World’s biggest revolver

Many of you have probably seen this revolver before, but I had not. The gigantic wheel gun measures four feet in length!

Revolver 1 2405

It was build by Ryszard Tobys and was modeled after the Remington Model 1859 revolver. It is 28mm in caliber (1.1″)!




Thanks to Sven for the link.

Hat Tip: Weapons Blog

UPDATE: Added corrected information and photos. Thanks pauloos for the link.

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  • Matt Groom

    Umm, your post is incorrect Steve.

    That is actually a very tiny man standing next to a normal sized 1858 Remington.

  • I’ll wait for the snub model 😉

    • Zack, they tried developing a snub model but the muzzle flash blinded the operator, making follow up shots difficult 😉

  • CMathews

    I assume the Peoples Republic of Kalifonia will not allow sales of this revolver in their land.

  • XxleoxX

    some people…..i think the bullet is the size of the picture from top to bottom

  • What calibre is it?

    • Jay.Mac, I am not sure. It says .28mm somewhere, but that makes no sense. Maybe .280 (7mm). I dunno.

  • pauloos

    Here is website of maker of this revolver:

    • pauloos, thanks for the link!

    • pauloos, I have updated the post with the correct info.

  • Paul_In_Houston


    The first anti-tank pistol.

  • merckywaters

    post-coldwar weapons R&D just aint wut it used to be

  • “gunner”

    i think matt is on the right track, it’s a leprechaun with a real remington revolver.
    (pouring himself another shot of tullamore dew.)

  • Quite obviously finding a holster for concealed carry would be a wee bit difficult!! So open carry it is!!

  • justbill

    Actually the 30mm ADEN and DEFA aircraft cannon are the world’s largest revolvers.

  • SpudGun

    I’m sure the man who designed this gun has nothing to worry about in the underwear department and is no way compensating.

    Matt and Zack…lolz

  • tarkan
    • tarkan, the link did not work

    • tarkan, awesome photo 🙂

  • tarkan

    steve press f5 or enter and you will see all

  • tarkan

    and they are all alive-not stuffed ones I mean really scary if you have only six shot in the chamber,never miss.

  • komrad

    It might be .950 JDJ. They got a sporting exception and can be purchased like regular firearms. It would be a wee bit expensive to shoot at ten dollars for the lathe turned broze bullets and forty for the casing.

  • ernie

    OOPs a big gun

  • ernie

    A barrel load of funl

  • Aditty

    It’s a 28mm blackpowder cap-and-ball revolver. You can see the caps and balls next to the smaller pistol in one of the photos. 28mm=1.1 inches, like the comments said.