I’ve put over 1000 rounds through my Chiappa and it just keeps getting better. The trigger pull has evened out, no problems with stovepiping or FTFs. One thing to note, in my tests, the gun loves CCI 36 grain MiniMags. Haven’t had any failures using this ammo. Remington, Winchester, Federal, nope. I know for me, I keep the gun very clean, well lubed, run nothing but MiniMags through it with absolutely no problems.

  • MIKE

    I purchased my CHIAPPA1911-22 from Rileys Gun shop in Hookset NH a few weeks ago and like others I find that the trigger pull is verry strong and you allmost have to yank on it to make it fire. I have Smith and wesson 45 and that is a easy smoth pull. I also have others that the trigger pull is very smoth also. I have been looking for a break down photos of this fire arm and so far havent found one. I was interested to know if the triger assy. could be stoned and pollished to give a smother and easyer pull. Lookingt for any info to this problem…… Mail can be sent to my home E-mail………..

    • the trigger is spring loaded,I took the alloy piece apart and milled the alloy where the spring hangs over the dropped the trigger pull by half..but the safe mec is a bugger to install.when you pull the safety lever out it will drop the safety lever off of the pin.I used Vaseline to hold it in place but it is very difficult to get back on.

  • zach

    i just bought my chiappa 1911-22 the other day and i love it unfortunately i have only had time to put one clip threw it but i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some cool accessories for it like a fake silencer haha or some rails

  • 12/21/2011 I bought a chiappa 1911 in june 2011. the barrel bushing has broken/cracked twice letting the slide spring go flying down range. Still have missfires and stove pipes. I am using blazer and federal ammo.

    • Bryce

      I have a Chiappa 1911-22. The only time i have issues with stove piping or FTF is when I use non-copperplated ammo. Try using CCI mini mags. I have used mini mags with no issues and I’ve fired maybe 1000 rounds through it.

  • Klyons

    I recently purchased a Chiappa Puma 1911-22 from Bud’s Gun Shop online and as usual it was another smooth transaction with Bud’s however, I cannot say the same about Chiappa Firearms. When I received the gun the barrel bushing would not come off and there was a gap between the slide and the frame. It is a gap of about 1/8th inch and it is about three inches long. You can see daylight and the spring when holding the gun sideways. I sent the gun to Chiappa with details of the problem. After a few days I called Chiappa and no one was available so I left a message for them to return my call. First, I wanted to make sure they received the gun and also to discuss the problem. After a couple of days with no call back I called them and again left a message. No one ever bothered to call me back. Today I receved my gun back with nicks on the metal of the barrel bushing. They evidently had problems removing it also. This is the note I received back from them. “Gunsmith thourghly inspected firearm, everything is within specifications, functions correctly, shoots point of aim. Barrel bushing removes as exspected.” (spelling is theirs, not mine)

    If “everything is within specification” why can I see daylight through my gun? What was wrong with the barrel bushing and why didn’t they call me back? This is the last time I purchase one of their firearms.

  • Rob

    I will put this into simple math. Phoenix arms HP22 $100 and has over 10,000 rounds with NO problems. Chiappa over $300 and 20 rounds, my chiappa is still at the factory (3 months now). And people say Phoenix Arms is trash, at least they will properly price a firearm. The Chiappa is a $75 gun at best.

    • Clayton boland

      i would pay $25 at max for the metal and the grips besides that the gun blows

  • I sent my gun to the factory in ohio, because the slide was cracked. Sent it early april 2012. Recieved a new gun 6 weeks later. Works better than the gun (22lr 1911) that i had. Shot 600 rounds with one missfire and one stove pipe. The gun is in better shape than the one I had. Workmanship is 200 persent better and The slide is tight.It is a pleasure to shoot.

  • gerald berg

    i have 1911-22 big problem is the mags do not leave full of ammo they will swel out of sizes the gun ok for the price the mag are junk

    • Mr.C

      Amen on the swelling of the magazine. Happened to me two days ago.

      Does anyone know of a replacement that is a higher quality?

      I think the magazines are the real issue of why so many people think they are junk.

  • pat

    I have one and have put well over 2000 rounds through it. No problems, but the trigger just doesn’t seem to be the same (sticks alot) and I’ve cleaned it perfect. Trigger is the only issue. Also accuracy seems diminished after this many rounds through it (poor barrel quality)

  • Mel

    Recently bought a Chiappa 1911-22 Target from Davidsons after reading several good reviews. Wanted to practice with cheap ammo with a 1911 feel alike pistol. Really good looking pistol when I got it but the adjustable sight was a little boogered up. Was told to fire several hundred rounds to break in the trigger which is horrible and very heavy to pull. Took several types of ammo to the range Including Winchester, Remington, CCI mini-mags etc. Failed to fire on very first round with Remington. Could not get it to fire a clip full with this ammo at all. Switched to Winchester and it was a little better but still numerous FTFs and stovepipes. Switched to Mini Mags and it was firing better but the barrel bushing broke after maybe a total of 200+rounds. Accuracy seems barely tolerable even with adjustable sights.

    Phoned the shop and they sent me a new barrel bushing ( said they’d had a bad batch). Old bushing appeared to be pot metal but the new one was steel. Took it to the range with Mini mags and CCI stingers. Tons of FTFs and mostly required two hammer drops for each round. Returned pistol to Davidsons as they have a replacement warranty ( Would rather have had my money back as this pistol seems to have a lot of issues). Replacement gun arrived with the rear sight broken in half. Waiting for the next replacement gun now but do not have high hopes. Overall I feel that for the price, this is probably the worst 22 I’ve ever shot and I feel totally screwed. Pretty gun but not reliable and looks to not be durable either. Would advise folks not to buy one. Have several other 22’s in this same price range that are ten times the gun including a Smith and Wesson 22A that is fantastic.

    • chiappafied

      I agree wholeheartedly with your review of this gun. Do not buy it! I did and am still waiting for Chiappa customer service to provide adequate support. There should be a recall on every unit! What a waste of time and hard to find ammo

  • I bought a Chiappa 1911-22 and i liked the feel and look of it, But dumb way to buy a gun should have read up,piece of crap..I have yet to get it to shoot one clip without a problem if you cant count on it to go bang what good is it ? I tried to trade it back in and take a loss and they wouldnt even take it.they told how great it was when I bought it thow.thisis the last gun I will buy from Chiappa or that shop I bought 3 guns that day,2new and 1 used big rifel.i realy got took on this one .Does make a pretty paper weight for my office thou..ok I feel better now.

  • Ron C.

    Mine has a hairline crack in the slide. They are built with crappy
    metal. The slide never stays back the sights came loose many times. The
    gun is crap. Please don’t waste your money. The slide cost 175. The gun
    was $275. Now i have a big paper weight.