Weapons Cache found in Serbia

Earlier this month Serbian police discovered a weapons cache hidden inside a buried oil tank. The weapons were found outside a village that was a former stronghold of an ethnic Albanian militia. It is quite impressive how much hardware and ammunition can be packed away in a relatively small space!

Investigative Judge with the Vranje District Court Staniša Mihajlović said that 100,000 bullets, a recoilless cannon, three mortars, six RPGs, three machine gun stands and 21 anti-tank mines were recovered from the tank.

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Hat Tip: MP.net

Steve Johnson

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  • SwissFreek

    Clearly this was just a guy preparing for the zombie invasion. Or the robopocalypse.

  • Andy

    100,000 ? Price drop on surplus ammo!

  • How long before this picture shows up accompanying an article demanding we close the gun show loophole?

  • SO that’s where I left that. Boy, is the missus going to be pissed. We had to cut a lot of coupons to buy that stuff up…

  • Andy’s right! The discovery of all that stuff could depress prices of surplus ammo.

    That is just a huge cache to fit inside that oil tank.

  • Wow the guy must have packed sardines for a living, 100K in ammo does not take a lot of space, I know ;-}
    But to get the mines etc in there was a feat in and of itself

  • CMathews

    Used oil drum=less corrosion. I’m gonna get some 55gal. Tanks from work lol

  • B Woodman

    Look at all those ammo cans. They look to be in excellent condition.

    WHEW! How did whoever stuff all that into the tank? Where’s the opening for it all? I hope it wasn’t welded shut (shudder).

    And how was it found?
    The whole thing, beginning to end, would be an interesting story.

    • B, they don’t say how they found it. They were probably tipped off. I mean how else do you find something like that?!?!

  • james simons

    there is no way that you could pack everything that is shown in that single tank.. it was probably more than one oil tank that was found..

  • merckywaters

    i don’t see a big frickin sardine can “key” or tab like on my cans!

  • Fixxah

    Imagine the can opener for the oil tank.

  • Ken

    Impressive… He shoulda packed my ruck sack back in the day…

  • Fred

    Wow. Looks like he must have been a boy-scout. You know “Be Prepared”. I guess he just didn’t trust the government. A lot of that going around today.

  • Doubting_Thomas

    Obvious propaganda pic

  • BrassSlinger

    I wonder how many caches like these are hiding around the United States. I still want to know how they found that.

    • BrassSlinger, that size … not many … at least not nearly as many as Ireland!

  • komrad

    Interesting that they didn’t find any assaultrifles. Just heavy weapons and ammo.

  • Mr. 2nd Amendment

    Looks like it’s a bunch of 7.62 X 54R and 7.62 X 39 in the cans, plus all the heavy duty stuff. I guess they haven’t found the other oil drum that has all of the Mosin Nagants, Dragonovs, and AK’s to shoot up all of that, plus the .50 cal MG’s to shoot up all that linked ammo. There’s probably a third oil drum hiding the army that was supposed to use all of that stuff.

  • The Lewis and Clark expedition buried black powder in readiness for their return trip, sealed in lead cannisters. The lead was melted to provide bullets.

  • Sam Suggs

    Its nice to know some of this stuff will be found bye arceologist in the distant future depending on how well the cache is prepared they could still be in perfect condition. thoughts?

  • Sam Suggs

    ya now some propane tanks are made of rust free aluminum with the right welding and preservative agent………….